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The Triumph of Evil as Good Does Nothing...Again: Protestors, Looters, and Reparations

The Irish born British political philosopher, Edmund Burke, is credited with saying "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing". The quote, taken from a letter he had written around 1770 to a friend named Thomas Mercer, dealt with political apathy. Right now, we have dozens of public officials throughout the United States guilty of just that. They are allowing their towns and cities (some of which having the population of small countries) to be trashed and looted.

We're seeing people assaulted or even killed by piss-ant punks in the name of their "right" to protest. We're witnessing businesses being robbed; property vandalized or worse, burned to the ground. Yet, these officials still do nothing. Why? Are they afraid of making some group mad at them for enforcing the law? Are they worried about name calling like little kids on the playground at school?

I don't understand it. I really don't. They hide in their offices behind walls of security and pretend nothing is happening. They go to their upscale homes with manicured lawns each afternoon, safe behind taxpayer paid police officers while neighborhoods are being burned and looted. These are exactly the type of people that Edmund Burke was talking about some 200 years ago. They are the ones who've chosen to do little or nothing while anarchy is allowed to run rampant; while people are being robbed, beaten or killed. Violence only begets more violence.

Meanwhile, city councils sit back and do nothing too. Sure, they pander to the local media, but what is that really accomplishing? Maybe building up some brownie points to pull out for their next reelection where they can claim to be "tough" on crime or "supportive" of the protestors, depending on which way the wind happens to be blowing? These too are the people that Burke spoke about.

Oh, for what it's worth, I've notice that the cities and towns where the protests and looting have been the worse also tend to have a Democrat dominated local government, including mayor. I don't know if that means anything as I suspect incompetence and cowardice are non-partisan attributes.

For decades, at least going back to when Bill Clinton was President and certainly through the eight years of Obama, we heard nothing but how militant and organized the Right was, especially the "Tea Party", which was the bane of liberals everywhere. Yet, here we are in 2020 and I'm not seeing much of a response from the mean ole nasty Right-wingers are you? Where are all those homegrown militias the Left Wing media warned us about when you need 'em?

Right now, it's privileged Far Left snot nose kiddies playing at being revolutionaries. We see individuals barely old enough to shave throwing rocks or bricks at people and cars and actually expecting no one to say or do anything about it! We see young blacks ganging up on mostly lone white kids who are either just going from point "A" to point "B" or worse, thinking they're going to be accepted as part of the "big change" just because they're out in the street protesting. In most cases the only thing being "accepted" is their ass whooping as seen on social media the world over.

We see spoiled truants smashing windows and setting fires to buildings with the only real results being that people have lost a job and paycheck while the owners simply collect their insurance money and move to someplace a little safer. How does that "empower" anyone? How does that bring improvement to neighborhoods, especially those on the economic bubble which needs those jobs?

We see whites on bended knee begging for "forgiveness" for something they never did. Some are demented enough to don manacles while others kiss or wash the feet of imaginary victims. It's nauseating. This behavior is no more than a form of self-loathing by the emotionally or psychologically weak. Some simply buy off their "sins" with cash, credit cards, or other things.

Perhaps worse of all is the removal of statutes, which marks our collective past for good or bad. But it's not just statutes, it's books, movies, flags, and everything else which we share in common. Trying to destroy or rewrite history doesn't work. It never has. Don't believe me? Look at the old Soviet Union. Look at Communist China or Cuba. Take a look at Nazi Germany or the old Communist Bloc.

Nowadays, we've got sports figures condoning disrespect to the flag and National Anthem by "taking a knee". I guess they don't see all the good this country has done for them or people like them. If it wasn't for all that flag represents, they wouldn't have those multi-million salaries. Hell, they wouldn't have gone to college on "full ride" scholarships. Most wouldn't have been able to afford to go to school period if it wasn't for the taxes paid by the citizens of this country who are represented by that flag.

They seem to have forgotten that sports is just that...a game. It's merely a form of entertainment no different than movies or video games. It's a form of escapism. It isn't necessary to our way of life. It's the fans, hard working men and women, who make their elitist lifestyles possible. These jocks might consider showing them a little respect and stand for the flag and anthem. If they want to "protest", they should do it on their time not ours.

By the way, that flag and anthem also represents the millions of lives that have been lost or altered in countless wars and conflicts in service to this country. Without those men and women, there's no telling where these coddled rich jocks and their ilk would be right now. Destroying or defacing the memorials and graves of these fallen heroes is a scar on the soul of this nation.

As for blaming "white people" for slavery, that's pure BS. Slavery has existed since civilization began. It probably existed in one form or another since we fell out of the trees on some African savannah! Ever religion has condoned slavery. It's in virtually every religious text. Want to purge Confederate memorials, why not start with purging the Jewish and Christian symbols and religious texts first?

After all, those in the South and North who benefited from slavery saw it as a biblical directive. Even the Islamic Koran supported slavery. In fact, slavery is still practiced by some Muslim groups to this very day. You want reparations or apologies? Great. Start with God. After all, it's all written in his holy books.

Reparations presupposes that someone was "injured" and needs to be compensated in some way. Now, I don't know of any slaves in this country let alone slaveholders. In fact, no one's parents, grandparents, or even great grandparents either owned slaves or were slaves. There are damn few whose 2x great grandparents qualify. We also cannot apply the morals and values of today to events of a bygone era.

We need to remember that the United States was not responsible for slavery. We were, however, one of the first to end it. Slaves were prohibited from being imported into this country in 1807 and slavery was formally ended on January 1, 1863 with the "Emancipation Proclamation". Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, and the Dutch brought slavery to these shores long before there was a U.S. of A.

In addition, the native peoples of this continent engaged routinely in slavery and had for centuries. Even after the arrival of Europeans, they continued to use slaves. In fact, they even sold slaves to the Europeans. Eventually, Europeans were even captured and enslaved by native tribes just as they were in turn. Everyone was fair game!

Meanwhile, back in Africa, African tribes were attacking and capturing rival tribes and enslaving them (not to mention local troublemakers or those they were envious of). Later, they turned it into a business by selling them to other tribes, or European and Arab merchants. Many an African tribal chief became very wealthy thanks to the sale of human beings, but I don't hear the Left talking about this. Why do you suppose that is? Why isn't anyone asking them for reparations or apologies?

As for the Arab merchants (who also dealt in Asian slavery), it wasn't uncommon for them to capture ships with Europeans onboard and sale them into slavery. In fact, Boko Harem, al Qaeda, ISIS, al Nursa and others are still engaged in the slave business to fund terrorism. The big difference these days is that they prefer young Christian girls who are sold into sex slavery.

An interesting aside is that some Europeans sold other Europeans into slavery, albeit illegally. This was especially true of those individuals didn't speak the language or know the laws. I'm not talking about indentured servitude now. I'm talking about actual slavery. I should know. It happened to some of my ancestors. It was often the Irish, Welsh or Scots who were sold to the Arab merchants by the British who, in turn, sold them to other Arabs or Asians. Slavery was perhaps the first truly global business.

As for this country, it has done more than any nation to make up for the failings of its past, be it in terms of equal housing, voting or holding office, owning businesses, serving in the military, etc. Perhaps the greatest gift this country has bestowed is that of education. The minorities in this country are afforded the best educated in the world, and they receive the lion's share of scholarships and grants.

The ongoing protests in this country right now is over a perceived abundance of white police brutality toward blacks; not Asians, not Hispanics, and not Native Americans. Could it be that whites simply make up the majority of police officers in this country because they're largest demographic? As an aside, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, white males are actually now an official minority in this country.

Could there be a culture, especially among young males, which encourages a distrust of authority figures (including teachers), which in turn encourages them to ignore or flee from police officers, not to mention resisting or fighting with them? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes (including wooden boxes). Wouldn't it make more sense to just do as told and then take it to court with a lawyer? I rather be temporarily inconvenienced than permanently dead. Maybe too change should come from within.

As for the looting, that doesn't help their cause. It makes them into criminal punks looking for an excuse to steal and destroy property which simply reinforces the stereotype they claim they're trying to change. Lastly, playing in traffic. Yes, they have a right to protest; more power to them. But they don't have a right to block streets or highways. None whatsoever. Who among them is going to be responsible for delaying an ambulance with a heart attack victim, fire truck racing to save someone's home, a police officer going to an accident or a husband taking his expectant wife to the Emergency Room? Will those financially backing these protestors accept responsibility? I seriously doubt it.

Meanwhile, do motorists have an obligation to stop? Well, yes in the sense that they don't want to injure or kill anyone, even an idiot with a sign, if they can help it. But if they are surrounded or feel endangered or even threatened, do they have a right to protect themselves? I would think they would be entitled to the same rights as to when someone breaks into their home, but that's just a guess. I know what I would do to protect myself or others with me.

So, as Burke said, all that's required of good people is to do nothing for evil to triumph; evil, which I might add includes violence, looting, or the destruction of property. Meanwhile, mayors and other elected officials sit and twiddle their thumbs. Perhaps we should give them a reason to do something rather than to do nothing. Want to know more? Check out the links below.

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