Saturday, April 22, 2017

Book Review: The Spiritual Awakening Process: Coming Out of the Darkness and Into the Light by Christine Hoeflich

Ms. Hoeflich seems to be quite an usual individual. Her past experiences would define her as a practical and fact oriented individual, as to be expected of someone with degrees in material engineering and environmental studies. Yet, she is someone who is equally quite at home with the esoteric and possesses that rare ability to express her finely tuned sensitivity through words. Ms. Hoeflich has taken on a subject which is often considered confusing or misleading at best and through the use of her own personal experiences has demystified it and made it much easier to understand. More importantly, Ms. Hoeflich has provided us---her readers---with the tools to help us along the road to our own unique spiritual awakening.

Her book, "The Spiritual Awakening Process" is a reflective expression of her own self discovery into self awareness or "shamanism" as much as it is a "how to" book for the rest of us to follow along with. Often books of this sort seem to confuse their readers and ramble on, losing its purpose... and its the process. Not so this book. Obviously Ms. Hoeflich had her reader's in mind when she set out to write this book, given that it is well written, using easy to understand concepts and terms. It has a nice "easy to read" flow to it which drives toward its singular objective, namely to serve as a catalyst for the reader to understand their role as a spiritual being experiencing a physical existence.

At the book's core is awakening one's own "higher conscientious" and reconnect the with "Divine" in order to rediscover our own individual and unique place within the "Divine Plan" which, collectively, will lead to a new "Golden Age" of Humanity. Ms. Hoeflich includes five steps and easy to learn exercises to help with one's spiritual awakening and growth. Perhaps Ms Hoeflich expresses it best which she says "Your divine purpose is to become a 'spiritual master'... to transcend the collective mind control we've created".

"The Spiritual Awakening Process: Coming Out of the Darkness and Into the Light" by Christine Hoeflich is an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to explore and develop their own spirituality and intuition. Paperback 134 pages /Kindle 90 pages

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