Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Democrats Call for Unity, But for Whom?

Presumed President-Elect Joe Biden is saying it. So is Kamala Harris, his Vice President. We're hearing it from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. In fact, we're hearing it from the majority of Democrat leadership. Even many of the talking heads on television and radio are calling for it. Just what is it we're hearing?

Unity. That's right. Unity. After four years of a full on assault on President Trump and his Administration by the Democratic leadership, the news media, orchestrated social media groups, protesters, and talking heads on the various political talk shows, including some claiming to be conservative, everybody suddenly wants to play nice now that "Sleepy Joe" appears to be the new president. 

Apparently now that the Democrats have control of the White House, and despite their losses in Congress, they want everyone to come together and make kissy kiss. I suppose they expect everyone to hold hands and let bygones be that "The Donald" is leaving.

Could it be that they don't want the Right to do to them what they did to Trump? They certainly don't want the media to launch personal and political attacks on Biden like making fun of his knack for making gaffes. They obviously don't want any references to Biden's alleged dementia, although to the novice he certainly acts like it given his tendency to forget facts, figures, where he is or what he's saying.

I'm sure they don't want to "alarm" the public that someone who may not have all their mental facilities will have control of the "nuclear football" as it's called or will be dealing with growing Chinese military and economic threat, the COVID virus, Putin's Russia, and the quagmire in the Middle East.

We've already started to see what we can expect from a Biden Administration. The Justice Administration and the FBI have begun to back off their investigation of Hillary Clinton and her emails, mishandling of Benghazi, alleged  illegal funneling of money to the Clinton Foundation in the "pay-to-play" scandal as its been called, or the make believe "Russiangate" scandal involving Russian interference of 2016 election despite claims that it was cooked up by Hillary to discredit Trump (particularly given her involvement in rigging the Democrat Primary against Bernie Sanders). 

Of course, don't expect anything much to come from the investigation of Epstein pedophile island or murder...err..."suicide" (wink wink). I wouldn't expect to hear anything further about Biden's son, Hunter, and the supposed bribery case involving Ukrainian lawmakers (at least not to the extend the media tried to go after Trump Junior's alleged questionable business dealings).

Nope. They want unity now, and they'll get it. Why? Because Donald Trump was a political outsider. He wasn't "pre-approved" by the ruling elite. He wouldn't "go along to get along" to quote the former Speaker of the House, Sam Rayburn. Trump was an anomaly. He thought that his skills as a high stakes businessman would enable him to purge Washington corruption; to "drain the swamp" as they say.

However, President Trump misjudged the depth of the swamp.  He also misjudged the size of alligators, snakes, and other two legged creepy crawlies. For his entire term, Trump was bombarded on all sides---Democrat and Republican--- plus various agencies (most notably the FBI and Justice Department), government officials, governors and, naturally, the media. He fired and replaced numerous department heads and others in a vain effort to find not so much as loyalty to his administration as honesty and a commitment to the American People wherever he could find them.

Now that the "Establishment" class is back in charge, the call for "unity" represents nothing more than an announcement to the elites that they are back in charge. It's time to resume business as usual. The cockroaches can come back out of the shadows again. But what about the beast they fed and promoted generously over the past four years---Antifa and BLM?

Literally from day one of Trump's Presidency, Antifa was hell bent on disrupting what they could and destroying the rest. Black Lives Matter was just as eager to cause as much chaos as they could, albeit along racial lines. Other Left Wing groups joined in whenever possible, typically promoting "socialism", "communism" or just plain ole anarchy.

The majority of these groups was funded by a handful of wealthy elites who are part of the ruling Oligarchy within the Corporatocracy which has largely replaced our Republic. So now what?

With the elites back in charge, what will become of the these wannabe revolutionaries?  Common sense will tell you that the neo-fascist Corporatocracy does not want and will not stand for "socialism", "communism" and most certainly anarchy in any shape, form, or fashion. The ruling Oligarchy are committed capitalists. They are also globalists. They only "socialism" they support is for themselves and their corporations. As for us, their working class "wage serfs", good luck!

That puts groups like the Leftist Antifa, which claims to be "anti-fascist"  but behaves just like Hitler's Brownshirts, Mussolini's Blackshirts, or Mao's Red Guards in a interesting position. The BLM leadership has openly declared itself to be Marxists and following the Marxian ideal to bring about an eventual communist government through the overthrow of the present one. Obviously both are at odds with the Oligarchy, which by its very nature opposes these ideologies.

So, where does that leave these "useful idiots" to quote from Lenin?  The Oligarchy funded these groups and gave them media coverage which tended to bury their violent nature under the cover of "social justice" and "peaceful protest" despite their looting, arson, and violence while creating mayhem throughout the country which designed to make the Trump Administration look racist (to use the accepted go to trigger term) and hateful.

When Trump attempted to intercede, he was typically turned down by Democrat governors which was played up by the media to make it appear that Trump's help was unwelcome. However, after the destruction died down, these same governors and mayors had their hands out looking for federal dollars to cover the damage caused by Antifa, BLM, and others which had their tacit approval.

If Trump refused, he would be projected as uncaring by the Left leaning media. If aid was sent, it would be made to look like it was due to the determined efforts of these Democrat governors and mayors. A no win situation for President Trump. 

Now, with Biden occupying the Oval Office and the elites back in charge, I expect that funding for these groups will be dramatically reduced or cut together. Meanwhile, positive news coverage about them will dwindle. If they start making the new administration look bad, they'll be portrayed as out of control gangs. A hue-and-cry for order will be manufactured by the media and these wannabe Che Guevara's will be suppressed.

While it might be back to the public trough for the corporate elite and their political puppets and open season on "conflict of interest" government contracts, one thing will change. The elites will make changes to the election process to ensure that there will never again be someone like Donald Trump elected to the presidency. Never again will a outsider, no matter how popular, seize power from the Oligarchs.

The last populist candidate, Ross Perot, ran for president in 1992, mostly on his own dime. While he lost, he made a great showing and embarrassed the two candidate the parties had put up, Bill Clinton and George H Bush.  Perot proved to be extremely popular, polling in the 30% range and finally, winning almost 19% of the popular vote. He out debated both Bush and Clinton with his down-to-earth populist rhetoric. He even went on to created a new political party from scratch.

In 1988 the Democrat and Republican parties officially dropped the League of Women Voters for refusing to exclude third party and independent candidates. They previously formed their own debate commission, the Presidential Debate Commission in 1987, which made it all but impossible for anyone other than a Democrat or Republican candidate to participate (after Perot, it was modified to make it even more difficult).

Their more than cozy relationship with corporations made it almost impossible to obtain the funding needed to run a successful race or get media coverage (which, if they do, is treated as a joke or novelty).  They encouraged state parties to make similar changes in election laws to make it virtually impossible for anyone other than a Democrat or Republican to run, obtain funding, or take part in a debate.

So, when you hear these Democrats or talking heads talk about the need for unity and coming together as a country, remember that for four years they did everything possible to divide this nation. Now that the outsider Trump is gone, they want order and stability, but not for the country; not for you and me, but for the elites. It's back to business as usual. Prepare to receive your new master America.


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