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Should Joe Biden Run For President Again? Here's What America Thinks


At 80 years of age, President Joe Biden plans on running for a second term as president. If elected (and that's a big "if"), Biden will be the oldest individual ever elected President. So, how do Americans feel about a second term for elderly Biden?

According to a NBC poll, 70% of likely voters oppose a Biden candidacy. 68% of them cite his age as the reason. Of those, 48% say it's a "major" reason. Of course, there's no denying Biden's lack of mental focus and ability to stay on task. There's long been rumors that Biden suffers from some sort of degenerative mental disease like Alzheimer's or dementia.

Perhaps just as importantly that the American public notices it (and the media tries to ignore or downplay it) is the fact that foreign leaders and their media appear to be keenly aware of Biden's lack of cerebral agility.  Foreign leaders such as North Korea's Kim Jong Un, Russia's Putin, or China's Xi Jinping have stepped up their aggressiveness particularly because of Biden's perceived weakness.

These are certainly legitimate concerns. After all, according to the same poll, while just 41% said they would vote for Biden, 47% said they will back the Republican nominee. That could spell bad news for Zelenskyy, who is counting on continued American aid to wage his war against Russia. It could also be a possible problem for North Korea and China too.

China's President, Xi Jinping, has been taking his country into largely uncharted waters thanks to a weak Biden. China has stepped up its industrialization and expansion overseas as it sets it eyes on supplanting the United States in the Pacific, not to mention replacing the United States as the world's largest economy. Meanwhile, China has become quite aggressive as far as Taiwan is concerned.

The Chinese have already used the COVID virus as a cover to smother the burgeoning pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong (of course, there are many who are convinced that the COVID outbreak was a purely biological attack on the world---though primarily on the West and the U.S. in particular---in order to see how it would respond).

Having watched the fiasco that was the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and the restoration of the Taliban and ISIS, I would imagine that Xi Jinping and his party boys are seriously contemplating their chances of a successful invasion of Taiwan while the U.S. has a weak president, a weak economy, a divided populace, and a weaken military, or to wait and see the results of the upcoming elections improve their odds.

If Biden should actually run and win (which, again, if a big "if"), that potentially gives Xi  more time to prepare for what will be at least a regional crisis and would put the U.S. and its allies in the Pacific eyeball to eyeball with Beijing. I suspect that China's move will be swift, perhaps following a electromagnetic (EMP) or cyber attack to delay communications with Washington. Rest assured that any action by China will make the old German blitzkrieg look like slow motion. It will also be the unenviable job of the Taiwanese people to hold on until some kind of response can be mounted.

Meanwhile, North Korea is up to its predictable antics again, meaning they need another bailout-sum-extortion from the West once more. Kim Jong Un, North Korea's "Supreme Leader", seems to go through these attempts at intimidation and self-promotion periodically in the hopes of gaining some sort of economic bailout package in the form of "concessions" and agreements from the West, not to mention gaining some attention for himself as proof that he's a serious player on the world stage.

Kim is aware of the situation regarding Biden and the United States, so perhaps a confrontation between the U.S. and his Chinese benefactors would provide a good opportunity to attack South Korea. Of course, Tehran has been turning up its influence in the region since they don't seem to be expecting any real American response coming their way as long as Biden is in office.

And why should they? America essentially lost a 20 year war in Afghanistan which was originally intended to destabilize and overthrow the Tehran Government and cement as U.S. presence in the region exclusive of Israel. The same unofficial policy applied to Iraq and Syria with much the same result under Bush II, and the Obama/Biden Administration. 

So, if it is not to be Joe Biden, then who? Among Democrats, you have the son of Senator Bobby Kennedy, Robert Kennedy Jr.  Robert is 69 years old and, much like his father, is focused on reducing the clout of the elites (ie: Deep State). Robert is an environmental attorney and outspoken critic of the COVID vaccines, citing what he calls "questionable" science behind the research. He also believes that the virus was not a natural occurrence, which has earned him the labels of "controversial" and being a "conspiracy nut" by many on the Left. 

Another Democrat is 70 year old Marianne Williamson. Her claim to fame is that she is self-help author, having written 14 books on the topic. Ms. Williamson supports a plan to distribute between $200 and $500 billion dollars to various black leaders for community development and education programs. She also backs broader gun control, combating "man-made" climate change, and expanding Obamacare.

One of the "youngsters" considering a run for president is the 49 year old Stacey Adams. Ms. Adams, a former state representative and voting rights activist, has made two unsuccessful attempts at becoming Georgia's governor, but thinks she has a real chance to become the president. In 2021, she was named one of People Magazines "Women Changing the World" and received two NAACP Image Awards.

Also a possible Democrat candidate is Biden's current Secretary of Transportation,  41 year old Pete Buttigieg. Pete is a pretty bright boy. He is a former naval intelligence officer with service in Afghanistan, a graduate of Harvard, a Oxford Rhode scholar with a strong background in foreign policy. He also speaks eight languages.  He considers himself to be a "proud Christian", and, by the way, is openly gay for whatever that's worth. 

There's a few other Democrats also looking at a possible run for the Presidency such as Amy Klobuchar. This would be the 62 year old Senator from Minnesota second attempt at a bite of the golden apple. She previously ran for President in 2020. She considers herself a "modern liberal". Gavin Newsom, age 55, is Governor of California and former mayor of San Francisco.  Gavin has announced that he would like to do for the U.S. what he and his party has done for California. Enough said.

Of course, retreads like Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, 73 and Senator Bernie Sanders, the 81 year old from Vermont are contemplating another (yawn) run. This would undoubtedly be the last attempt by either of them. Lastly, is Kamala Harris. The 58 year old Vice President has indicated that in the event her boss doesn't run, she would like to.

Given her position as VP, she would obviously be given serious consideration for backing by the ruling elites. However, Ms. Harris has the dubious honor of having the lowest approval rating---41%-- of any Vice President in recent U.S. history. Not exactly what you want on your presidential resume.

On the Republican side, the 500 pound orange gorilla in the room is the previous president, Donald Trump. "The Donald" as he's often called has been impeached twice and has been on the Establishment's "hit list" since he originally announced his candidacy for President back  in 2015 (and went on to ultimately defeat the "Empress-in-Waiting", Hillary Clinton).

Since the end of his Presidency in January 2021, the media and Establishment haven't missed in beat in what many call a modern day "witch hunt". Currently, Trump is facing 34 felony charges for allegedly  falsifying business records pertaining to the payment of "hush money" to two women, including porn star Stormy Daniels (the money is said to have come from campaign donations made to the Trump campaign) and investigation into what role (if any) he played in the January 6, 2021 Washington protest and partial occupation of the "People's House", aka Congress.

Those in the Trump camp don't think any of this will be much of a problem in securing the Republican nomination. However, that may be overly optimistic. According to the NBC poll, Trump's positive image is just 34% among voters in general.

It should be pointed out too that Biden's popularity isn't too hot either. His disapproval rating is 56%, which is the lowest over the last 70 years. It ties him with former President Ronald Reagan's disapproval rating in 1983. The lowest---40%--- belongs to Jimmy Carter in 1979.  Biden's job approval stands at 41%.

However, when asking just Republicans, Trump's popularity remains unusually high. 70% of the Republican respondents said they stand with Trump despite everything! 68% of Republicans polled thought that indictments and investigations were politically motivated. Perhaps the media's and Establishment's vendetta has had the opposite effect.

Is there an alternative to "The Donald"? Well, maybe. The name that most often pops up is Florida's Ron DeSantis.  According to the NBC Poll, 46% of Republicans said the Trump would be their first choice as the GOP nominee while 31% said DeSantis would be their top choice. Of course, there are quite a few other Republicans looking to run.

Trump's former Vice President, Mike Pence is one of them, but at present his chances look pretty slim. Only 6% of those survey said they would choose Pence as the Republican nominee. It should be mentioned that Trump supporters view Pence as something of a turncoat who failed to support his boss and has since completely turned his back on Trump.

Former South Carolina Governor and United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley received just 3% along with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson.  Vivek Ramaswamy, author and founder of the biopharmaceutical company Roivant Sciences,  picked up just 2%.  

The NBC Poll did reveal that the public in general was tired of both Biden and Trump, especially if the 2024 Presidential Election came down to another run between the two. 60% said they would prefer that Trump stay out of the 2024 Presidential race while 70% said the same thing about Biden. 

As an aside, the poll also asked about whether abortion should legal. The result was that nearly 6 in 10 Americans---58%--- said it should be legal. 38% said it should remain illegal. However, of those, 32% thought there should be some exceptions such as if the mother's life is in danger or there was something catastrophically wrong with the baby. Just 6% said there should be no exceptions.

What makes this poll so interesting is that Americans, regardless of their political leaning, are tired of the mediocre job Biden has done with the economy and world affairs, along with serious concerns about his mental wellbeing. According to them, it's time Biden steps aside.

 The respondents made it equally clear that they were tired of political witch hunt again Donald Trump and would like to see him return to private life. Americans are fed up with this media induced "circus politics". There are new and much more serious challenges facing America. We don't need more distractions or divisions. It's time to turn a new page, be it with someone like Ron DeSantis or Pete Buttigieg or hopefully someone new. Regardless, we're not buying what the two corporate owned parties are selling.


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