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I've Got A Secret: COVID Scientists Caught Working With the Chinese and Its Long Term Affects

We could talk about the latest Covid variant, Omicron,  or the fact that some scientists now predict as many as 82  new possible variants from Covid can be expected. Then there's the latest booster failure. I believe we're up to our fourth now. That should keep the pharmaceutical industry fat and happy for several years to come! It seems that for every change or update in vaccine, the Covid virus is at least one step ahead of the immunologists, which, like the flu, which mutates every year.  

Speaking of diseases, the former head of Harvard University's Chemistry Department, Professor Charles Lieber, has been busted for lying to federal investigators about his connections to China and the Wuhan Institute of Technology, the alleged "ground zero" for the Covid-19 virus. He was part of the Chinese "Thousand Talents Plan" (TTP) which was aimed at attracting the world's best and brightest to work on various projects. Dr. Lieber was required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest or sources of foreign income.

Dr. Lieber "forgot" to disclose information about his Chinese bank account, along with possible tax evasion, or mention his role as a "strategic scientist" at the infamous Chinese lab. Lieber has also received millions in funding from various U.S. agencies, including the Department of Defense and Dr. Fauci's old haunt, the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Given all the interest by the government and others into the origin of the Covid 19 virus and its relationship with the Wuhan labs, this is kind of a big deal.

Nevertheless, the government didn't "forget". Dr. Lieber was found guilty, following a six day trial, of two counts of filing false tax returns and two counts of failing to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts with the IRS. According to Acting U.S. Attorney Nathan R. Mendell, Dr. Lieber lied to IRS about money he received from the Chinese and trying to hide the money from the IRS. 

Under the terms of Dr. Lieber's three year "Thousand Talents Plan" contract, Dr. Lieber was paid a monthly salary of approximately $50,000 and living expenses of $150,000. In addition, he was "awarded" a grant of $1.5 million dollars to help establish a research lab at Wuhan. Dr. Lieber is (or rather was) a chemist who specializes in nanoscience and nanotechnology, and the use of nanoelectronic devices in biology. I can only imagine the nefarious military applications.

Patrick J. Hegarty, Special Agent in Charge of the Defense Criminal Investigative Service of the Department of Defense added that Dr. Lieber lied to DCIS special agents about his relationship with the Chinese while working for the Department of Defense. Other federal agencies involved with the investigation, aside from the IRS and the DoD, included the U.S. Navy's NCIS, the FBI, and NIH.

There's no way one can't wonder if this was a one off situation or if there are others out there who were part of China's "Thousand Talent Plan".  There are those who claim that Dr. Fauci, President Biden's current "Covid Czar", was or is, in some way involved with the Chinese, or more specifically, Wuhan Libratory  and the development of the original Covid virus.

When I wrote about Dr. Fauci a few weeks ago, I found nothing in my research indicating his involvement with China, but as with this and similar cases, we don't always know. But, facts, one way or another, have a curious way of coming to the surface as it has with Dr. Lieber.

The Chinese "Thousand Talents Plan" involves a lot of people throughout the world. The idea grew out of the "Talent Superpower Strategy" put forth at the 17th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party in 2007.  Its purpose was to seek out and retain extremely bright and gifted individuals both inside and outside of China as a means to jumpstart China's reach and development sector in science, engineering, medicine, and technology. Within just ten years, it had attracted over 7000 of the world's best and brightest, including over 300 scientists and academics from Australia alone.

Nevertheless, many has accused the project as being nothing more than a front by the Chinese Communist Party to siphon off the whatever scientific and technological advantages the West has and exploit those advantages for the benefit of China, and all under the welcoming umbrella of academic fellowship and mutual cooperation. Others see it as way means to share knowledge and research and create a nonpolitical bridge between East and West.

Be that as it may, those within the intelligence communities of several Western nations, including the U.S., see it differently, as one might suspect. In addition to Dr. Lieber, the FBI arrested a former Chicago Clinic researcher, Dr. Qing Wang, in 2020 on similar charges as Dr. Lieber, in addition to wire fraud involving $3.6 million dollars in grant funding received from the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Dr. Wang failed to disclose his position as dean of the College of Life Sciences and technology as the Huazhong University of Science and Technology or multiple grants he and his research group had received from the National Natural Science Foundation of China for the same research material that was being pursued on behalf of the NIH.

In November of the same year, the FBI arrested Dr. Soog Guo Zheng on charges similar to Wang's, including his failure to disclose his ties to the Chinese government to his employer, the Ohio State University, which included his participation in the Thousand Talents Plan. Dr. Zheng was found guilty of using $4.1 million dollars in grants from the NIH to help enhance China's expertise in rheumatology and immunology.

As an aside, not all research and technology is medically related. In 2019, a U.S. Senate Subcommittee verified that one TTP participant stole critical military aircraft engine designs. Others were thought to have stolen plans pertaining to a variety of other military technology including airframe designs and stealth technology, missile research, space technology, and other cutting edge research.  All of which helped China to leapfrog ahead by 20 years or more.

It's also worth nothing that an internal investigation in 2020 by the National Institutes of Health indicated that there were possible violations of confidentiality and conflict of interests clauses by as many as 189 other scientists and researchers.

Under the circumstances, its appears moot whether Dr. Fauci was ever at any point involved with the Chinese (based on my own research, I don't think he was). Nevertheless, it's clear that there were and are others around the world who are; many of these our scientists and researchers regularly work and share information with.

The famous Chinese military strategist of the late sixth century B.C., Sun Tzu, encouraged espionage as a legitimate strategy to be used in defeating one's enemy in his highly acclaimed book "The Art of War".  He divided his use of spies into five classes, the local, the inward, the converted, the doomed, and the surviving.

The local is just what it means. The inward makes use of the enemies officials and experts. The converted is turning the enemy's spies to your cause by extortion or bribery. This can be done openly or covertly under the cloak of the greater good. The doomed is those who are open in their deception. These are often those who spy for revenge or some belief. Lastly, the surviving are those who go into the enemy encampment specifically to steal or obtain information and return with it.

We can see in these descriptions the motives of Drs. Lieber, Wang, or Zheng in the above descriptions, be it just for the money, ideology or loyalty to a cause, or simply out of scientific or academic fellowship who intended no harm, but whose actions may have been turned into blackmail.  It's also worth noting that Sun Tzu recommends using spies for every kind of business, and to reward them well.

There's no doubt that the West, and the U.S. in particular, are in a war with China, albeit asymmetrical or unconventional war. The West has become dependent on China for not just its cheap labor (which often is done by prisoners or in sweat shops) and mass produced/low cost finished products, but for key technology which must be mass produced cheaply and is vital for the West to continue to function (such as silicone chips, electronics, optics, and medical equipment).

China is the largest trading partner for not just the United States, but also for other technology dependent nations like South Korea, Japan, or the European Union (EU) which is also dependent on Russia's oil and gas.  

At the same time, the West, and especially the U.S., has become as debtor economy, meaning that we spend more than we take in. The country which owns the majority of our debt is China, which also seeks to replace the U.S. based petrodollar as the world's reserve currency with its own Renminbi.  How much of our debt does China own?

About 14%, which translates to roughly $1.065 trillion dollars of our total 28.9 trillion dollar national debt (only Japan owns more). Most of the debt China owns is in the form of U.S. Treasury bonds.  It's worth mentioning that while Japan owns the largest chunk of our national debt, China own about 8% of Japan's national debt, which is an increase of 3.6% from 2019.

While trade and balance of debt are intricate to both the performance of global economics, both are also key to this new form of warfare. The acquisition of technology, by whatever means, is essential. It allows a nation to know the capabilities of its enemy and provides the means to match or exceed them.

Competition has always driven the success of most countries ever since the Industrial Age. Military might has been used primarily to acquire resources and assets by those who don't have it from those who do, but can't defend it. Politics is warfare by other means to borrow from the great Prussian strategist, Carl von Clausewitz.

Today it is used by the globalist Oligarchs to threaten others into opening up markets or selling off their resources and assets. It's also used to force changes in foreign policy or even the government itself. Whether or not that change benefits the people of that nation as a whole is typically of little concern.

However, there have been to major changes which have influenced the balance of power in hereto unheard of ways. One is the mass transfer of populations from one region to another on a scale which has altered the ethnic composition of a given country or region to the point where it has negatively affected the economy and quality of life, as well as social values and traditions.

 We see that principally in Europe from immigrants coming from Africa and the Middle East. We also see it to a lesser degree in the US. in the form of illegal immigration coming mainly from Mexico and Latin America.

The other change is the introduction of viruses into a population. We have recently seen the introduction of diseases long eradicated such as mumps, measles, whooping cough, TB, chicken pox, as well as vaccine resistant diseases including new strains of AIDs, Bird flu and venereal diseases;  much of it coming from individuals entering the country unvaccinated and often illegally alongside terrorists embedded with these individuals.

Included with this has to be Covid-19, which isn't by any measure a "natural" occurring disease. Whether intentionally weaponized or not by the Chinese or some other power, there is no question that its introduction has resulted in modifying primarily democratic nations into more restricted and authoritarian governments, as well as negatively affecting economies.  That makes the actions of those caught and convicted, such as those mentioned earlier, that much more insidious.

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