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The 'Conspiracy Theorists' Were Right About Covid-19? The Origin of the Pandemic


Remember when Covid-19 pandemic first made its mysterious appearance?  Do you recall all the different state and federal government mandates ranging from self-quarantining, mandatory masks, maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet, or the defacto looting of stores of their toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and practically anything that could be consumed (and that doesn't even include the price gouging)? It must be pointed out that there were no natural shortages of these items. It was hoarding motivated by greed which kept products off the shelves and drive up prices. 

Some of us found a little smug satisfaction and sardonic amusement at the self-proclaimed "preppers" who were caught off guard materially and mentally for the ensuing chaos just like the rest of us. Nevertheless, many of us promised ourselves then and there that we would never be caught short like that ever again.

Then came the government's body count as government officials would hold afternoon press conferences to update the public with the latest death counts due to Covid, or the number of individuals officially diagnosed with Covid,  often simultaneously showing images of bodies being stored in outdoor cooling units until they could be properly handled by a funeral home, hospital personnel running around in hazmat suits, and horror stories about ventilator shortages. It was a grim display aimed at showing us the seriousness in which the government wanted us to take the situation.

I clearly remember representatives from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) explaining to us how the virus mysteriously exploded on the world from a bowel of Chinese "bat soup" consumed by some unassuming tourist in Wuhan China, wherever that was.  Instinctively, I knew something wasn't quite right with that story. Coronaviruses rarely jump from animals to humans as we've observed from the recent past with other viruses.

I also vividly recall the Centers for Disease Control announcing that not only has a vaccine been produced, but there were actually a number of vaccines available, and not just that, but how quickly they were green lighted for human inoculation.  Typically it takes years of exhaustive research before any vaccine was ready for human trials, but here we were in just a matter of a couple months and we just don't have a single vaccine, but at least four worldwide!

Thousands lined up to get the "jab" as it was called in the hopes of staving off the deadly virus. Meanwhile, it was mandatory that we continue to wear our masks, regularly use our hand sanitizer, and of course, maintain proper "social distancing". After receiving the vaccine, we were encouraged by government and health officials to carry our vaccination cards  and be prepared to show them as proof of our compliance.

For some reason, that just seemed so "Nazi" to me.  It was so sterile and regulated. It was reminiscent of the old Nazi Era "Ihre Papiere bitte" ("your papers please") which would be uttered by the dreaded Gestapo in their sinister chic black leather coats and matching black fedoras to unsuspecting passersbyers on the streets of Berlin, Paris, or Prague.  

With so many vaccines suddenly available, it seemed to me that there was either an army of seriously brilliant "Doctor Strange"  type of scientists doing nonstop viral research using supercomputers or there was already a vaccine prototype worked up.  If that were the case, then there had to be a biochemical "fingerprint" of the virus available to study. But for that to happen, it meant that "someone" already knew what the deadly Covid virus looked liked at a molecular level , and that meant the mysterious "bat soup" virus had to be man made.

Apparently though I wasn't the only one who reached that conclusion! Quite a few people around the world who were much more familiar with the topic of virology than me came to the same conclusion. However, it wasn't long before the media started labeling these individuals "conspiracy theorists" or worse, "conspiracy nuts" for questioning the official narrative despite having some seriously impressive credentials. Others soon joined in to question the government's explanation of events in a cascading loss of official credibility.  To many things simply didn't add up whether Dr. Fauci or anyone else said otherwise.

A growing number of people kept pointing out the similarity of Covid was to the flu or the fact that we seemed to be missing our normal "flu season". Many people started treating the Covid virus like the flu, albeit  a more serious one for those with health preconditions which affected their immune system. Oddly, many of those people seemed to do just fine thank you.  How could that be?

Meanwhile, in what had the earmarks of an orchestrated response, many of those who refused to get the shots, wear masks and so forth were being ridiculed, ostracized, and even threatened with violence. Some employers refused to allow individuals to come back to work while several large restaurant chains, banks, and retail stores denied service to anyone without a vaccination card or mask.  

Although Covid has largely disappeared from the headlines and officials have quietly suspended their nightly death toll report, the issue of Covid's origin and the government's response still continues.  Many of the "conspiracy nuts" looked to the supposedly secret Chinese medical research center in Wuhan Province as ground zero for the virus leakage, which many claimed was intentional.

Others decided to follow the money which appeared to show billions in U.S. funds being routed to Chinese research facilities for years  from U.S. government agencies, including the CDC while it was under Fauci's watch. Was that true? Why would the CDC and other agencies work with Chinese on weaponizing the flu virus? A number of individuals was determined to find out, especially Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) launched a full on assault  into the official records (which many of us don't have access to). He  conducted a series of government hearings in ways that only a U.S. senator could do to get at the truth, which included subpoenaing key individuals and their records. While it's taken a number of years, it appears that many of the "conspiracy nuts" were largely right after all.

Dr. Paul reported his findings in a speech he delivered on November 1, 2023 at the Allan P. Kirby Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship on Hillsdale's Washington D.C. campus entitled "Deception: The Great Covid Cover-Up". The speech was also published in a edited version in Hillsdale's "Imprimis" newsletter (December 2023 Volume 52 Number 12).

I've provided a link Dr. Paul's speech below. I strongly recommend that you read it, especially if you lost a friend, a family member, or if  you or someone you were acquainted with had Covid. This also goes to anyone who was laid off, lost their job or forced to close their business due to Covid-19 enforced mandates. So, what, if anything, have learned from the pandemic?

Hopefully we've learned that there was quite a bit of truth uncovered by those individuals who were disparagingly  referred to as "conspiracy nuts", "troublemaker" or much worse. Some of what they confirmed ranged from the likely origin of the virus from a Chinese military lab in Wuhan Province, the striking resemblance of Covid to the flu virus,  the virus being man made or it  having a possible weaponized application, which would be illegal under the UN's Biological Weapons Convention, and a great deal of "under-the-table" funding by the U.S. government.

I also want to point out a serious object lesson we should have learned as we delve further into an expanding AI, more sophisticated facial recognition software, data mining,  supercomputers, human like robots and their self-awareness, declining privacy, and a growing surveillance state under the control of elite plutocrats, plus the strong likelihood of more enhanced viruses or diseases.

The Covid-19 pandemic (or scare if you prefer) taught us that ordinary people of all walks of life can easily be coerced into "self-isolating" with little effort. All that's required is a little manufactured fear generated by the government and cast to the winds by a willing media.  We learned how individuals can be intimidated into wearing a nearly ineffective mask with the same ease as making group of individuals don yellow felt Stars of David to their clothes.

We should have learned that it's just as easy to persuade people to get a injection of some unknown substance into the arm as it was to demand a people to assemble in the middle of a town square and board cattle cars for a destination unknown.

People are quite pliable and gullible. We tend to react as a herd animal, little different from sheep, cows, or pigs. Most of us are afraid to step very far out of line for fear of being singled out or losing the perceived protection of the herd. The conspiracy theorists (or "nuts") were the ones who spoke out the loudest. They tried to rouse the herd into looking up. They were the voices in the wilderness that the Status Quo tried to silence.

There's no doubt that Covid-19 was a "live fire" exercise on a global scale. Real people died. Many of the immune compromised were hospitalized. Was this intended to "thin the herd" or merely to see how we would react despite our anti-government rhetoric? Well, the masses did dutifully obeyed. They covered their faces.  They self-incarcerate. Those who didn't may have inadvertently self-identified as most likely to challenge authority next time and bear monitoring. 

But perhaps what mattered the most to the ruling elites in this little exercise  was just how easily people the world over, regardless of religion, culture, or politics could be made to willingly obey with very little effort.  All that's required is a little fear and some gentle, but firm guidance from sympathetic sounding  authority figures. I truly hope you all will check out Dr. Paul's link below.


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Lessons From the Great Covid Cover-Up by U.S. Senator Dr. Rand Paul (R-KY).

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