Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Tea Party Movement

I’ve noticed recently an increase in media coverage on the Tea Party Movement. Most of it seems to be by Left leaning types. Some of the articles have been the usual fare dished up by liberal journalists, while some has been by pseudo-journalists posing as impartial contributors to the discussion. And of course, some have been entertainers such as Janeane Garofalo posing as someone seriously informed (

What most, if not practically all of these articles have in common is their reference to members of the Tea Party movement as “racists” or “spoiled baby boomers” looking for one more hurrah. The Courier Journal, our local “unofficial” mouthpiece of all things liberal here in Louisville, carried two such (and conflicting) articles a few weeks ago in the same Sunday edition. One article claimed that the Tea Party Movement was comprised of a bunch redneck hell bent on restoring America by getting rid of our first bi-racial president ( Another article, in the same edition, called the Tea Party members a group of baby boomers gone bad. Basically, a bunch of aging, spoiled, self-centered hippies looking to recaptured some of their 60’s and 70’s glory before fading away like an old pair of Levy’s. Here are a couple of examples: ( and ( You’ll notice that the common thread is that “middle class” and “conservative” equate to “bad”, especially if you have a college education and/or tend to think for yourself.

Well, folks, I’m not at all surprised by the articles. In fact, I’m a little pleased. The fact that the Left leaning media is going to such outrageous extremes in creating a tea bag toting boogie man means that the message is seeping through to mainstream America, and that’s a big problem. Americans have been long tired and disgusted of the petty personal snips and infighting that routinely takes place in Washington are our expense. They are tired of the endless “blame game”. Everyone knows that both parties are equally guilty for the mess we’re in. Americans want…no…demand an end to it. Americans want an end to big government, or at least inefficient government; serious tax reform; campaign reform (be it finance or term limits); an end to illegal immigration and secure borders; an end to exporting US jobs; and end to being the world’s policeman and banker; an end to mediocre education for our children; a national language---English. Lastly, and most importantly, Americans want to return to our Constitution, and that’s a serious problem for the powers that be.

One of the best articles I’ve come across about the Tea Party Movement, which provides a serious and honest look at what it is and what it isn’t, is piece done by the Sam Adams Alliance, which also includes a survey of the Tea Party’s members (something that the liberal media conveniently have left out). Here we have the members of the Tea Party “speaking” for themselves instead of through red or blue colored lenses. I suggest you check out the following link and decide for yourself what the Tea Party Movement is all about:

You’ll need to check out "The Early Adopters” to read the survey. As for me, I think I’m going to have a nice strong cup of tea.

Poll Results

Our last poll asked if you thought America was on the right path. 40% of you thought so, while 10% thought we were…or perhaps weren’t. An impressive 50%, however, thought we are diffidently on the wrong path. My only question is how did we get in this hand basket and what was that last road sign again?

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