Saturday, October 26, 2013

It's Time For Americans to Flex Their Political Muscle

The government shutdown of 2013 costs us, the American Taxpayer, around $24 billion dollars. The ongoing fiasco with the Obamacare website, which had years to be checked out, has costs taxpayers $1 billion dollars since the October 1st rollout. That's more than Microsoft or Apple has spent on their recent media platforms. Rather than take responsibility, the White House is trying to shift the blame to the contractors on retainer (yes, on retainer, at a rate of $1 million dollars per day). The contractors cite constant changes and a lack of opportunity to "test drive" the site before it went live. The bottom line is that it doesn't work and the meter is still running, and let's not forget, the overwhelming majority of Americans opposed Obamacare from the get go. The Supreme Court even had to change their reading of the bill into a tax...a order to implement it.

Let's also not forget that we were repeatedly promised by Obama there would be no taxes associated with this bill; there would be no additional costs associated with this bill; nothing would change; we could even keep our existing insurance. But that's not what's happening is it? Employers are dropping their insurance coverage. Many are cutting back on hours, and some are even laying people off. Premiums are proving so high that many can't afford even the cheapest coverage. Those under 30, the financial backbone of Obamacare, are finding that it makes more sense to pay the monthly fine.

The Department of Defense is considering an $8 million change over in the covers (dress hats) for the US Marines. They want to go from a pattern which has been effect since the 1920's and has given the Marine Corps its unique and distinguished look into a "unisex" form similar to what the Women Marines are currently wearing. And here's the kicker, no one wants it. No one even asked for it. Marines polled hate it. One senior Marine Commander even pointed that they are having trouble acquiring bullets, and yet they are considering spending $8 billion to change hats? The next move by the Obama Adminstration is expected to be amnesty for the 11 to 13 million illegal immigrants now living in the US; something else no body wants. Are you detecting a pattern yet?

Now we hear that the US Government has been spying on our closest allies, and not just on their official communications. Americans have been repeatedly lied to as to the scope of domestic surveillance. Apparently, the NSA has been tapping in on the private emails and cell phone conversations of America's friends (the spying on Germany's Angela Merkel has been going on since 2002) too. This has set off a worldwide fire storm of condemnation. Brazil, Germany, and France, among others, are planning on introducing a proposal at the United Nations, aimed at limiting the electronic invasion of an individual's privacy. Although the resolution will be nonbinding, it will register as another global hand smacking of the Obama Administration. Meanwhile, we're watching our allies taking a second look at us in terms of support. Many are starting to seriously question Americas commitments in the Middle East and Asia, as well as in other parts of the world. China has stepped up and publically called for an end of "Pax Americana".

In the announcement, China has suggested that not only Asia, but the West as well begin considering new alliances and economic relationships; perhaps even replacing the US Dollar as the "go to" global currency with the Chinese Yuan or a combination of currencies (China is the largest holder of US debt--$1.28 trillion in US Treasuries and $3.5 trillion in US dollar dominated assets).
What's going on here? Where's the either party? The answer is an uncomfortable, "not present". All we have are poll-driven primadonnas; all jockeying to get in the most media face time and sound bites. What is needed are non-partisan statesmen who are willing to put the needs of the average working man and women above personal and political ambition. However, the American political system doesn't seem capable of producing those kind of individuals. Not that they aren't out there, they are. They're usually found in schools or volunteering in some community organization. However, the system has been rigged through gerrymanding by a diarchy and near unlimited corporate financing. The media, which once served as the public's watchdog, now produces infotainment rather than true news. They're just as driven by ratings as Washington's political hacks are.

Until we can put America back on the right track (assuming that's even still possible), we need to renew our push for term limits. Barring that, we need to vote for challengers so that no incumbents feels so secure that they can ignore the will of the American People. It's time for Americans to flex their political muscle.

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