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Understanding Terrorism For What It Is

When the Notre Dame Cathedral recently burned and was nearly destroyed, almost everyone was quick to blame local Muslims. Perhaps, given the growing militancy of the local Muslim population throughout France, and in particular, in Paris was why. However, officials have stated that the fire was result of faulty wiring, which triggered the blaze, during renovation. Nevertheless, the crown jewel of Paris, which dates back to the early 13th Century, was nearly gutted; it's famous spiral collapsing to the horror of onlookers as a result of the intense heat.

Current estimates for rebuilding the structure put the figure at around $1 billion and $2 billion dollars, with a time frame of approximately ten years. In 1992, when a smaller fire broke out in Windsor Castle, the cost of renovation was around $32 million dollars. While millions have already be promised, there's no way to put a price on the historical artifacts which went up in smoke. However, this isn't about the tragic loss of this magnificent medieval structure or its irreplaceable furnishings. This is about the fact that almost everyone immediately assumed the fire was the result of Muslim terrorists. Is there any reason we should fear such an attack? Based on recent events, it would appear the answer is yes.

In Sri Lanka, which is a small island nation located off the coast of India, eight churches were systemically blown up, killing 320 people and injuring over 500. The culprits were members of the terrorist group, ISIS, whom President Trump recently claimed had been defeated in Syria. Obviously they are still very much active, at least when it comes mass homicide bombings. A few days before, these murderers were videotaped proclaiming their devotion to Allah and to ISIS, leaving no doubt who they were and what they were all about.

Following the attack, a statement was released by ISIS claiming that their attacks was the result of the attack on a mosque and Islamic Center in Christchurch New Zealand, which killed 50 individuals and injured 50 others. Ironically, the perpetrator, an Australian, stated that the reason for the assault was because of all the attacks on non-Muslims in Europe and elsewhere, along with what he called "The Great Replacement" of Europeans in Europe with African and Middle Eastern "migrants", though the media painted it as "white supremacy ". As an aside, authorities in Sri Lanka have stated that the attacks appear to have been planned before the two attacks in Christchurch.

In continental Europe (most notably Germany, Belgium, Holland, and Sweden, but especially in the UK, there has been numerous reports of knife attacks (these attackers usually stab as many people as possible and run away) and organized rape gangs, who typically do far more than just brutally assault and gang rape European women. In addition, the hijacking of cars, vans, and buses have been used in these attacks; all in the name of radicalized Islam and demands for Sharia law. How many knife attacks are we talking about?

In the UK, the incidence of unprovoked knife attacks is up 54% of the last five years. In 2018, 4,986 people were admitted to hospitals as a result of knife or sharp object attacks, up from 3,849 in 2017. The majority of these stabbings, 1,012, were on individuals between the ages of 10 and 19. If we go back to 2012, there has been a total of 71 reported terrorist attacks through 2017, of which 360 people have died. Note these statistics don't include assaults, rapes, or vandalism. It also doesn't include simple acts of harassment which are generally not considered crimes.

Additionally, these numbers don't include attempts by victims attempting to report such crimes since the local police force are often instructed to either discourage victims from filing such reports or the reports are written in such as generic way as to downplay who the attackers were (as in the attacks which took place throughout Germany on New Year's Eve in 2015/16). The reason most often given for downplaying these incidents is to avoid the appearance of escalating crime by the migrants and provoking fear among the residents. Of course, many of the victims have stated that they were "encouraged" by law enforcement to either not report these crimes or not include the "ethnicity" of their assailants out of threats of being accused of Islamophobia.

There is no doubt that militant Islam, which is an extreme ultra conservative form of Sunni Islam called Wahhabism, is currently waging a war with the West, whether the West wants to acknowledge as such or not. However, militant Islam is also waging a war against Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Judaism, polytheism, and even against fellow Muslims; in particular Shiites, who make up approximately 15% of all Muslims.

For close to four decades, extremist have waged war. They have murdered tens of thousands of individuals---men, women, and children. Often beheading some while crucifying others (mostly Christians). Some have been burned alive, while numerous others have been shot or hanged. It's not uncommon for women to be gang raped; often selling young girls as sex slaves. They have destroyed hundreds of Christian churches, Buddhist and Hindu temples, Jewish centers of worship, not to mention destroy priceless artifacts in museums and historic sites; sites, I should add, which represent the very foundations of civilization itself. They engage in drug cultivation and sell to help finance their operations along with kidnapping, robbery, extortion, plus money filtered to them from wealthy supporters.

Is it any wonder then that the fire which nearly destroyed Notre Dame was originally thought to have been the work of Islamic extremist? Many Europeans believe that Europe is under siege; that its laws, culture, values, government and social systems, traditional religion, and most of all, its future are under attack. Locals have experienced protests and demands (threats in some cases) to stop advertising or selling traditional items like liquor (including beer and wine), pork, or tobacco. They have even been told that they can't have pets, which are view as "unclean", and has resulted in hundreds of dogs and cats being killed.

Local Muslim leaders have warned non-Muslim women to be covered and not to be alone (preferably escorted by a male relative) or face attack (including acid attacks) or rape. They've even demanded that girls be pulled from schools and working women exit the workplace. Some areas of Europe have even seen de facto "no go" zones for non-Muslims and the imposition of Sharia law. Along with this, they brought their traditional customs (some of which are regarded as unsanitary or unhealthy to say the least).

In response, local and national governments have looked the other way whenever possible; often going as far as to blame the victims or telling their citizens to "quietly comply" in order to "avoid trouble". Of course, this begs the question, "trouble" for who? It seems more a matter of cowardice and fear rather than taking responsibility and leadership. Europe, of all places, should know that appeasement never works. Sooner or later, the lion will eat you too unless you eat the lion first.

This mass migration has been said to be part of a secret UN plan--"Plan 2030"---to significantly replace the population of Europe with less educated individuals who are conditioned to do as they are told (as an aside, the name "Islam" translates to the word "submission", so perhaps that's where the idea comes from). Regardless, there is a massive influx of individuals into Europe; the majority of whom are males of military age who appear to be pretty healthy. Meanwhile, the United States is also facing its own migration crisis with hundreds if not thousands of individuals coming from Central and South America.

However, these individuals are primarily economic migrants, not individuals seeking political or religious asylum as they claim. They are looking for a job, not to immigrate and certainly not to assimilate. These individuals come "demanding" entry into the US as if it is somehow their right, which it isn't. The US, like every other country, has a sovereign right to secure it borders and protect its residents. Those who are seriously interested in asylum, can easily apply at any US consulate or embassy, which are located in practically every country in the world, so there's no need to storm our borders.

Interestingly, law enforcement authorities from Mexico, Honduras, and elsewhere have detained individuals identified as members of drug gangs or members of drug cartels, as well as those of Middle Eastern origin embedded in these so-called "migrant caravans". ISIS has already boasted that they've successfully smuggled potential terrorists into the US through these caravans as well as with the help of "coyotes"; smugglers who often work with or on behalf of drug cartels. With approximately 8 to 11 million illegal immigrants now living in the US, it wouldn't be surprising that there would be dozens of potential terrorists already in the US.

So, what do we do? First and foremost, we must except that we are engaged in a religious and cultural war; one whose sole aim is the change the face of not just the West, but of the world itself. This war is being waged by an extreme form of Islam against everyone who is not an active member of their sect. This war is both militant in that it involves violence and non-militant in that it invades and conquers by using existing laws, such as open immigration, social networks which encourage having children, and the tolerance of others while showing others no tolerance.

Immigration policies must change. Europe, if it is to act together, must seal their borders and aggressively prohibit migrants from entering. This also includes establishing and enforcing quotas on immigration They must be willing to return these individuals to their home countries immediately and to deduct the cost of doing so from the aid packages they provide to these countries. Those who are allowed in must show proof of either employment or sponsorship so that they will not be a economic burden on taxpayers.

They must accept and agree to follow existing national laws, and not attempting to force their religious customs or beliefs on others. They must learn the language of their host country. In addition, they should be required to have a minimum level of education, either upon entering the country (with proof) or meet that goal within a set period of time---no exceptions or extensions---otherwise, face deportation. They must agree not to engage in any criminal activity, lest they be immediately returned to their home country. They must agree to provide a current address and report any changes in their status immediately to law enforcement. Failure to do so should result in immediate deportation---no exceptions. Marriage to a natural citizen will also not serve as an excuse.

In the US, anyone guilty of aiding or assisting an illegal immigrant will be charged with aiding and abetting. This includes businesses, churches, mosques, or other religious institutions. They should also face suspension of their business licenses or tax exempt status as well as face a substantial fine per individual on a increasing sliding scale which should include jail time for repeat offenders and loss of any government contracts. Any town, city, or state which provides "sanctuary" status automatically forfeits federal tax dollars. This could also apply to Europe as well.

We must accept the fact that a terrorist attack is always possible. No country and no one is exempt. Therefore, we must learn to respond to terrorism or the threat of terrorism like the Israelis. Israel, which is surrounded by potentially hostile neighbors bent on their complete and total annihilation, has very few actual terroristic incidences. This is due to a number of steps which Israel has undertaken to detect and remove any potential threats before they happen, and they've done so at a fraction of the cost that most nations spend on anti-terrorist measures.

Israel uses a special police unit---YAMAM---which is specially trained to seek out, identify, and remove any threat before it happens. YAMAM is part of Israel's national police force, which many countries don't have, including the US. YAMAM is said to have the "powers of the police, the capabilities of the Mossad, and the brains of Shin-Beth, Israel's version of the CIA. Many of the police forces around the world have called on YAMAM to assist them with training, tactics and techniques needed to prevent terrorist attacks, including the New York City Police. Every major police force in the world should at least explore what YAMAM does better than anyone---stopping an attack before it happens.

People also need to be more aware of their surroundings. In countries without draconian gun laws, the people at least have a measure of protection. In countries who do, people must become better at learning how to defend themselves. There are hundreds of classes and courses out there. A simple basic self-defense class could make you a survivor rather than a victim, especially when it comes to a knife attack. For those willing to take the risk of becoming a victim, they should at the very least take a first aid course so they can help save lives. Lastly, it's the old maxim---"see something say something". If something or someone looks out of the ordinary, it's better to report it and be wrong than to be right and see people die.

The world is facing a serious evil right now. This evil knows no borders, no morals, and obeys no international laws. Their only ideology is their misinterpretation of a sacred book guided by a religious fanaticism which can't be reasoned or bargained with. It sees as its enemy everyone, regardless of who they are, where they live, or what they believe so long as it differs from them, and even then it doesn't necessarily matter. It attracts those who feel lost, alone, or powerless and promises them everything, if not in this world, then in the next. It doesn't believe in tolerance, which it sees as a weakness to be exploited. Appeasement has not and will never work. It glorifies death and violence in the name of peace. Terrorism is the last resort of those who believe they have nothing left to lose.

In order to fight this evil and prevail, we must be prepared physically, mentally, and spiritually. We must put aside our differences, whatever they may be--real, imagined, or manufactured by the media and government. We must educate everyone, regardless of race, gender, age, ethnic origin, or religion. Knowledge is power, and it's the kind of power which not only makes governments tremble, but those who strive to keep us in the darkness of ignorance as well, which can include any religion or ideology. We must acknowledge our common Humanity. Our differences are a trifle compared to what we have in common. That doesn't mean losing our national, ethnic or other identity. It simply means having a mutual acceptance and respect for each other. Finally, it means coming together and exposing this evil for what it is. Darkness has no power in the light; even the shadows run from it. We must be that light.

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