Friday, December 16, 2016

Hillary's Presidential Campaign Failure: The Russians Did It!

This is getting beyond amusing and into the realm of the absurd. Hillary Clinton, in one of her first talks since losing the 2016 Presidential Election, is now claiming that the reason for her loss was that Russia's Vladimir Putin had a "personal beef" with her. Seriously? Her loss had nothing to do with Benghazi and the deaths of an ambassador or three former Navy SEALs and CIA operatives? It had nothing to do with her repeated lying to Congress, or the Senate or the American People? It had nothing to do with arrogant disregard for security procedures regarding classified emails and other communications: her attempts to withhold or destroy evidence? Her defeat had zero to do with using the office of Secretary of State as a gatekeeper in a multimillion dollar "pay to play" scheme involving countries and corporations and their bribes....err..."donations" to her Clinton Foundation, not to mention attempts to avoid taxes by making substantial donations to her own fun. How about doing illegal arms smuggling deals to groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda (you know---9/11 and the butchering of thousands of Kurds, Christians, and Yazidi or the selling of hundreds of young women into sex slavery). What about the selling of uranium to Russia? Do you think that miffed Putin?

Let's not forget that all of this started off with allegations by the CIA and others in the intelligence community that Russia somehow manipulated our federal election system against Hillary. They also allege that the thousands of WikiLeaks originated from the Russians and more recently, since Putin was a former KGB station chief, that he had both the time and expertise to be directly involved in helping to the "throw" the election to Donald Trump. And if that wasn't enough, we've had to endure efforts to "recount" votes in key states and cities, which was initiated by Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein, who almost magically was able to raise some five million dollars in a week whereas she could only come up with three millions for her campaign during the entire course of the election! What's more, it appears that much of the money raised for the recount came from the Hillary supporters. When it turned out that the recount wasn't going to work (and was resulting in the loss of votes mistakenly counted for both Stein and Hillary), it was quietly dropped. Of course, Stein got to keep the money left over. I wonder what you would call that anyway---a payoff? Whatever it's called, it destroys the credibility of not just Jill Stein, but the Green Party too, not to mention the integrity of the third parties who may now be viewed as pawns of the two corporate parties, the Democrats and Republicans (I guess if Trump had lost, it would have been Libertarian Party Candidate Gary Johnson who would have demanded a recount on behalf of the Establish Republicans, though I would hope he has more character than that).

Now if that wasn't a big enough farce, the corporate media has been nonstop in their attempts to delegitimize Trump's victory and criticizing every move Trump or someone in his camp makes, from who he interviews for various Cabinet posts to opting to conduct the interviews in the privacy of his own residence (Trump maintains a luxury apartment in Trump Towers, which he owns). Naturally, they'll do the same to anyone he chooses. Finally, with their failure to generate any interests in the recounts, Hillary supporters and members of the DNC, as wells as members of other groups, are trying to intimidate the members of the Electoral College into not doing their sworn duty and casting their votes for the winner of the election, Donald Trump. Some, if not all by this point, have received thousands of death threats, harassing phone calls, letters, and emails. They are demanding that they vote for Hillary Clinton instead.
As if this isn't insane enough, Hollywood's Leftwing; these so-called "celebrities" are also lending their voices to this hue and cry. Some, are even doing short commercials insisting that the Electoral College both be done away with (which would throw all future presidential elections to those states with the largest populations) and to ignore their state's election outcome and vote for Hillary. By law, the candidate who wins the most states receive that state's allotted Electoral votes. Approximately a month after the election, those members of the Electoral College gather to cast their votes for the winner in their state. In theory, they are under no specific obligation to vote the way their state intended, but traditionally they've always done so. Lastly, there has been threats by buttercups and snowflakes...I mean...Left leaning Millennial college boycott classes, disrupt public activity (such as transportation) and hold protests. Some have promised to cause problems at the inauguration (wow, I hope it's not as bad as it was the last two times. Oh yeah, that's right. Conservatives and the GOP didn't riot, stage protests, disrupt public activity or makes jackasses of themselves at Obama's inaugurations). I swear, the Left is teetering on having a collective epileptic fit. So, let's get down to the point of all this.

First off, these are ALLEGED cyber attacks, and secondly, what a crock of BS. Now "St. Hillary" is claiming there was an international plot---lead by Putin--to deprive her of the coronation, to which she believes she was entitled. Wasn't it Hillary who said there was not rigging of elections? Yet, she and Debbie Wassermann-Schultz were found to be rigging the Primary and DNC Convention against Bernie Sanders (and for which Debbie was fired and then hired the next day by her ole pal Hillary)? And wasn't it Hillary who said "in our system of democracy, some win and some lose"? And wasn't it also Hillary who said that Trump had to accept the "Will of People" and results of the election? It's time for Mrs. Clinton to shuffle off to the "dustbin of History" where she belongs and let this nation try and repair the damage of the last eight years.

Secondly, it's time for Obama to acknowledge that Donald Trump won and Hillary Clinton loss. He needs to start acting like a President and stop with his efforts to stir up hated and discontent, which seems to be about the only things he's actually accomplished in his eight years. Enough with the implied threats and innuendos; of warning Trump to keep his hands off of certain policies and so on. Obama has been acting like a spoiled little brat who didn't get his way, and so now he's acting like a little snot. Obama is acting as if Trump's election was a personal affront; a reflection of his regime and is policies (well, actually it was, especially since Hillary said that she intended to carry on some of Obama's objectives). Well, like Hillary, it's time for Obama to put on his big boy underwear and act like an President (or at least an adult). Obama had his time. Now, like Hillary, it's time to go. "The Donald" may fall flat...or he might be one of America's greatest Presidents ever. Only time will tell, but we, as a nation, owe that to Trump for no other reason than the fact that he is the incoming President. Let "The Donald" prove himself one way or the other without trying to sabotage him before he even gets started.

Lastly, if any of what Hillary, Obama, the corporate media, the CIA says is true, then we have much more serious problems than worrying about the Electoral College. If...and that's a really big "If"...Russia did manipulate the election of an American President, then we have a complete and catastrophic failure of our entire intelligence infrastructure from the NSA, CIA, DIA to Homeland Security and the FBI. We also have an utter failure of the internal electoral safeguards from the manufacturers of the voting machines to the County Clerks who count the ballots all the way up to the offices of every single Secretary of State responsible for tabulating and verifying the votes casts in this country. I'm not saying that it is entirely impossible. There are numerous instances of paper ballots and sometimes machine ballots being miscounted, of the unregistered and occasionally illegal individuals voting, people selling their votes, and of course, the dead voting. Don't forget that the DNC worked to rig results in certain specific locations against Sanders, but still, there was no nationwide voter fraud as now being alleged by Hillary supporters.

Meanwhile, as some sort of punitive backlash, the corporate media is going after alternative news and radio media sites, including Conservative and Right leaning bloggers and YouTube Channel hosts. These are some of the same corporate media outlets which almost openly campaigned for Hillary and was often the source of actual "fake news". They are claiming that alternative "fake news" sites led to Hillary's defeat and Obama's dismissal approval ratings (and, I suspect, the pathetic approval ratings of Congress and Supreme Court which have been in the dumpster for decades). Therefore, in an effort to control public information content, corporate and some social media outlets like Facebook are joining forces. I know that somewhere both Joseph Goebbels and Joseph Stalin have found something to smile about together.

So, let's face facts. The Russians aren't responsible for Hillary Clinton's loss. Hillary was. It was her arrogance and her actions that caused her to lose the election. I think one could successfully argument that it was also Obama and his policies which contributed to her loss as well. Julian Assuage, founder of WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden have both said that their information did not come from the Russians, or any other government for that matter. It came from with the DNC and the political system that was fed up with the corrupt status quo. In 1980, Ronald Reagan asked Americans in his campaign for President if, after four years of Carter's Presidency, they were better now than four years go. The answer was no, and Reagan became our 40th President. A similar, but unspoken question was put to Americans again in this election, and once more, the answer was a collective "no". Yes, it's true that Putin doesn't like Hillary Clinton. He also doesn't like Obama, Joe Biden, or John Kerry but so what? It's time Hillary, the DNC, and yes, the Obama Regime, take ownership of their loss. They repeatedly ignored the American People, as has the Establishment Republicans.
Trump's victory wasn't your victory. You worked just as hard against Trump as did the Left. Both corporate parties assumed we were asleep. We weren't. We were vitally awake and we were tired of seeing our nation destroyed bit by bit. Trump might not do any better, which is ok. We'll vote him out too. We are tired of the Oligarchy ruling our nation. We're fed up with their corporate owned media which spins, misdirects and misleads us at every opportunity. We're tired of the "unsweetened blue Kool-Aid" Republicans and the "sweetened red Kool-Aid" Democrats; both bought and paid for by the neo-fascist Oligarchs who do everything in their power to divide us. Regardless of our political leanings or race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other factors, we must come together and focus our energy on rebuilding this country in our image; to serve our needs; to represent us, not the uber-rich or the political class, and most certainly, not the Oligarchy.

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