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Letters to St.Obama: Kids and Illegal Immigration

I suppose everyone has a wish list this time of year. Some (most) wish for stuff like toys, bikes, or the latest and greatest electronic gadgets while millions of American adults are wishing for jobs and better economy. While President Obama inherited a faltering economy thanks to the mismanagement of President Bush II, as most economists will tell you, six months in and the whole shebang is new game with a brand new deck. Obama's fiscal policies are all his and they've have proven to be disastrous for American business and the American People, but this is not a critique of Obama the Economist and his wish list. Instead, this about a wish list from kids.

Obama has been receiving thousands of letters from kids asking him to stop deporting their mothers, fathers, uncles, thirds cousins once removed. They often write about how painful it is and how alone they are. A touching as this might seem, the letters are not exactly spontaneous. So far, just fewer than 5000 letters have addressed to ole "St. Obama". The letters are part of a campaign engineered by a group by the name of National Domestic Workers Alliance under the slogan "We Belong Together" and other pro-amnesty organizations (you have to wear rose colored glasses to get the full affect).

The timing naturally enough appears to be designed to tug at America's heartstrings since it involves families and children at time of year when we traditionally think about family and friends. Other Latino organizations are getting in on the act in a hope to change public opinion about illegal immigration while Americans are feeling especially generous. Currently over 80% of the population oppose illegal immigration and want to see an immediate end to illegal border crossings. So far, President Obama as well as Congress has been successful in ignoring voters (as was President Bush and Congress previously).

What these kids are asking the President is why their relatives are being deported. While the White House promises to address their questions, what’s not being done by the either the White House or the groups sponsoring the letter writing campaign honest answers with these children. Nowhere did I find mentioned by NDWA or any other organization an open and honest discussion explaining that their relatives broke US laws. Some of the letters claimed that their families were “unfairly being broken” by the deportation or that the deportations were “upsetting” them.

Well, I’m sure that’s true. To reframe their questions for ease of answering, let’s say their relative had committed some crime, was caught and sent to jail. Would that be “unfair”? Should they be released because it was “upsetting” or took away their mother or father? Should government authorities be blamed because someone broke the law and was punished? If the same laws were violated in their native countries, their relatives would literally be sent to prison and not just deported, and the family would literally pay for their upkeep. So, who is actually being fairer to the families and children?

Another issue was raised by the letters. As a result of a parent or other relative they were living with being deported, some children are faced with being placed in foster care. According to Applied Research Center, approximately 5000 children of illegal immigrants are now in foster care at US tax payer expense. How is that the governments fault? If that same individual had been arrested on another crime, that child would have been placed in foster care as well. Are they saying that when a child is faced with the possibility of foster care when their care taker is convicted of a crime, the care taker should be released? I certainly hope not. What about taxpayer money that could be spent elsewhere? As hard as it may be, the person to “blame” if blame is to be assigned is not ICE agents or the government, but as with any crime, with the individual who committed the crime in the first. It’s the same “blame the victim” mentality of the liberal Left. It’s no secret either here in the United States, Mexico, China, or anywhere else that illegal immigration is just that…illegal and subject to legal repercussions, whether that violation takes place in Canada, Peru, Columbia, Mexico, China, Vietnam, or the United States.

According to a recent Rasmussen Poll conducted on May 13, 2011, 51% of Democrats believe our border with Mexico is secured. However, 86% of Republicans and 65% of Independents do not. 61% thought that if the border was secure, we would actually have a lower of poverty in this country, while 59% believe federal aid should be cut off for so-called “sanctuary cities”. In another Rasmussen Poll dated April 26, 2010, 60% of those surveyed said that local police officers should be allowed to verify immigration status.

I’m also enclosing the result of another recent poll. The results aren’t hard to grasp. They say what Americans across the board have been saying for decades…illegal immigration must stop. Washington and in particular, the Obama Administration has been doing everything in power to “backdoor” Congress and the American People. For some undefinable reason, Washington’s arrogance seems almost boundless on this point. There has to be a reason. Perhaps it’s a backroom deal with Corporate America to provide cheap non-unionized Labor. Certainly the influx of low skill workers would have an effect on driving down wages and benefits, especially since some states are offering illegal aliens and/or their children in state tuition and taxpayer based grants (a better deal than many US citizens current get). Perhaps it’s an interparty strategy to bring as many illegals into the US as possible in the hopes that after they’re given legal status, they’ll register as Democrats. If that should occur, America could likely become a defacto mono-party dictatorship instead of the dual party dictatorship we currently have. Well, at least the pretense of having a “choice” at the polls would be dropped.

The letters are a good ploy. While they encourage discussion about illegal immigration, which I believe is a good thing, but they do so hiding behind children. The economy is our most pressing concern in this country, and illegal immigration is tied to it because of the economic impact it has on our already fragile (if not broken) taxpayer based social safety net, education, healthcare, insurance rates, crime, and jobs. The two go hand-in-hand.

Just as a time comes when every parent has set their child down and explain the reality about the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus, we as Americans need to set Obama and Congress down for a frank discussion about illegal immigration and what we will and won’t accept. That time is now.

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