Friday, July 10, 2015

When in Doubt Banish Reality and Embrace the Illusion

The Confederate flag had nothing to do with the actions of Mr. Roof. It was and remains the symbol of Southern independence, state's rights, and what they believed was the original intent of the Founding Fathers (did you know that the majority of descendents of the Founding Fathers at that time supported the position of the Confederate government and its Constitution?). The fact it has been hijacked by hate groups and wackos should not detour our respect for the flag any more than the fact the these same groups are now using the American and Gladsen flags. Should these be banned too? What about the bible? It condones slavery, ethnic bigotry, and murder. Want to ban it too? Mr. Roof was wearing a Gold's Gym t-shirt. Are they racist? Wanna ban their t-shirts? Of course not, but that's how out of hand this has become. I will do what I can to allow it to stay while fighting racist groups like the KKK, Neo-Nazis, Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers, and a corrupt government.

That is what I wrote in a earlier article dear readers. Well, it's gone. The "Southern Cross", which had flown over South Carolina for 154 years will now be consigned to a museum. It's also amazing at just how fast South Carolina was willing to turn its head on its past and its heritage. How is it we can't act this quickly and decisively at the really serious issues like hunger, homelessness, a collapsing infrastructure, or sputtering education system where mediocrity is now seen acceptable or a corrupted government? Are we so easily duped--be it out of fear of "offending" someone or the threat of a imposed "guilt"? Where are our leaders---the ones with backbone and a willingness to speak the truth without fear of condemnation because it's the right thing to do? It's been amazing to see just how easy it was to convince a people that their ancestry was so corrupt that it must now be hidden or destroyed, and how they so willingly---almost anxiously---complied and choose to remove their the symbols of their heritage. Sheep willingly being lead to the slaughter. A people so willing to forget their past will have no future except the one dictated to them by others. That a people should be willing to accept a guilt not of their own making; a guilt that never really existed in the sense it has been presented. Is this "white privilege" or is it "white guilt"? The two are becoming harder to distinguish between.

This nonsense over the Confederate flag, statues, monuments, and tombstones has gotten totally out of hand; another "manufactured" event to distract us. This was simply government by deception. It's part and parcel of rule by our oligarch overlords. We are not to notice those behind the financial curtain. It's amazing how quickly the American People were so easily distracted from a violent crime which killed nine individuals in their church, including the minister to pictures of a flag being held by the accused killer, Dylann Roof, on the Internet. He was wearing a Gold's-Gym t-shirt too. Shouldn't we go after them? After all, they promote good health and fitness. Surely there are enough couch potatoes out there who feel "offended" at what Gold's Gym represents and can put down the Twinkies or bag of chips long enough to mount a "couch-in" campaign!

Right now, there are groups and individuals who seriously considering digging up long dead Confederates and their families, and doing what with their bones exactly? Dumping them in a "undisclosed location" like the Russians claimed to have done with the remains of Joseph Goebbels and his family? Certainly that's the symbolism they would like for us to associate with them. I guess we should ask the Memphis City Council since they seem to be the first on the bandwagon. They voted to remove the remains of Confederate Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife from the local cemetery. I suppose next will General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, or J.E.B. Stuart. I wonder what they'll do about General Lee? Nothing says "Confederate" as much as the greatest general on either side as "The Gray Fox". Of course, there's three little bitty problems. First, the Northern Army seized Lee's estate near the end of the war and turned it into a giant gravesite. Perhaps you've heard of it. Arlington National Cemetery? And then there's the fact that Lee didn't own any slaves, or that he was a noted US officer during the war with Mexico. But what the hell, he wore a gray uniform so let's dig him up too, and while we're at, let pull up his horse, "Traveler"! There's nothing better than beating a dead horse and a dead rebel. Jefferson Davis's home in Fairfield Kentucky has already been burned down, so forget that. There's a marker about slavery, which he renounced, at the site already. Surely we can still dig his moldy old corpse up and give it a good beating; you know, just for sport.

In Frankfort, there's a old statue of this Kentucky native in the basement of the state capitol, who, before the war, was considered one of the brightest and best Senator in the nation; the intellectual heir to fellow Kentuckian Henry Clay or fellow Southerner John C. Calhoun; who opposed succession, but believed in state's rights. Now there's discussion of removing it from the building. I suppose it will used for filler just like the ancient Egyptian pharaohs did to other pharaohs who had fallen out of favor. I suppose it will be replaced by someone who is currently more "PC" as they say. Nothing says "Stalinism" like good ole revisionism. Did you know that MTV is releasing another so-called "reality TV" show called "White People" (as there doesn't appear to be any decent music being made anymore)? Apparently, based on the trailer, it's about just how evil, vile, greedy and contemptible white people are. Yelp, whites are devil's spawn. The trailer depicts young college age white folks having to confront their "whiteness" and shows some getting up and leaving the room--in tears of repressed guilt obviously. Perhaps President Obama will come to their rescue after giving them a good deserving dressing down, after which they write a suitably sized certified check (they're greedy and untrustworthy after all).

I wonder if this how nations fall? With people being pitted against each other in manufactured conflicts, either domestically or globally in order that they are distracted from the corrupt and corruption of a government that's no longer their own. I suppose if people are so busy fighting each other over issues which either don't exist or don't matter, they don't stop and notice how bad things around them are or who's really responsible. We've given them our democratic republic without so much as a putting down the remote and they gave us a fascist oligarchy (rule by the corporations for the interests of the 1%) and the onset of a police state---for our own protection of course--- against a never ending "war on terror" for fun and profit (especially profit). Besides, it artificially boosts the economy, while "bleeding" off an excess population and magically lowers unemployment numbers while it helps the government rid itself of troublemakers and that pesky Constitution.

So friends, just follow the shiny objects put before you; watch your so-called "reality TV"; play your video games; watch your sports
and the pabulum they call "news"; embrace a dumbed down education system and excuses for failure, laziness, and mediocrity as the standard to aim for, after all, someone else is always to blame; accept the choices they allow you and the "guilt" they hoist on your shoulders; don't think and never ever ask questions. Remember, they know what's in your best interests. To paraphrase George Orwell, in a time where lies are accepted as the truth, those who speak the truth will be seen as liars. So just move along.

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