Sunday, June 29, 2014

Invasion America?

What does an invasion look like? Is it the howl of massive air assaults and shelling; the primetime "shock and awe" of a Baghdad? Does it arrive with a naval landing like D-Day on the beaches of Normandy or Leyte Gulf in Philippines, rolling in on red waves and floating bodies? Perhaps it's more subtle; it ebbs and flows like an oily ooze, sticking here and there and gradually covering everything. During the early years of the Cold War, both Russia and China discussed and then ruled out any possibility of a invasion on the US mainland. They knew that in an all out attack, their invading forces had more to fear from the average American Citizen as they did from US combat troops. Yet, why can't we shake this feeling that somehow something is wrong? Somehow, we've been duped and we're under assault as a nation? Just what would an invasion actually look and feel like?

We've all seen and heard the news. Some 60,000 children, some as young as 9 months, have been effectively abandoned by their parents in Latin America, and have sent thousands of miles to our doorstep along our Southern border. Many US Government officials are expecting well over 100,000 of these children before any semblance of order is established. Meanwhile, we already have some 12 million "invaders"---illegal aliens--- now living here; some of them supported by churches, religious organizations, and other institutions which believe they are above our immigration laws. But they aren't the only ones. There are also those who hide them; find them permanent or semi permanent shelter and jobs. There are those who coach them on how to use our taxpayer based public assistance programs to obtain money, housing, medical care, and education for which they aren't entitled. And then there are the employers who don't just break the laws governing the hiring of illegals, but work them in sweatshop conditions, with little pay, that are simply brutal with little to fear from the workers.

How different is this from those who provided support to our enemies during war? Yes, I realize these are differing circumstances, but in some respects they are similar. Both seek to weaken or overwhelm our social structures. Both seek to impose hardships on their fellow citizens. America's social structures, designed for the welfare of it citizens, is on the verge of failure. We have military veterans and those who are mentally ill, who are homeless, hungry, and in need of medical treatment that will do without because tax dollars are being diverted to those here illegally. We have minorities and others in the same boat. Is this fair to them? Limited funds for improving the quality of public education, which is continuing to plummet in comparison with other nations, is now going to providing translators and remedial teachers. What about funds for school lunches, afterschool and summer programs? Is this fair to our kids? Now, we are faced with an addition of 60,000 or maybe 100,000 kids coming to this country because of lies spread not just by smugglers, who charge upwards of US $7000 per child, but in many cases, lies told to them by their own governments that their children will automatically become American Citizens or that they will be given some sort of amnesty? They won't. They will be returned to their respective governments who will be responsible for either getting them back to their parents or placing them. Such folly.

And this hasn't been without its bloodshed. Dozens of state and federal border patrol, ICE agents have been shot at. Several wounded. Some killed. Since 2008, there has been 300 incursions by Mexican soldiers and military helicopters incursions along our southern borders. In many cases, with shots fired. There has been several instances of harassments of US farmers living along the border. The Mexican authorities always claim there was a "mistake" of some sort; that they were chasing drug smugglers, and yet many of the incursions have happened in broad daylight (and who can overlook the irony that many in Mexico's government and military are in the pay of the drug cartels? And let's not forget that we've already ceded an Arizona county to these very same drug smugglers). More recently, the Mexican troops were seen escorting many of the abandoned children several miles into US territory before returning to Mexico. Would this constitute an invasion in your mind?

And what invasion would be complete without a fifth column? Those secretly or sometimes not so secretly, working to "aid and abed" the invading force? We certainly made us of the French and Dutch underground leading up to and during our invasion of France during WWII. Well, we seem to have them too, expect ours are to be found mainly in Washington.

Washington seems, well, awash in moronic and imbecilic acts of inaction. In short, they bicker and make useless promises. What little that actually does get done doesn't benefit the American People. We all know by now (or should know), that we are no longer a democratic republic. We are an Oligarchy; which means, to paraphrase Lincoln, "a government of the few, by the few, and for the few". The few mega rich that is. Of late, and more to the point, Obama, his Attorney General Eric Holder have done everything in their power to undermine our border agents, ICE, enforcement of our immigration laws, including a limited amnesty of the children of illegal immigrants, non-enforcement of deportation preceding, slashing budgets, restricting border and ICE operations, failing to secure the border as repeatedly promised, Operation "Fast and Furious" which equipped drug dealers with top line fire power, opening up various social programs to illegals at taxpayer expense, suing states which enforce existing federal laws, and so on and so on. Meanwhile, others, like McCain, Graham, Boehner, Paul, Pelosi and others on both sides of the aisle are busy as little as dung beetles pushing for amnesty in every form imaginable, including a "military service for citizenship" deal, which of course, involves learning English and basic US history and its laws. City mayors and even a few state governors and their legislators have even called for "sanctuary" status, whatever that's supposed to mean.

These acts are nothing short of treason in the classic sense of the word. These individuals elected to represent us, have turned their backs on not just their oaths, but our laws, our traditions, and on the American People. We are a nation of immigrants, that's true. What we ask is of these individuals is follow the law and do it the right way. Don't jump the line. Don't let your first act be that of a criminal. Their home countries don't tolerate it, why should we? Not only is it for their own good, it's for ours as well. It gives us time to absorb the influx; to expand our social safety net so that all taxpayers can benefit. That's not racist or hateful. It's common sense, and it's compassionate for all those coming here legally for a better life.

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