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The "Great Reset" : Fascism with a Smile?

I'm sure you all have the heard the term, the "Great Reset". However, like most people, few have any real understanding of just what the term means and how it would play out. First, the term itself comes from World Economic Forum, which is a global conglomerate of very wealthy individuals working within global corporations (mostly banking and financial) and government.  

The proposal, first put forward by Klaus Schwab, a German economist, engineer, and founder of the WEF, describes the "Great Reset Initiative" (aka the "Davos Project") in three components aimed at creating a "stakeholder economy" comprised of resilience, equability of economic outcomes, and sustainability using environmental, social, and governance methods of measurement with the objective of creating a Fourth Industrial Revolution.   

Opponents call it a new version of fascism or socialism (two diametrically opposed systems) . These individuals allege that what the "Great Reset" proposes is nothing short of global ownership and control of everything by corporate/government "representatives". They will own literally everything, including property and claim that we will even be happy about it.

We will supposedly be assigned points to measure our cooperation with the system similar to a social credit score. The more points, the more we are allowed access to such as travel or greater internet use. The fewer the points, the less.  China already has a similar setup despite its claim to be a "socialist" country.

A number of world leaders, such as now King Charles of England, have already signed on to it, along with Kristalina Georgieva, a Bulgarian economist and a director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), U.S. President Joe Biden, Canada's Justin Trudeau, and the UK's former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson to name a few. This is the "New World Order" former President George H.W. Bush spoke about years ago.  

The attached video, produced by the Centre for Risk Analysis, a South African think tank, and host David Ansara, provides an excellent discussion with author, Douglas Kruger  about the ideological backdrop to this proposed economic system in light of the public's response to the Covid-19 pandemic, poverty, technology, and  wage inequality (hint: it doesn't get better).  

The video is fairly short, just under 12 minutes and worth your time to watch. I'm also including a video (11:31 minutes) made by the World Economic Forum about their proposed "Great Reset" project for comparison. There's no doubt that given some of the world's most powerful and wealthy players are involved that some portion of what they propose will be put into practice. America, as most everyone knows, has already moved into becoming a neo-fascist corporatocracy under the defacto control of an oligarchy. A "Great Reset" make be closer than you think.


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