Wednesday, November 11, 2020

And The Winner Is...

And the winner of the 2020 Presidential elections is...well, it remains to be seen. It may be weeks yet before we know who the next president will be. However, the fact the we don't know speaks volumes about the state of the nation. It wasn't that long ago that we knew by 10:00 or 11:00 PM election night who would occupy the Oval Office for the next four years, but not anymore.

Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin once remarked, it didn't matter who voted. It was who counted the votes that was most important. Never has that been truer since the Al Gore and George W Bush in 2001 (Gore was even briefly called "President Elect" by the media). As America has become increasingly divided, elections have become increasingly harder to call...or count.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi echoed Stalin's comment when she recently said that it didn't matter what the final vote count was, Joe Biden was going to the president. He was going to be the one sworn in on January 20th. The utterance of someone who knows something or just being mouthy?

Earlier, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, told Joe Biden and his team not to concede the election no matter what. He wasn't to say or do anything until every last vote was counted. It's hard to say whether she was giving Biden some political advice or a warning.

America is a deeply divided country. We haven't seen division this wide or deep since the late 1850's; the decade preceding the bloodiest chapter in American history, the Civil War. Both sides allege rigged elections; ballots destroyed or lost by the thousands, and then tens of thousands of ballots, all for one candidate, suddenly appear in states which were previously to close to call.

Worse still are the Leftist groups who threaten more violence---rioting, looting, arson, or worse---if their candidate loses. We have national unions, like the AFL-CIO for example, threaten to strike if their choice loses and to remain on strike until the candidate they oppose is removed from office.

That's the kind of thing we typically hear about in third world countries where some tin pot despot and their thugs are trying to suppress the voting.  Let's face it, the Left was attempting to hold voters hostage; give us who we want or we will loot, burn, and destroy.  We'll bring an already sluggish economy to a halt.  We will win through fear and intimidation if we lose at the ballot box.

Massive barriers and walls were erected around government buildings. Many commercial buildings followed suit. The National Guard in many state were put on ready alert status. The State Police in some locations were ordered to be on standby.  How was this possible in a country such as ours?

We were once known to have one of the most secure balloting in the world, yet it now seems to be easily corruptible. America was once known for having the most stable political system in the world. We were known for our peaceful transition of power. Now, we speak in veiled and not so veiled threats of coups.

We have individuals from both political parties openly discussing having the military physically remove the president and anyone else in the way because he said he wouldn't concede until all votes were counted and certified. The same as the Left demanded in 2016, which no longer appears to apply.

We have a media, which is supposed to be fair, balanced, and non-partisan, blatantly engage in character assassination over the course of four years while simultaneously either ignoring or soft pedaling stories about the other side.  That's propaganda of the kind that Nazi Germany's Joseph Goebbels would be proud of.  No wonder the media has lost its credibility.

Academia is no better. It was supposed to expose students to new ideas, even if they're unpopular, in addition to teaching new skills; to teach factual history, not glossed over versions of it. Most importantly to develop critical thinking skills so that students will be able to think independently for themselves.

Nowadays it serves as indoctrination centers with "safe spaces" to hide away from any group or idea which threatens to burst their fragile ideological bubble while encouraging them to censor others. Some schools offer segregated rooms for certain groups to "take a break" from straights, conservatives, or whites (as if they're a contagion).  But if you're one of those, don't expect the same protection ---that would be "politically incorrect"!

So, where does that leave us? Well, regardless of who "officially" is elected, the other side will not accept the results. They will regard the incoming administration as illegitimate;  a usurper of the People's Will. The media has no credibility. Whatever they report will be seen as lies.  

The only true winner to come out of the 2020 elections is the ruling Oligarchs and their Corporatocracy.  Both parties---the Democrats and Republicans---continue to lose whatever hold they had on the American People. The majority are now Independents, and that has held true over two decades. Even third parties have felt the frustration as they watch their numbers grow.

This election will likely add to those numbers. Meanwhile, the Democrats and Republicans, the Laurel and Hardy of political duopoly, continue to fight over a shrinking portion of a stale pie as they see their control over the populace weaken.

From their high towers, they don't see how the people scoff and sneer at their worthless platitudes. Meanwhile, ideologically infected minorities claim to be "awoke" when in truth they've swallowed the blue pill of dutiful ignorance; Manchurian zombies still serving the interests of the Status Quo.  "Useful idiots" Lenin would have called them. Hitler would have called them "cannon fodder".

The mysterious virus, COVID-19, with its Chinese origin, has served a useful purpose aside from thinning the sheeple. It has not only drastically affected the world's economy, it has reshaped of the U.S. economy. While large corporations have benefited from taxpayer funded low or no interests loans and bailouts---$2.3 trillion dollars with $651 billion in tax breaks ---small businesses haven't been so lucky.

Many businesses have closed or cut hours, leaving ordinary working class people forced to liquidate what little savings or investments they had, thus weakening an already emaciated Middle Class. With no job, no investments or savings, many face the prospect of eviction with a cold winter looming.  

America has become a surveillance state, and we seem fine with that. After all, it's all in the name of national security. Only guilty have need to worry right? Perhaps soon, we'll have ID chips implanted in our hands too, in the name of national security no doubt.

Besides, think of the convenience of all your financial, health, education, and work information loaded into one discreetly embedded chip. No doubt it will be all the rage as our favorite Hollywood  "celebrity" will be flaunting it, so we'll naturally all want to emulate them. Commercials will glorify it the way they do apps, shoes, or dog food while the government will promote its use through PSAs.   

In China, everyone is required to carry a Smartphone at all times. Not only does it help you stay connected to friends and family, it helps you stay connected to the government which incessantly monitors everyone's whereabouts and conversations.  A chip would be so much less intrusive don't you agree?  This is particularly true if new viruses are to be a part of our future.

Chips could monitor metabolic changes, alert us when we're infected, and order---I mean urge us---to "voluntarily" quarantine. It could even alert the authorities, everyone you've been in contact with, and shut down your access to anything outside of your residence, thus nearly completely eliminating your ability to travel, work or shop outside of the home---for your wellbeing of course.

Couple this with facial identification, vehicle GPS tracking, ultra sensitive spy satellites, and just think of how "secure" you will be! Best of all, the technology is already in place and being used.  Wang Dongxing, Lav Beria and Heinrich Himmler would be green with envy! 

With the defeat of President Trump an all but forgone conclusion, the Oligarchs has already scurried back into the light, regaining their open control on the levers of power. They will ensure that no outsider like Trump will ever again upset their agenda in the same way they ensured that no one like Ross Perot would ever secure a place on the national stage.

The COVID virus will slowly be brought to end as its usefulness wanes. The media will set the world to rights as the next crisis is manufactured.  Meanwhile, the elites will take note that the Right failed to respond as anticipated to the rioting, looting, arson, and general mayhem of the Left.

Their conclusion will likely be that the Right, for all their guns and bluster, are unorganized and unwilling to act. Perhaps they're a "paper John Wayne" after all. If this is the conclusion they come to, expect overt and covert assaults on the 2nd Amendment under the cover of national security.

Meanwhile, corporations will continue to crack down of free speech, especially on social media sites (COVID has already impacted our freedom to assemble). The Right will continue to panned on campus while indoctrination spreads in primary schools. Opposition will not be tolerated.  Resistance is futile. Conservatives will be labeled as "racist", "reactionary"  and "anti-societal". The collective will prevail.

Future historians will view the selection of Biden and Harris as a critical turning point in American domestic history; one in a series of small steps which began decades ago. As Lenin wrote of "two steps forward, one step backward".  Much of what Trump did will be undone as quickly as possible in order to erase the backward step and take the next step forward.

Biden's tenure as the "straw man" will be relatively brief. Harris may well be ordained as the first woman President with a proud Hillary and Pelosi looking on. The illusion of a Republic will continue so long as it remains a useful curtain to hide behind.


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