Tuesday, January 05, 2016

What is Going on?

I just read an article where a US university banned all Christmas celebrations and displays because a small handful of Moslems were "offended" and "demanded" that all Christian displays be stopped immediately. An attention getting ruse? I also read where the mayor of Irving Texas, Beth Van Duyne, told members of a local Mosque which was trying to establish Sharia Law Court. that it wasn't happening. The Mayor made it abundantly clear that here in the US, there is but one overarching law and the City Council would neither approve or enact it. Colleges and universities have bent over backwards to make their schools as "Sharia" compliant as possible, including installing "footbaths" and removing religious imagery.
In March 2015, Moslem students at the University of Missouri "demanded" that the school cancel the showing of "American Sniper", the story of US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle because the subject matter "offended" them. The students went on to claim that the movie was "racist" and "colonial propaganda". There have been demands to remove all ROTC activity from local high schools and universities (citing the usual "we're offended" refrain). and demands to prohibit any religious displays or celebrations. In October, approximately 30 to 40 students at a public university in Melbourne Australia walked out during the playing of the Australian National Anthem because it was being play during a month long Moslem religious observance. Even in the workplace, the demands for conformity continue. I'm sure you've read about the recent incident where 190 Moslem employees at a meat packing plant walked out because the employer refused to grant them time for prayers (they pray seven times a day apparently). Yeah, they were all fired.

In Cologne Germany, over the Christmas holiday, there were "unsubstantiated" reports of "Arab looking" men in small roving gangs harassing, assaulting, and in some cases, raping individual or small groups of women. German Police have just recently confirmed these "unsubstantiated" reports as being accurate. In nearby Wuppertal, roving patrols of "Sharia Police" in nice bright orange security vests, spot checking women---Moslem and non-Moslem--to ensure they were "Sharia" compliant. Aside from the slight physical and verbal intimidation factor, these individuals attempt to force women (and in certain cases, men) into compiling with the "proper" dress code.
Already, demands have been made to government officials to cease "mixed gender" events, selling of beer ,as well as all other alcohol (most notably, immediate discontinuance of Oktoberfest), selling of pork products (and we know how Germans love their sausage), and smoking (there goes the famous Alpine pipes)...and this is coming from the new refugees! Although these individuals were eventually arrested amid complaints from residents, the local court released them without charges, which will certainly be seen as permission to continue with their "patrolling" and harassment.

The German Government had already requested that German school girls cease wearing shorts, short skirts and "revealing tops" in order to avoid "offending" the Moslem population. In addition, the German Government has requested "volunteers" to help clean refugee camps, including doing laundry, running errands, serving food, cleaning, and so forth. Failure to comply may result in a mandatory one year hitch in the German Armed Forces. Scandinavia has been reporting an huge increase in crimes, especially assaults and rapes . At first, the Governments of Demark, Norway, and Sweden, denied there was any such crimes being committed, however, thanks to the Internet, these governments have forced to admit these crimes are happening, and in far greater numbers than originally assumed.
Of course, we are all too well aware of the situation in France which has had a long history of dealing with "Sharia Police", riots, boycotts and "no-go zones" in certain sections of cities like Paris, Marseilles, and Rouen. England too has been hit hard by demands to "conform" , including a recent incident where a large water park in Stoke-on-Trent, where management has instructed visitors that their clothing and behavior must by "Islam appropriate" or they will be turned away. What is that supposed to mean? Why is a private company, no different than a Disneyland or King's Island, dictating this draconian type of dress code, and at a water park of all places! Several English city administrators and clergy have been told to stop ringing their church bells since the chiming "distracted' Moslem residents, which also found the ringing bells "offensive". There was a report from Ireland where Islamic clerics made a appeal to limit the height of church steeples so that they could not exceed the height of a Mosque's minaret. In some cases, demands have been made to prohibit the open wearing of Christian, Jewish, or other non-Moslem religious jewelry.

You know, 25 years ago, there were a small Moslem presence in this country and certainly the West and this simply didn't happen. Ten years ago, the presence increased but still this was rarely an issue. Even five years ago, still not so much. Nowadays, however, that's all changed. We're being told---not asked----to comply with demands; to do away with not just the traditions which have been a part of this nation since its founding, but that have been a part of Western tradition for thousands of years! Here in the US, we never heard Jews making demands, nor the Hindus or Buddhist, Taoists, Wiccans or Pagans. Meanwhile, Europe, especially Germany, Holland, Belgium, Scandinavia, and most especially England has been doing some serious butt kissing to these new invaders (the last Islamic invasion of Europe in 1490 which reached---literally---the gates of Vienna Austria. The Moslem Turks didn't surrender territories north of the Danube River until 1699. Parts of Southeast Europe remained under Ottoman influence, which didn't end until the close of World War I in 1918 (Greece, the birthplace of Democracy, was ruled by the Moslem Turks from 1453 until its revolution of independence against the Ottomans in 1821). Frankly, I don't see why the native inhabitants haven't been asking on bended knee for permission to stay from their new Overlords to stay.

Friends, the majority of Moslems are good hardworking people. However, many are silent when it comes to those who have hijacked their religion or who have committed unspeakable acts of cruelty in their name. Their silence is seen as approval by these individuals. It is these extremists, for lack of a better word, who are playing us for fools. They view us as chumps. They are trying to pull the biggest scam in history not just on America, or the West, but the World by feigning to be "offended" when they don't get their way, and when their numbers get large enough, they stop asking and start demanding. They are trying to use our democracy, our sense of freedom and sense of fair play against us in a way whereby we will lose all of it because our so-called "leaders" are afraid. They are afraid to take a stand for what they believe despite their rhetoric . They are afraid of confrontation because someone might get mad, and because they are afraid, they need you to be afraid too. So, they hide the truth. They ignore it. They downplay it. They play word games with it to make it sound benign like a fluffy little bunny. And if that doesn't work, they try to intimidate you into silence with all sorts of threats. Listen, appeasement in any of its forms doesn't work. It never has and never will. Appeasement is what the victim calls extortion. It's sounds nicer and more dignified, But with extortionist, they keep wanting more and more until you have nothing left. Not even your dignity.

Personally, I have nothing against any religion, race, ethnic group or sexual orientation. I may or may not agree with them, but frankly, it's not any of my business. I couldn't begin to care less. My take is that this is your life. As long as you don't harm, bully, threaten, or attempt t impose your beliefs on anyone (or anything) else, knock yourself out. We have the right and duty as human beings to be responsible for our own actions. When you start dictating to me what I can say, believe, wear, eat, drink and so forth, then we have an issue. We you start trying to impose your beliefs or values on me, especially through threats or attempts at intimidation and especially violence, then you have a serious problem on your hands. If you don't eat a certain food or drink certain beverages, like what I wear, or my music, or even like my politics or religious beliefs (if any at all), that's fine. You may leave at any time. If you have a problem with my nation's values, such as our freedom of (and by definition) from religion, free speech, equality regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality or the concept of individual sovereignty, you have the right to turn around and walk away. You can even feel free to call me whatever you want, but you may not spit, throw, hit, or harm me or my family. That may possibly result in a face-to-face meeting your higher power to discuss the situation personally.

America is a country founded on the concept of freedom with all its rights and corresponding responsibilities. It gives you the right to speak your mind. It doesn't give you the right to force me to change my beliefs, our common language, our accepted traditions--secular and religious, or our sense of individually just to make you feel happy. If at any time you feel "offended" by these, you have two options in my opinion. You can adapt and become a part of this terrific melting pot called the United States of America. Otherwise, feel free to visit any Greyhound bus station, airport, or US interstate and go to wherever you think you would feel more comfortable because no matter how much we may squabble amongst ourselves, we are Americans first and foremost, and that isn't going to change.

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