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Here Illegally? Want to Avoid Deportation? Just Get Married!

The White House is giving bridal gifts to almost 500,000 couples! NBC News and other news services have recently reported that President Biden  plans on issuing a executive order which will "shield" illegal immigrants from being deported, that is if they're lawfully married to a U.S. citizen. In fact, the order will instantly provide legal status to nearly 500,000 illegal residents right off the bat!

The key requirement of this executive order is that the immigrant in question must have been in the U.S. for a minimum of 10 years. The legislation will automatically give the individual access to a three year green card, or work permit, allowing them to openly work in the U.S. and draw benefits. Can you think of a better way to flaunt your immigration status to ICE and the Border Patrol than uttering two simple little words---"I do"?

Interestingly, the executive order comes just two weeks after Biden issued a executive order to allow immigration officials full authority to deport immigrants illegally here without processing their asylum requests. Sounds an awful lot like a President who is either not sure of what he's doing or is trying to pander to both sides of the issue. Thus, there's a few points which I think needs to be addressed here.

Well, first off, they aren't "undocumented". I'm sure they have ample documentation. It's just that they don't have a green card, meaning they are in the U.S. illegally, making them a criminal. and there's roughly 11.4 million illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S..

So, in order to remove the deportation "Sword of Damocles" from over their heads, all they need to do is find a willing partner (which doesn't have to be consummated in any form or fashion), stay married (at least on paper) for about a year, and then get divorced

Secondly, this legislation should prove to everyone on both sides of the border that without a shadow of doubt that the U.S. Government isn't serious about stopping illegal immigration at the border nor has it ever been serious about stopping it. If it was the national security risk they've claimed in the past, it would have been stopped by now.

The fact of the matter is that businesses want and need cheap labor who are more concerned with having a job than about benefits or even job safety. It true that many of these individuals who take jobs most of us won't. That's mainly because the job doesn't pay very well, there's rarely any benefits, and many times the job is unsafe or unhealthy. Also, since they're here illegally, they are unlikely to rock the boat.

It's also a fact that with this new found abundance of labor increases demand for available jobs. Higher demand drives down wages as competition increases. But it's not just wages, it's benefits too. With rising inflation, people will be to frightened about losing their job to rock the boat either. A win-win for businesses and a lose-lose for workers.

Of course, businesses aren't the only ones to benefit. Unions stand to benefit too. For decades unions have been hemorrhaging  money due to declining membership. They hope that many of these "undocumented" individuals will take some of the low paying union jobs. since their union dues will go a long way in filling their depleted coffers.

In addition, a number of religious groups and their service organizations have quietly and not so quietly been urging individuals and families to cross the border anyway they can. They believe their status as a "church" will keep ICE agents out long enough for them to find  appropriate transportation, housing and work. Besides, they're a "church" which makes them exempt from following the law, or so they think. 

These organizations also assist them in finding ways to take advantage of legal loopholes to secure taxpayer based services such as medical and entry of their children into public schools. Of course, ultimately they hope they'll become active members of their "flock" and make regular deposits to the collection plate. Not only will this build membership and improve the church financially, it also give them greater political clout.

Lastly, with a change in immigration status, I'm sure some entrepreneuring individuals will set up a "marriage broker"service. These modern day "shadchens" (a Yiddish  term for a "matchmaker") could specifically cater to each illegal immigrants particular situation  to help find a willing ---no-strings-attached---pseudo-spouse who's looking for cash---oops, I mean "love"---and  future short term mate quickly. I bet you'll see all sorts of these quickie wedding joints suddenly start springing up along the southern border. Who knows, perhaps a few "working girls" would be willing expand their professional services!

The bottom line here is really simple. President Biden is openly showing the American People that Washington isn't serious about stopping or reversing  illegal immigration anymore than they are willing to deport those already here. It's just too profitable. We've been pandered too and given lip service for decades.  Most, if not all, of what we've been told has been lies. Can it be any more obvious of the contempt the ruling class has for ordinary Americans?

Therefore, we can either continue to accept lies as business as usual and keep our mouths shut or demand transparency and elect people willing to defy corporate lobbyists and party bosses and have the backbone to do something about the border crisis.  And for those who are willing to do so on our behalf, we must given them our unwavering support.

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Paul Hosse said...

As way of a postscript, the U.S. Supreme Court just ruled that U.S. citizens can't bring spouses to the U.S. if they're not a legal resident or have a work permit ("green card"). This is especially interesting in light of Biden's recent Executive Order which says that anyone here illegally and has managed to evade authorities may remain in the U.S. provided that marry a U.S. National.

So, what's the difference between a U.S. National marrying someone in, let's say, Mexico or El Salvador, and them being prohibited from returning with that spouse in tow and a U.S. National marrying someone who's here illegally provided they been in this country for ten or more years? I suppose it's on the assumption that the later is simply to get into the U.S.under the guise of marriage while the other is marrying a U.S. National to remain in the U.S. A pretty poor legal argument if you ask me.