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Making It Respectable To Hate America

Since Trump, hating all things American has become the latest "cause-celeb" . Not even during the turbulent 50's, 60's, and 70's has the hatred of America been so visceral; so palpable. None of this would be possible without the support and encouragement of the media, and that means without the accomplice of the six corporations which own the 96%+ of all media, promulgating their own agendas.  

Today, athletes kneel during the national anthem or otherwise disrespecting the anthem which has filtered down from pro sports to high school and Pop Warner. They, in turn, get upset with fans when we boo and jeer them or boycott the games.  It's not necessarily because we disagree with their politics, but rather for forcing us to indirectly participate in their protest.

Games are played for our enjoyment and paid for with our dollars, which also pays their multi-million dollar salaries. We didn't buy an overpriced tickets or tune in for a political event. We're there to watch a sporting event and to be entertained. That's what sports ultimately are---entertainment. If they want to express themselves politically, do it on their own time, not ours. How about off season?

Actors and athletes spout off their opinions on topics they have little or any real understanding of. Nevertheless, the media treats it as gospel. Millennials and Gen Z often mimic what they see without considering the full effect of an issue. That's what happens when you live in a bubble. It's not to say there aren't a few who actually take the time to research the topic they want to talk about first., but those individuals are rare and far between.

Lately, we've starting hearing form a small group of athletes and mediocre celebrities demanding that the flag and National Anthem be changed because both represent slavery. It takes a pretty misinformed mind to make the leap from the National Anthem, which was written at the Battle of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812, to slavery.  

As for the flag, in what way does it have any connection with slavery? The stars represent the states. The symbol of the star was chosen since it represents the heavens and divine protection. The 13 stripes represent the original 13 colonies. The red symbolizes the bloodshed by those who fought for this country. The white stands for purity and truth, while the blue represents justice.  Maybe they should step out of their echo chambers. Better yet, read a book or take a history class.  

The media calls protests which involve looting, arson, assaults, and wanton destruction of property "peaceful" and "organized" when it done by BLM or Antifa which are  anything but! Meanwhile, they call the protest of the Capitol on January 6th an "insurrection" or "attempted coup" without having the vaguest idea what an insurrection or coup attempt would look like simply because these were individuals on the Right who supported Trump. 

Personalities in Congress, ran away like a bunch of scared mice, only later claiming they were there, willing to "stand and fight" when in reality they were hiding behind locked doors and quivering under their desks like frightened rabbits. Meanwhile, AOC tells the media how afraid she was when, in fact, she was blocks away in a very safe and secure location.

To make matters worse, we're giving individuals who are blatantly racist air time and acting as if this is perfectly acceptable in the name of political correctness. They talk about "systematic white racism" and "white privilege" as if such nonsense actually exists. I'm not aware of any privilege. I've worked my butt off all my life. I paid for college by serving in the military (and ended up a disabled vet for my efforts). I've worked two jobs and made a lot of sacrifices to get where I wanted to be. I can say too,  that my race, and perhaps gender, likely cost me a job.

Everyone I know, regardless of their race or other identifier, put in the effort to get where they are in life. Now, perhaps, there are those at the upper tier of the economic spectrum getting some sort of systematic privilege, but I doubt it's because of their race and has more to do with good old fashion cronyism and class privilege., not to mention writing the laws which benefit them and those like them.

I don't hear anyone discussing how other groups, be it Hispanics or Asians, who've come to America, often with literally nothing but the clothes on their back, unfamiliar with the language, customs, or culture, and within a few years are relatively successful. 

Why is that? Is it because culturally they put a premium on education? Is it because of their work ethic; that they'll take any job and put in the hours? Is it because, for them, being on the public dole is seen as a social stigma? That's what most of our ancestors who came here did.  Instead, I hear about "repartitions" based on what happened to someone else almost two hundred years ago. 

What if there was some sort of financial reparations and if fails as did the "War on Poverty" of the 1960's? Then what? Who will be blamed? Without a strong desire to succeed, which first requires an educational foundation and a strong work ethic, few, if any, will see their economic standing substantially improve. Hope without effort will only lead to failure, and ultimately to despair and anger. 

To make matters scarier, some are now calling whites "parasites", a "disease" equivalent with a plague which automatically discriminates against non-whites, or an infestation which needs to be eliminated.  In addition, they are "demanding" that assets, like houses, cars, property, etc  be turned over to waiting black families when they die. These are the same terms that the Nazis used in talking about the Jews, and we all know how that turned out! They are also reflective of what's happened in places like South Africa or Zimbabwe. This is not the America anyone should want. 

Now, let's be honest for a moment.  Much of what I'm saying is what most of you wish you could say. I know it. You know it. So, why am I saying it? The answer is because we need an honest and open national conversation not just about race, gender, or social class, but what is expected of us as a society.

Although the intentions were good, I think America lost track of what it was all about starting in the 1960's, when we created legislation designed to lift the poorest among us out of poverty but instead broke up families; forcing males away from the families they created. We encouraged individuals not to work by providing them with more incentives to remain on public handouts than to work. In effect, we removed many of the opportunities they had to move up the social ladder.

As a society, we allowed a subculture to develop out of this which discouraged education; where "being smart" was the equivalent of "acting white"  which often resulted in ridicule, being ostracized, or assaulted.  This same sub-culture also gave them an economic way out--through drugs and crime where, in the worst case scenario, they would go to prison where, again, the system would take care of them, not to mention living off the social safety net which was intended to be temporary.

 While we need a social safety net, it must be aimed at providing a helping hand up, not becoming a lifestyle choice. Education is the key to success, but so is a stable family unit. That means legislation which promotes rebuilding the family unit; to make it economically worthwhile to remain together. It doesn't take a village. It takes a mom and dad committed to making it work and raising their kids right.

We need to stop giving these so-called celebrities and athletes more credit than their due. Hollywood is a fantasy land. They make a living playing make believe. I'm sure some are actually intelligent and informed; some, but far from all. They also live in world where they are paid millions. Very few would be willing to practice what they preach to the rest of us.  The same argument can be made for athletes.

Both groups can have a greater impact by giving some of their millions to specific charities as well as doing commercials or special appearances...but on their own time, not ours. Movies, TV, music, and even sports are entertainment businesses. We are there to be entertained, not lectured, especially on our own dollar.

There is nothing wrong with any media or organization catering to a specific group. It's called marketing. However, to tell one group that not only can they not do the same thing, but that they have to "share" with other groups who are afforded exclusivity is wrong. If there's a Miss Asian America, a Miss Native America, Miss Black America, or a Miss Latina (and there are), plus an all inclusive Miss America, but not a Miss European America, isn't that too discrimination? Then again, why should we have a "beauty" pageant at all? Isn't that a form of sexual exploitation? 

If there are magazines like Jet or Ebony aimed at black readers, then why not all racial or ethnic groups without exception? Same goes with movie and music genres or networks and radio stations. If there can be a BET or Telemundo network, why not a WET? If there can be professional and fraternal associations which cater to one group or another based on race (and there are many), then why are whites excluded? Should groups like these even exist? 

If there are scholarships or grants based on race or other demographics, then why not all races and demographics? For that matter, maybe scholarships and grants should be exclusively based on need and academic performance.  The same applies to academic majors.Why are there Hispanic, African, Feminist, and gay majors but not a European/white major? There aren't any professional or civic associations based on my race or orientation, yet there are such associations dedicated exclusively to other groups. Personally, I would eliminate most of these qualifications across the board, but that's not "PC". In fact, none of this is. 

If there is Black Heritage Month (February), Asian Pacific Heritage Month (May), Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15--Oct 15), an Arab American Heritage Month (April), or Gay Pride Month (June), why isn't there a European Heritage Month? Or Traditional American Family Month? If you allow for one, shouldn't you allow for all? Isn't that what we mean when we say "equality"?

As an aside, white males are an official minority in this country according to the Census Bureau. Within the next ten years, America will no longer have a majority race society. It will be virtually equal between Hispanics and whites followed by blacks and Asians (Asians will outpace blacks in some areas and may, within the next 25 years, surpass them altogether). So, if we're going for equality under the law, then it has to apply to everyone, not just one group or another even if one is no longer a majority.

The crux of our racial and other manufactured problems, as I see it, are this. We've permitted ourselves (perhaps unwittingly) to be divided, be it racially, class, gender, religious, political, or sexual orientation. We've allowed government to take away our self-respect and responsibility for our own successes or failures---"You didn't build that" (Obama). That has created universal resentment; a sense of "us vs. them" mentality. 

That will ultimately create a balkanized America, which, for the Oligarchs now in control, will make it that much easier to dominate and manipulate us until we're nothing but puppets. We must stop defining ourselves as hyphenated Americans and simply as Americans. A slight against one America should be a slight against all Americans. 

We cannot and must not pigeonhole ourselves based on all these artificial divisions which are tearing this nation apart. Meanwhile, though it may sound cliché, the Golden Rule---"so unto others as you would have them do unto you"---is still a pretty good guide to living together don't you think?

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