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Germany's "Night of Shame": Europe's Nightmare

On New Year's Eve 2015, a group of approximately 1000 "Arab looking" men gather at train station in Cologne Germany, just blocks away from that city's famous cathedral. Their intent was not to celebrate New Year's Eve or even simply to enjoy the night's festivities in a magnificent city many had only just recently arrived in. Their intent was much darker; much more sinister. Over the next several hours, they would physically attack, beat, rob and rape hundreds of German women whose ages ranged from 14 to at least 60. Most of the women were either by themselves or in small groups. As far as is known, all the women managed to escape their attackers. A few were able to track down roving police officers patrolling the streets (most estimates put the number of police officers on duty that night at around 250). However, several of the officers were unwilling to take a report out of fear their actions would be seen as "racist" while one anonymous officer said they were told to "do nothing" in order to prevent any claims of "harassment" by the Moslem community according to one. Some city officials called the claims "inflated", "exaggerated" or mere "happenstance". Nevertheless, some 553 criminal reports were filed; 45% or better included charges of rape.

Cologne Police Chief Wolfgang Albers immediately went on the defensive, claiming this his officers didn't even know about the attacks until the next day (despite the fact a even a female German police officer was groped while her fellow officers were seemingly powerless to stop her attackers). He acknowledged that there were several officers assigned to monitor potential criminal activity in the area, however, his officers were "unprepared" for what happened. Albers also stated that many of the victims acknowledged that they couldn't identify their attackers since it was both dark and was almost always multiple individuals. the attackers, according to some reports, descended en-masse and ran away on to their next victim. Many of victims stated that the reason for the late filings was because the police reluctance to take their reports. Several claimed they were encouraged to go home and "forget about it". What persuaded the police to change their minds and take the attacks more seriously? I suspect it was the reports of similar incidents from Stuttgart, Hamburg, and other German cities. In addition, there were similar attacks reported throughout Scandinavia, which has already been reeling from a wave of gang rapes and murders committed by roving groups of recent Moslem "refugees". Albers was fired for his remarks.

Cologne's mayor, Henriette Reker, said, in effect, the victims were to blame since they were improperly dressed and that their behavior "encouraged" their attackers while German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently stated that the German People will have to adjust to increase in criminal activity. Who does that sound like? As an aside, Moslem men view the attacks as justifiable since, from their perspective, the women were responsible for the attacks and rapes by the way they were dressed; the fact they were unescorted by males, and of course, they weren't Moslem. Moslem women who are raped are routinely blamed for the rape while the men are exonerated. The women are often ostracized, beaten, or in some cases, stoned to death; all in order to "protect" the "honor" of the family, which means in reality, the man's honor. Just saying.

A few days later, after the usual finger pointing between government officials, German citizens began protesting the inaction and apparent incompetence of city and police officials. This time the German police were ready with water cannons and tear gas which was unleashed on approximately 1500 protestors.
Meanwhile, the corporate media attempted a bit of sleight-of-hand by shifting the focus from the Moslem assailants to the protestors which they labeled as "Neo-Nazis" and "Rightwing thugs". Again, another attempt to blame the victims and away from an unprepared police department, an inept city government, and to maintain the "correct" image of peace and tranquility. After all, the attacks aren't part of the script.

In 2012, there were two studies conducted, one of which by the German government, which confirmed what many had already suspected; that the majority of Moslems in Germany believed the Sharia law superseded German law and the other that Sharia Law superseded all laws throughout Europe. Nothing about either study should come as a surprised. Moslems have been very open and quite clear that they maintain no loyalty to any individual, community, country or law except that of Islam. No exceptions. None. Germany has for decades brought individuals from outside Europe, mainly Turkey, into Germany in order to fuel it dynamic economic amid a severe labor shortage and declining birthrate.

In fact, Germany, like the rest of Europe (and Japan for that matter) has been facing a declining population for decades. The Turkish workers were readily available; required minimum training for the mostly low skill jobs they were offered and best of all, they worked cheap. The downside was that after the unification of East and West Germany, the West was able and willing to absorb the lower skilled East Germans to fill many of those same positions, and what the former East Germans didn't want, others from the former Eastern Bloc would. The Turks, however, didn't want to leave even with offers of financial incentives. After all, many if not most were now qualified to participate in Germany's very generous welfare system, which included subsidies for practically everything up to and including free healthcare and cable TV!

Meanwhile, France was reaping the whirlwind of its past thanks to a massive influx of mostly poor, low skilled Moslems from its former colonies, especially North Africa. This influx created entire communities made up North African Moslems. Thanks to their low skill and lack of education, unemployment soared and along with it, so did crime. Protests, often violent, also increased as the immigrants demanded more and more tax-payer based subsidies from the French government.
Along with this financial drain on the French, these communities also demanded application of Sharia law in their own communities, which were granted or at least not opposed by French authorities. England has fared no better. With the open door policy of the European Union, England has been flooded with immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East, as well as from former colonies such as India and Hong Kong, however, the majority are Moslem.

Like France, these groups have spread throughout England, especially into its major industrial centers such as York, Liverpool, and Manchester as well as London. Again, as in France, there are essentially "no-go" zone for police officers or public officials with Sharia law being duly applied through various Islamic city councils. Of course, these weren't the only countries affected. Belgium, Holland as well as Scandinavia have felt the effect of these immigrants, which, up until recently, were mostly calm (except in France). It's been within the last few years with the huge increase of refugees that things have turned nasty, especially during the last 18 months or so. The key change has been the dramatic increase in numbers as well as the militancy of the "refugees" from such places as Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iran, Somalia, and Libya, fueled by a extremist variant of Islam; the same variant which is fueling terrorist groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram; a vengeful messianic Islam which harkens back to the likes of Saladin the Great, Tamerlane, Hasan-i Sabbeh and his Order of Assassins, Mehmed II and other Moslem conquerors.

Of course, this is far from being over. Germany's Merkel has agreed to take in more "refugees"...millions more, along with France, England, Scandinavia, Austria and most of Europe. A few countries, however, were smart enough to see the handwriting on the wall, and declined to accept any or very few refugees. They may ultimately prove to be the survivors of Europe while the rest of their European neighbors see their cultures and economies crumble. Merkel thought her generosity would make up for Germany's self-imposed "guilt" of another generation, but what she may have done was to effectively sow the seeds that will sealed Germany's fate, and perhaps that of Europe as well. The violence will surely increase and become even more deadly. The attacks, beatings, rapes, murders too will increase as Germany, and indeed most of Europe, thanks to its liberal social policies, has ensured a steady stream of invaders, coupled with weak willed governments and timid politicians playing a game of appeasement with an ideology which doesn't seek their submission, but their total destruction. Thanks to Europe's stringent gun control and limited "stand-your-ground" laws, most Europeans feel nearly helpless to defend their countries, their cultures, or even themselves.

Let's also not forget that, like America, Europe has become infected with a potentially fatal disease...political correctness or "PC" for short. PC often leads to confusion in the mind of the host. It creates an unfounded fear of certain words like "racist", "discriminate", "melting pot" or "offended", resulting in groveling and self abasement followed by convulsions of money. Left unchecked, this disease slowly destroys the willpower of the host by first dissolving its spine and ability to think and act rationally. The disease acts fast, and unless aggressively treated through common sense policies, national pride and self-respect, eventually leads to self-loathing and ultimately to national suicide. Even with proper care, amputation from the host is sometimes required if action is delayed. America too has been infected with this deadly disease, though its progress is not nearly as advanced as in Europe, but its prognosis isn't good. America has already lost it democratic republic and morphed into an oligarchy. So dear reader, tell me what is to be done?

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