Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Bombing: Media Wrong on the Right

Well, they "got 'em" as we all saw live Thursday and Friday. The heroic police of Boston sent the first suspect to hell after a terrifying chase through the streets and suburbs of Boston and an exchange of some 200 rounds and several homemade "hand grenades" being thrown at them; this, following the cold blooded and unprovoked murder of an MIT police officer sitting quietly in his cruiser and working on an unrelated matter, not to mention two car thefts. The second, apparently badly wounded, but alive enough to engage in a gun battle with police and federal agents from his hiding place inside a boat. All of which was on the heels of the shocking assault of the people of Boston; the murder of three individuals and the serious injuries of nearly 200 people. I have no doubt many more will suffer physiological damage for years to come. Now, we hear that the Boston Islamic community is afraid to give the first terrorist a proper Moslem burial. Geez, I wonder why.

But let's go back to the hours and days before the attack by these two schmucks. The Obama Administration and certain Democrats had been engaged in a very media intensive campaign over gun control. They trotted out the parents and relatives of the Sandy Hook victims. They had the ever present former Congresswoman, Gabby Giffords, who had been shot by some mentally ill individual, front and center. There was countless overplay by the media of every gun related event that took place, with innuendos about "white supremists", "rednecks", and the Patriot Movement, all conveniently tied together by some Gordian-styled Tea Party Knot. But they lost amid claims that "90%" of the American public had supported enhanced background check. Well, maybe, but this was about more than simple background checks wasn't it? Quite obviously, the Left was angry. This was one their biggest setbacks so far.

Then follows the murders of Assistant District Attorney, Mark Hasse, along with District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife. Immediately, the media started in on alleged white supremists. It was, after all, so obviously their doing. The pundit heads started their usual speculating on whether this was the beginning of some sort civil war on the police and judicial system. Turned out to have been the work of insignificant former Justice of the Peace and his wife who had been busted in the alleged thief of public property. Then came the Boston Marathon attack. Again, the liberal media immediately jump in with both feet and began speculating the somehow, this was the doing of the "extremists" associated with white supremists and their "radical" Tea Party allies. All, of course, without a shred of evidence. They trotted out their usual bobble headed "experts" who cited same old chapter and verse pabulum.

However, as evidence began to accumulate, they quickly and quietly began to change directions. Finally, after the two suspects were finally indentified and their backgrounds began to emerge, the two brothers were erroneously indentified, and continue to be identified as "Russian terrorists" or "Chechen terrorists"; anything but what they were and are, Islamic terrorists. Why? What are they afraid of? Why is it that the liberal media had no qualms about acquisitions when it came to the Tea Party or individuals who support the 2nd Amendment (and have yet to issue an apology by the way), yet they won't call Islamic terrorists out, even in the face of overwhelming evidence? Aren't posts and videos extolling the virtues of jihad not enough? Is a trip back home for personal one-on-one bomb making training still "iffy"?

Remember, these are the same people who refer to illegal immigrants as "undocumented workers" or as "guest workers". Excuse me, but someone who comes into my house uninvited is not a "guest" and calling someone here in defiance of our federal laws "undocumented" is like saying John Dillinger made "unapproved bank withdrawals". What it boils down to is trying to control the tone and direction of the argument by trying to control and manipulate the language. By determining what terms are "acceptable" and what boundaries must be adhered to, they control the context and ultimately, the direction of the subject. Never, ever, let them get away with doing that. Call them out every single time. Never subscribe to their rules of civil engagement. Ever.

And by the way, I'm still waiting on that apology from the Liberal media to the Tea Party and 2nd Amendments folks.

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