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The Ban on Sausage and Pork: Has Germany Become A Nation of Limp "Wieners"?

Has Germany become a nation of limp "wieners"? Well, it appears so, at least according to Daniel Günther, a party representative of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU). Günther claims that the German government has quietly requested a stoppage of this spreading ban on their national food---pork, and in particular, sausage. Under this ban, sausage and other pork products are being pulled from schools, public canteens (cafeterias) and other places supported by taxpayer money where Moslems might go and eat. In addition, the German government has requested that restaurant owners and food venders not delete pork related products not removed from their menus; many have claimed they have removed pork products for "religious considerations". Apparently, however, pork products will still available to customers by specific requests. Now, you might be wondering what horrible tragedy has befallen the German People to issue this draconian prohibition of their national food---perhaps some "mad pig disease" or other health issue? Nope. A strike by pig farmers, driving up the prices? Not even close.

The culprit behind this ludicrous restriction is the Moslem "refugees". You see, the German government is scared that the presence of pork would agitate the pork-prohibited Moslem population, which in turn might "offend" them and result in more disturbances. Now we wouldn't want that would we? It's like inviting guests into your home and having them throw out your furniture, clothes, and whatever else they don't like and you doing nothing about it. Apparently, a few Moslem clerics had "demanded" that Germany no longer sell pork because the mere presence of it is considered to be "an insult" to Islam, which prohibits the eating of or mere contact directly or indirectly with pork, has sparked this recent ban---plus the implied threat of violence as a further incentive. So, rather than simply not eat the pork or to avoid it altogether and leave everybody else along, they decided it was best if all Germans were to forego pork. After all, in order to integrate into the German society, it should be the German People who should be the ones to conform.
As an aside, it was some of these same groups who also demanded that Germany stop selling alcohol, starting with the beer--- Germany's national drink going back centuries and one of its top exports. The so-called "request" was made during the 2015 annual Oktoberfest, when the Mayor of Munich was given a petition signed by several Moslem clerics demanding that Oktoberfest be stopped due to the consumption of alcohol, the intermingling of men and women, as well as the dress of the women themselves which they found to be "provocative", otherwise there was the usual threat of potential disturbances at future events. The mayor politely declined, but I imagine security will be heightened all the same.

Apparently all this makes sense to German Chancellor Merkel and other German officials, yet little is being done to stem this rising tide of "demands" backed by threats of violence which has all the subtlety of an extortion racket run by the mob. If you'll recall, during New Year's Eve celebrations, approximately 90 German women were physically assaulted, beaten, and/or raped (including one female police officer). Originally, authorities tried to dismiss and downplay the attacks until the numbers of reports became so large it couldn't be swept under the rug any longer (other similar attacks were reported in Denmark, Norway and Sweden). However, few arrests were made and some in the Moslem refugee community claimed the women were the ones responsible for what happened. Meanwhile, some local and police officials suggested that German women refrain from going out in public alone or even in some small groups; wear more conservative clothes, less makeup and perfume, or even try not to resist their attackers since it would only make them more aggressive. Nothing like blaming the victims huh? German school girls had already been asked not to wear short skirts or shorts and to reframe from "revealing" tops so as not to "offend" their new Moslem classmates.

As if that wasn't enough, German students were asked to "volunteer" at the refugee camps and do such chores as washing sheets and clothes, sweeping, cleaning, picking up trash, carrying packages, driving individuals back and forth and other character building activities. Punishment for not "volunteering" could include the possibility of a short stint in the German military. Community building at its best. It seems to me that these so-called "refugees" could do well to clean up after themselves rather than rely of German school kids to act like they're servants. There have already been several violent protests in Germany and the Scandinavian countries over the perceived lack of housing--- such as free apartments---resulting in residents (and citizens) being evicted in order to make room for their new occupants. Naturally, along with the "free" housing comes "free" utilities and "free" food--Halal (the Islamic version of Kosher) of course. For some reason, I think back on the Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon and Jordan who barely had decent housing and fresh running water or the Kurdish refugees with not even that who would be grateful for anything.

Then there are the refugees in parts Africa who have nothing but bloated bellies despite billions in international aid thanks to their corrupt governments and warlords who sell the relief food, seeds, tools, medicines, clothing on the black market in order to finance their lifestyles or wars, and yet the demand for handouts continue on a global scale. Relief workers are often chased away, kidnapped or even sometimes murdered. There are times when I think it would be better to supply these grossly malnourished individuals who can barely pass human beings with the weapons and means to overthrow their governments or warlords. At least they'd have a chance to fight back and perhaps receive the global relief sent their way. True, some of the refugees in Germany and other parts of Europe have suffered; suffered terribly, but many aren't even near the war zones and damn few look like they've missed a meal. They've used the exodus simply as an excuse to leave their homelands for what they see as a life of "freedom", meaning that everything will be free for them; someone else will provide for them, and apparently this is because they had been convinced that because they are Moslem they entitled since all non-Moslems---"Kafirs" or infidels ---are inferior and must serve them, or so they're taught by their Imams. Meanwhile very few Syrian Christian, Yazidi, or Kurdish refugees have been allowed entry to Europe. Those few who have did make it have also been beaten and/or robbed while in the refugee camps. We also can't forget that many terrorists have made their way into and out of these refugee camps, as nearly always, hiding among the innocent.

While sausage and other pork products are still legal in Germany, the fact that there are those in Germany calling for a voluntary restriction or outright banning of pork plus the other and more official "voluntary" accommodations, only goes to show the extent nations will go to hide from conflict the way you would from a bully, even at the risk of the destruction of their culture, traditions, and eventually their nation. I tend to hesitate mentioning the war when talking about Germany out of respect to their sensibilities, however, it appears to me that the Germans lost more than war in 1945. They lost their self-respect and identity as Germans while some have obviously lost their backbone as well. The great German Statesman, Otto von Bismarck, once famously said "Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made". He also said “Fools learn from experience. I prefer to learn from the experience of others.” The question then is whether we will learn from the experience of Germany, France, the Balkans, and Scandinavia, or will we too be fools? For more, please check out the links below.

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