Saturday, January 20, 2018

Playing "Chicken" With American Lives: The 2018 Government Shutdown

Once again, Washington politicians have shown a complete disregard for the lives of ordinary Americans living out here in "Flyover Country". This time the shutdown was the result of some 44 Democrat politicians playing a game of "Chicken" over approving a budget to keep the government going without a deal on amnesty of so-called "Dreamers". "Dreamers", in case you don't know, are individuals who were brought here by their parents; parents who came here illegally and thus are generally considered to be criminals.

Now before you start tearing up about these "poor little children caught in the middle", know this. These individuals are mostly adults. They have know all along they were brought here illegally, and thus by extension, are illegal as well. Nevertheless, despite knowing this for years or even decades, very few have taken any steps to become legal residents. Now, facing the possibility of deportation, these "Dreamers" are suddenly getting their panties in a bunch and crying "poor me".

Both political parties have known darn good and well that amnesty for illegal immigrants of any sort is and has been a non-starter from the outset, and yet the Democrats are going to try and hold those who depend on the federal government as hostages. Who am I talking about? How about the millions who receive WIC or federally funded pre-school or after school care? How about people drawing unemployment? How about those on Social Security, military or VA disability? Government employees, including those who are retired? It also includes VA hospitals and low income housing. Then there are the men and women serving in the military as well as retired military. Let's not forget those going to school using a federal grant or GI Bill. Somehow, I'm not surprised that these same politician are exempt, as are all the nations worldwide that we prop up. Regardless, Congress is a millionaires clubs to begin with (especially the Senate), so they don't have to worry about paying bills or buying groceries do they?

From my perspective, every time the federal government does a shutdown, it usually means that Congress and the President are about to do something that ordinary Americans aren't going to like. However, all sides will fall back---throw their hands in the air--- and exclaim that it was the best deal they could manage and how grateful us worker bees should be. Of course, this time it was the Democrats who stepped in it. In times past, it was just as often the Republicans, so neither side gets to point the finger at the other.

Normally, I would say something like "why doesn't Congress listen to their constituents? They know that Americans overwhelmingly oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants". Well, the truth of the matter is that Congress does listen to their constituents, at least the important ones; those corporate paymasters who finance their campaigns and pull their strings. Everyone should know by now that our Constitutional Republic is nothing but an illusion, just as the notion of a republic was under Augustus or Tiberius Caesar. The truth is that we are an Oligarchy; a plutocracy with its growing police state mentality. If these "elites" didn't want this to happen, be it a shutdown or amnesty for "Dreamers", then you can bet it wouldn't happen.

So what would be the reason for amnesty? Obviously it has to be something which benefits our Corporate Overseers. The best I can figure is that it increases the numbers of those seeking jobs, which on one hand is a good thing, but on the other, the more people competing for limited jobs drives down wages and benefits (simple supply and demand economics). With ordinary Americans more concerned about getting or keeping a job, we are much less likely to be focused on what Washington is doing.

Of course, unions could benefit as there is a strong likelihood that some of these individuals will seek employment in a union shop. However, that too is a illusion. Unions have been on the decline since the 1960s. Few have any real clout---economically or politically; most are hand-in-pocket with management, willingly or not. Their marching orders are to keep workers on assembly lines and off picket lines. Therefore, all this does is help fill the coffers of cash strapped unions.

Another advantage is that is gives the Democratic Party talking points for the next election. They are hoping that by holding Americans at gunpoint, these "Dreamers" or others seeking amnesty will either register or vote Democrat in future elections (the majority of American voters are registered Independent, and that number is growing while those registered Democrat or Republican are declining).

Of course, they are counting on America's notoriously short attention span and lack of long term memory to forget missing their retirement or disability checks; their paychecks, WIC payments, unemployment , or healthcare. Who knows? They may be right on that point. After all, the Left has been on a witch-hunt (is that a politically correct term?) over alleged cases of sexual abuse or sexual assault (often happening decades ago), and yet conveniently ignore the fact that one of their modern political icons is an acknowledged sexual predator!

The last thing amnesty does it that it cheapens the value of our borders and the meaning of American Citizenship, which, interestingly, has long been the goal of so-called "globalists" or "internationalists". These groups want to do away with borders, countries, and even the notions of nationalism or patriotism. For them, the ideal world is one global government interlocked with global corporations to create a single open and managed economic and political marketplace. People in Chattanooga will be competing for jobs with people in Bangalore and so forth. Once, being an American carried with it a sense of pride. If you came here from another country, you did everything you could to become "an American", from becoming a citizen as quickly as possible, learning and speaking English to adopting our customs and traditions. You didn't lose your heritage. You added it to the "Great American Melting Pot".

I don't expect this government shutdown to last very long. Just long enough to scare most Americans into accepting anything just in order to get on with their ordinary lives (fanned to near hysteria, of course, by the corporate media). In fact, I believe both corporate owned political parties and their puppets are counting on it. There is no real reason---no honest reason---that certain essentials remain funded and outside the scope of their political gamesmanship. I'm talking of course about social security and disability payments, healthcare and housing costs, paychecks for the military, WIC and unemployment (of course, suspending the pay and benefits of the President and Congress should be a no-brainer). It's high time that we as Americans put a stop to this. If you want to see who voted and how, I've proved two links below. I strongly encourage you to contact the appropriate representative and tell them how you feel---really feel---about this.

How Every Senator Voted on the Government Shutdown

How senators voted on the government shutdown

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