Monday, February 20, 2012

Why Illegal Immigration Still?

Illegal immigration has remained a central issue since the days of Ronald Reagan when he gave amnesty to an estimated 4 million illegal immigrants (Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986), and here we are, some 26 years later and with an estimated population of 12 million (and growing)illegal aliens still living in America. It couldn't be the result of public apathy. The American Public, across all economic, racial, and political boundaries, have remained consistent in their message to Washington --- get them out and seal the border. Poll numbers have remained high, with 78% on average demanding our so-called "leaders" in Washington to end their "hear no evil/see no evil" approach. But for some reason, politicians of both parties, have repeatedly ignored their constituents. Why?

We all know Washington has grown unbearably arrogant; willing to blatantly ignore the American People (except at election time, when the mouth professionally prepared sound bites in non-committal support of this or that issue, depending on the audience their addressing). Some don't even bother to do that. Still, they must at least pretend to care about the issues important to us until the election cycle has run its course. So, why are we still dealing with illegal immigration all these years later?

President Obama has done his level best to circumvent efforts to stop the flow at the border, including cutting personnel and resources. He's ordered, through the ICE, and DHS, not to actively seek out, arrest, or deport non-criminal illegal aliens. He has tried (unsuccessfully for the most part) to sue States that have attempted to take steps to enforce already existing federal laws, and has even allow foreign governments to join in those lawsuits! Since when does a US President allow other nations to join in lawsuits against sovereign US States for enforcing existing laws? There is just something wrong with that on so many levels.

We constantly see the costs of health care rise, in part because you and I are being forced to absorb the costs non-insured illegal seeking health care coverage in our nation's emergency care centers. Even the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons can only guess at the cost, which is estimated in the tens of billions of dollars, and all the while, Obama is talking about cutting Medicare costs. We are paying more in local taxes to cover the costs on educating the children of illegal residents (including providing classroom translators for those who don't speak English), plus free meals, books, and supplies (over 10 billion taxpayer dollars just to California alone). Rarely is any money paid back into the system, but when it is, it averages $1.00 for every $5.00 of usage. Frankly, our taxpayer based public safety net is breaking. But why would Washington want to break the back of our national safety net? What's to gain?

As hard as it may be to believe, politicians aren't stupid (yeah, I had to think about that one a while too). So, the obvious question is who has the most to gain by doing nothing about illegal immigration? While politicians as a rule can't be trusted, they can be counted on to act in their own interests. Who gains here?

There's an old adage: "follow the money". Who do those in Washington actually serve? Certainly not the American People. Modern politics is about money; who has it and how to get it. Thus, the Paymasters of the Beltway are the lobbyists, and through them, their corporate clients. More specifically, the large transnational (or post-national) corporations. Not only do they provide the money, they validate the tickets through the highly lucrative revolving door into America Inc. But of what value is illegal immigrant workers? How does encouraging individuals, many of whom are dirt poor and barely literate, to break the law help these same corporations with more revenue than most countries?

My first thought was the obvious one, jobs. Yet, few of these individuals even earn minimum wage, and most of it is in cash, so few, if any, taxes are paid. Many have no interest in becoming Americans, let alone learning our language or culture. Most are migrants. Few ever become integrated into American society. Yet, most make use of our laws by putting their children into our schools (which they don't contribute to through taxes) or apply public assistance programs (again, without paying into it), and without insurance, leave taxpayers to pick up unpaid bills. As a result, we have a numerically large class of individuals who, for the first time in American history, stand outside of our traditional "Melting Pot" formula, with little desire to become "Americans", but with a motive (and means) of creating a separate America, even within the existing parameters of traditional society. But that still doesn't explain the "why" part of the question; only part of the outcome.

I think the "why" is quite basic. By flooding the market with low skilled and under educated individuals, you soak up low skill jobs. Over time, many of these individuals, or their children, will become more skilled and willing to take traditionally higher paying (and often unionized) jobs, but for less money (and few or no benefits) and without a union. For them, it's a step up the economic ladder. Companies can boost the bottom line by paying less and weaken Labor in the one place they remain strong, namely the few blue collar jobs left in America. Unions will be forced to increasingly kowtow to Management to stay relevant. Their new job description will be to keep the employees in line.

Meanwhile, others in the workforce will be force to take less in order to successfully compete for the remaining jobs. The public safety net either is scrapped or greatly reduced, which leads to more dependence on corporations for our means of survival. At the same time, Hispanics have become the main beneficiaries of public resources (they are now the second largest minority in America with Whites remaining the largest minority population), thus creating increased tension with Black America and the rapidly increasing Asian population. In short, we become nothing more than a nation of economic serfs fighting each other for the scraps. Order is maintained through the escapism of mind numbing "entertainment" and content controlled "news"; all paid for by you in monthly installment plans through easy credit terms to complete the illusion of freedom. Never have shackles been so willingly embraced. Bread and Circuses.

Diabolically simple isn't it?

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