Sunday, August 21, 2011

Backdoor Amnesty

In what can only be described as "middle finger salute" to the American People, President Obama has decided once again to ignore the Will of America. While the number of Americans opposed to illegal immigration has always remained a super majority, Obama has ordered his Co-Conspirator-in-Chief, Janet Napolitano, head of the so-called Department of Homeland Security to cease deporting illegals in what can only be described as "backdoor amnesty" for the estimated 12 million or more illegal immigrants now living in America (the Justice Department under Eric Holder has slowed its investigating and prosecution of illegals to crawl). No doubt that as word spreads, tens of thousands more will pour over the border in order to get in on the "good" deal.

Obama issued his presidential directive on August 18, just one day after heading off on his vacation fundraising jaunt to Martha's Vineyard. Although he has no legal authority under the Constitution to issue such a directive (all matters of immigration are the preview of Congress), it will takes months if not years for Congress to bring this matter up; draft a deal and vote it (heck, they couldn't even agree on raising the debt ceiling). I'm sure that it was on coincidence that the fiat order was issued while Congress was adjourned for campaigning...err...I mean summer break. The result is a de facto executive amnesty policy, which come over the sustained objections of the overwhelming majority of Americans.

So, why would Obama issued such an order if he knew he had no legal authority to? I think the answer is rather simple. First, with Congress out, who is going to object? The liberal leaning media? You? Please. Second, the Obama Administration has been trying unsuccessfully for the last two years to implement some form of amnesty. With his approval ratings hovering somewhere between dismissal and fat chance, Obama desperately needs the support of Hispanic voters. Hispanics, as everyone knows, is the largest minority in America and increasing (they are currently 16.3% of the population compared with the former largest minority, Black Americans, who are just over 12%). It's only through his magnanimous, though illegal actions, that Obama can hope to win their support. In addition, Hispanics are more likely than not to register as Democrats, which would give the Democratic Party a literal insurmountable lock on national elections (not to mention some states). Another beneficiary is Big Business.

Hispanics, both illegal and legal, are more willing to work for less money and few, if any, benefits. Obviously, it's advantageous for Big Business to increase the low wage workforce. Of course, the big losers are unions and the average working American. Unions lose because Hispanics have historically been less likely to challenge their employers for higher wages and benefits (they have, however, been successful with efforts to improve work conditions) or join unions. As an aside, Hispanics are now competing with and surpassing blacks for many of the same jobs. Federal programs, formerly directed primarily to blacks, are now being redirected to Hispanics is reflection of their new acquired clout.

The average American loses because not only are they competing with lower wage workers in other countries, they would be competing with lower wage workers right in their own backyard. Yes, the average American worker is better educated, skilled, and motivated, employers may need those same competitive advantages, but only fewer of them. In addition, it may still prove to be cheaper to hire two (or three) low wage workers and train them for specific task rather than hire one higher wage American worker. Politics does make strange bed fellows doesn't it?

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Bilingual Ballots Anyone?

In related matter, the Obama Administration is expected to order state and local governments to start printing ballots in Spanish and other languages. The argument is that it would make voting easier and more accessible to voters. What it does in actuality is encourage individuals not to learn English and increases the likelihood of voter fraud as well as increase the financial burden of state and local governments who will bear the costs.

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A Few Final Thoughts

Everyone wants to come to America. Frankly, there aren't any long lines at other embassies. America is a nation of immigrants. Immigration is what made America the greatest nation the world has yet seen. We are a country which demands honesty and fair play, from other nations; from our politicians; and from ourselves. That's why things other countries would shrug off so infuriate us (take President Clinton's trysts for example). Illegal immigration is another example.

Most Americans don't have a biased bone in their body, so let's drop the alleged "racism" once and for all. They don't care where someone is from, as long as they got here above board. America is first and foremost a nation of laws. We expect you to apply and go through the same steps are everyone else. "Cutting in line" is one of those things that sticks in our crawl. The other is not bothering to learn our language (which is English in case you didn't know) or learning our customs and traditions. We view that as a slap at our history; our national sacrifices; and us personally. Not that we care what native language is or the customs of your native country; this not there, so adapt damn it. We came here to be something greater than ourselves. We came here to be Americans. If that's why you're here, great. Welcome home. If not, don't forget to pick up a few post cards on your way out.

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