Saturday, March 09, 2013

A Kentucky Election and A National Outcome

Kentucky is famous for a lot things, like being the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis; being the home of Henry Clay; the Hatfields and McCoys, not to mention coal, tobacco, and Bourbon, basketball, and the greatest two minutes in sports---the Kentucky Derby which runs on the first Saturday of May. Kentucky, while predominately a Democrat registered state, is a very conservative state with all but one of our federal representatives (John Yarmuth) being Republican. Kentucky is also known for being the birthplace of the cheeseburger and hot brown. Well, it looks like come Derby, we'll have another notable---Ashley Judd Toast. That's because the Hollywood liberal, who makes her home in Tennessee, plans on changing her residence to Kentucky in order to run against long term incumbent Mitch McConnell (personally, I would prefer Allison Lundgren Grimes, the current Kentucky Secretary of State). While Ms. Judd does her best to butter up the voters, she's likely to get badly burned as she attempts to overtakes the number two man in the Republican hierarchy who is already sitting on over 7 million dollars in his war chest without even trying yet. Of course, McConnell, who was elected in 1984, comes across dryer than day old meatloaf (or ham in his case), the senior Senator has a long history of bring home the bacon and should have no trouble with Ms Judd.

The Obama Administration is forging ahead on several fronts---the National Debt, illegal immigration, and gun control. Obama recently sunk so low that he actually took members of GOP to lunch (which is only fair since he's been eating their lunch recently). Most reports say the meetings were pleasant and "constructive", but not much is expected to come of it; just another day in the Beltway I suppose. The Republicans and the Obama Administration remain miles apart on how to solve the deficient issue with the GOP insisting on curtailing spending while Obama and the Democrats think the solution is raising taxes and spending caps. Rumor has it that the Democrats have hired drunk sailors to write their budget proposals while the GOP is using the accounting firm of Marley and Scrooge.
Common sense, the rarest of commodities in Washington, should dictate that you can't keeping spend what you don't have. Ask almost any business person (well, except AIG, the Bank of America, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, the auto industry, and several others--ok bad example). Anyway, no one should spend more than they bring in. It's a recipe for disaster, which is exactly what the federal government has been doing. Ordinary people are financially strapped. They are tapped out up to here (visualize hand over head). Washington should not "ask" the American People to shoulder a burden they didn't make (which they did when forced to do the bail outs). Washington must learn or be forced to live within its means. It must become financially responsible, even if that means financial controls are removed from the hands of legislators and put into the hands of non-partisan money managers---one chosen from each state. Still, I wonder what would happen if all Americans withheld their federal income taxes and collectively said "No. Not until you get your financial house in order first". Can you imagine how Washington would squirm? Wouldn't that be a sight.

Regarding illegal immigration, Obama has all but gutted existing laws and federal enforcement to curtail illegal influx; even suing US states who sought only to enforce existing federal laws. Why would someone, especially a US President purposefully ignore not just federal laws, but the overwhelming will of the very people he was elected to serve? Well, humanity or compassion certainly has nothing to do with it. The real reason is much more base than that. He seeks to further weaken the Republican Party by appearing to be the "savior" of illegal immigrants and is banking on these individuals registering as Democrats, which would all but destroy the GOP nationally. What illegals don't seem to realize is that they would not be exempt from paying millions if not billions of dollars in taxes; a new source of badly needed revenue. In addition, a influx of new workers would drive down wages as more people competed for fewer jobs. Given that most illegal immigrants are younger with children, their numbers would also bolster Social Security and Medicare as Babyboomers begin to retire. They would be the new serfs. Welcome to the Machine y'all.

Gun control has a lot of people seriously riled up. Perhaps it's to take their minds off a failing economy, or illegal immigration, or the failing war against drugs, or the high prices of food, gas, heating oil, or fresh water, or expanding threat from terrorists or other nut jobs, or from a warming climate. Just a hunch. Nevertheless, it seems unusually important to the White House and certain Democrats than the general public to be as disarmed as possible. Perhaps that why supposedly broke federal agencies like Social Security Administration, IRS, Department of Education, and Reich Security...err...I mean Homeland Security are buying record quantities of higher powered ammo, not to mention assault weapons (not ordinary hunting calibers in fancy stocks), armored personnel carriers, bullet proof body armor, and all sorts of nifty high tech toys like cameras that "see" through walls by detecting body heat, monitoring of every electronic signal on the planet including Google searches (remember that when you're looking bedroom naughties online), and then there's those pesky spy drones. Well, I guess only criminals should be worried right? But, what if your government treats everyone as a criminal who hasn't been caught yet? I wonder what "Winston Smith" would say? If you don't know who this fictional character is, you need too. Look him up.

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