Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas the Day after Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the land,
America awoke without a economic plan.
To the streets! To the Malls!
To find someone to blame and kick in 'em in the...

On Ford! On Chevy! On Beamer and Dodge!
To the bank, my complaint I must lodge!
Where's my savings, my retirement, and job?
I've worked hard. I've been robbed!

On to bank I did drove,
Down broken roads and overgrown groves.
Foreclosed homes up and down the block,
On Wallstreet , I wished a pox!

I demand to the see the manager
On him alone will I vent my anger!
I searched and searched all around,
Not a IRA in sight; not a dime to be found!

"I'm not to blame" he did exclaimed
Smiling wryly ; adapt at the game.
"Why, it was someone else. It wasn't us "
"Get it straight. No more of your guff"

"Why you must be mistaken" he said with a sigh,
His mouth was moving, I thought it must be a lie!
"Responsibility here, you cannot hold.
It's Washington's fault we were told.
But if you may, if mus'
You'll have to go elsewhere to fuss".

So, I called my Senator; Called my Congressman,
"Where's my golden years? I had a plan!"
With serious expression and upper lips held stiff,
"We're sorry to tell you, but it's fallen off the cliff".

"Cliff?" I shouted. "Do you think me a fool?"
"I've had it with you. Enough your bull".
"It's all true our naive friend"
"It's the other guy's fault that we've reached the end".

"Who's to blame? I voted for you don't your see?"
"You were to take care of us. You were to take care of me!"
With a smile as charming as a snake, they motioned me closer,
My confidence they now wanted to take

"We promised you promises, and yes we lied,
We promised to take care of you until you died.
You never questioned what we did, and willingly believed every word that we said".
"Do not blame us for what we do. It is to our natures that we must be true.
Wolves in sheep's clothing. Are you surprised?
It was you after all, who pulled the wool over your own eyes".
And with that, down gilded Wallstreet they did stro',
Arm and arm, more friend than foe.

So after all, it's to us to blame
We let them write the rules and we play at their game.
Unless we say no more and get it right
There's will be no Merry Christmas. No more good night.

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