Saturday, June 17, 2023

The Big Five: The Five Corporations Who Control What You Think


As I've often written, we are no longer a Constitutional republic. We are an oligarchy. We are given the illusion of choice. Our "choice" is largely determined by mainstream media. When you think about it, we're bombarded by the media constantly every day and in nearly every way. It's what we read, what we hear, and what we see. It tells us what to wear, what to eat, what to buy, and when it comes to politics, what to think. Nazi propagandist genius Joseph Goebbels could only dream of such power!

Today, just five corporations determine what we perspective on the world. They decide what's important for us to know and what we should ignore. These five corporations are part of the Corportracy which has replaced our republic, but ultimately it comes down to a relatively small group of very wealthy and powerful individuals---the oligarchy (some call them a kleptocracy, but it's all the same).  They literally own the two political parties. They determine our domestic and foreign policies. They run the economy. They are the stage managers which creates our illusion of "freedom".

This short video (10:02 minutes) by Second Thought provides a great introduction to this control of information which impacts how we think about the world, our country, and each other. We hope you will find it very informative.  

Click Here:

Capitalism And Monopolies: How Five Companies Control All US Media 

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