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Border Run to Nowhere: Children Being Dumped on the US Border

President Obama calls it a "humanitarian crisis". Others are calling it a travesty of monumental proportions or disaster in the making. What am I referring to? I am referring to the hordes of children crossing our southern border, mostly unaccompanied and all of them illegally. According to sources, approximately 60,000 have been picked up by US Authorities; 47,000 in the previous eight months. However, some 90,000 are expected to cross the border by the end of year. So, just who are these kids; where are they coming from; and why are they coming?

Most of those crossing the border, approximately 90%, are from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, although a few are coming from Mexico. 83% of the 60,000 are 14 and under. 77% of them are male. Some are as young as 4 years of age and there's been reports a children no older than nine months old. The crossings represent a 92% increase over last year. What's prompting the mass exodus from Central America, however, is not quite as clear. Why are their parents abandoning them?

Some are alleging that the surge is the result of smugglers posing as "agencies". Radio and TV commercials are airing in Central America, stating that because of Obama's amnesty for children of illegal immigrants not born in the US, any unaccompanied children coming to America will be eligible for amnesty, or at least they won't be deported. These "agencies" are nothing more than fronts for smugglers, are offering to help get the children to America before their "eligibly" runs out...for a substantial fee of course. Apparently there are isn't any truth in advertising in Latin America either.

There are some claiming that religious and organizations such the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Lutheran Immigration and Refuge Service, and US Chamber of Commerce, all known for their pro-amnesty stances, have been encouraging the surge of illegals, and pushing a "kids welcome" message. Whether true of not, there is no question that many religious and business associations have been promoting amnesty by making numerous false claims about the future of US immigration policy and offering to transport, shelter, and help them to find jobs. The religious groups simply don't believe our immigration laws apply to them, and routinely ignore them, citing "religious sanctuary". Of course, the smugglers are offering the same services, though the jobs are generally in sweat shops working, farm fields, and living in inhumane conditions. Lastly, even the governments where these illegal immigrants are coming have been promoting their own "run for border" projects. Pamphlets have available at certain government offices explaining the ins and outs of crossing the border and what to do if caught.

Apologists for amnesty claim the "real" reason for the dramatic upturn, especially for the children, is due to an increase in activity and violence by the drug cartels, a lack of economic opportunities, corrupt governments, along with additional military and police abuse of the poor. While there are certainly a lack of opportunities, largely the result of the failure to develop a middle class due to centuries old collusion between large land owners, church authorities, and big business, that really hasn't changed much. The collusion has been willfully enforced and indeed, engrained into society in order to keep the masses poor, largely ignorant, and beholden to the rich elite. The drug cartels, as powerful as they are, have mostly left the people alone. Many of the peasants work for the drug cartels in one fashion or another to help support their families. As for the government, the military, and the police, corruption is basically a way of life. Once again, nothing new here.

So what's the leader of a declining world superpower to do? Well, how about bribery for starters? Vice President Biden, in one his rare sighting, headed to Central America for a economic trade conference. Added to the agenda, was a discussion about ending these false "amnesty for kids" claims and to get their governments onboard. To help "persuade" them, the Obama Administration will be handling out $100 million dollars to these countries to take back their children. As for the older kids, it shouldn't be much of a problem getting them back to the families, however, the younger children will present a much tougher task.

In addition, the Obama Administration will be setting aside $161.5 million dollars this year for the Central America Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) for "the region's most pressing security and governance challenges". The plan also includes an increase in US aid. Honduras gets $18.5 million, while Guatemala will be receiving $40 million and El Salvador will be getting $25 million; all for internal social programs like youth crime prevention and gang prevention (as if we don't have underfunded programs here dealing with the same issues). It's good to be king. Better to be an extortionist of a king. Better for both if it's not their money.

Meanwhile, US authorities are scrambling to find ways to deal with the masses of these willful orphans; many of whom have nothing but the clothes of their back. The majority are currently being held in various government facilities along the border area, with some now being transferred to other locations deeper in the US for processing. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has recently taken over the matter from the Office of Refugee Settlement. Thus far, this has costs taxpayers $1.4 billion dollars more the previously budgeted $2.28 billion dollars. The US already has in the neighborhood of 12 million illegal residents now living in the here.

The Obama Administration has issued $2 million dollars in grants to cover the costs for up to 100 attorneys and paralegals to represent these children in immigration courts set up in 29 cities including San Antonio, Miami, Tucson, and New York City. However, movement of these children out of the border areas will likely be touted in Central America as "proof" that the children are being processed to stay in the US rather, in fact, being processed for their return.

According to the Annual Homeless Assessment Report of 2013 to Congress, there are 610,000 homeless individuals living in the United States. Of these, approximately 213,344 are completely without any form of shelter; one forth of these are children. That's 1 in 45 that is or will be homeless. The largest food charity agency in America, Feeding America, states that 49 million individuals in this country doesn't get adequate nutrition. Of these, 15.9 million children are living in situations where food is sometimes unavailable. The influx of these children, most unable to speak or understand English and having little knowledge of possible relatives (if any at all), puts them a even greater risk.

Illegal immigration is already costing US taxpayers billions upon billions of dollars while staining our national safety net for legitimate citizens to the breaking point. If the federal government had acted over a decade ago when the American People overwhelmingly and consistently demanded the southern border be secured; that additional funds be allotted to protect the border (including stationing US reserve troops); prohibit taxpayer services to those here illegally; major fines for those hiring illegal immigrants, including suspending their business licenses or closing them down for repeat offences; and finally, for a serious and comprehensive immigration plan, this would not be happening. Meanwhile, while Biden bribes the governments of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to take back their children: Obama spits and sputters; and Congress continues it pitiful performance, can we at least get the consulates throughout Latin America to do their own radio and television spots urging these desperate parents to hold on to their children? After all, that would be the humanitarian thing to do wouldn't it?

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