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The "Pile On" Circus Is Coming to Town/ The Trump Trip: A Documentary

I just saw a poll online which claimed that just over half of all Americans---52%--- would prefer to see Barack Obama back in office as President. The poll further claimed that, of their 725 participants, only 43% were glad to see Donald Trump occupying the Oval Office, while 5% "weren't sure". The poll, which showed up on AOL, was conducted by the Public Policy Polling ("PPP") in January of this year, so basically it allegedly reflected the opinion of a small number of registered voters , with Trump having served only a couple of weeks. The president of PPP, Dean Debnam, stated that despite Trump's rather brief time in office, that the President should be at "peak" popularity at this point in their term.

AOL ran the article as if this was some sort of major poll, when in fact, it was a rather small sample of voters. There was no mention as to the makeup of the chosen few, such as their party registration, frequency of voting, racial, gender or ethnic identifiers. So, as far we know, based on the article, all or most of the 725 individuals could have been registered Democrats, Hispanics, and/or women; all of whom were historically part of Obama's voter base. Of course, we can't and shouldn't forget that the corporate media has been on an all out campaign to discredit and besmirch Trump at every turn since this election began, and they've doubled down since Trump's inauguration. It's a 27/7 media "pile on" circus. Rumors are presumed to be true until repeatedly proven otherwise.

Naturally, a newly elected Obama never had to experience anything quite like this. The corporate media did nothing but try and sell the made up credentials of this man to the American People in spite of the fact that he, Obama, had no political experience, no business or foreign affairs expertise. His academic history was more than suspect; it barely existed. He wasn't even a "law professor" as claimed. He was an occasional part time lecturer on Constitutional Law. He was a community organizer for an organization which got in trouble with FBI and IRS for some---allegedly---shady dealings involving voter registration. The corporate media is trying to made a molehill into the proverbial mountain by claiming that Trump is maintaining a loose connection with his various business interests. I hate to break it to them, but there's nothing new or shocking about that. Every president has maintained some type of arms length involvement with their previous business interests, be it a law firm or a communications empire (like LBJ had), peanut farming (like Jimmy Carter's) or whatever.

Of late, we've had numerous (and well staged) protests, ranging from the somewhat vulgar "Women's March" with women protestors walking around topless or wearing vagina shaped hats and customs, to carrying signs with some rather sophomoric expressions on them. Then there's been all the protest which actually seem more like free-for-all riots than anything, complete with looting, destroying property, attacking people with bottles, rocks, fire bombs, and even physical assaults. All the while, they chant "tolerance", "freedom", "love Trumps hate", and "free speech". I guess they see themselves as worthy successors to my generation---the Babyboomers---but to us and the rest of the world, their deeds don't match their actions and they seem to be spoiled little brats who didn't get their way.

Well, sorry to violate your "safe place" but Bernie lost thanks to being screwed over by Hillary and the DNC in the Democratic Primary. Hillary lost because she was a lousy candidate and Americans didn't want a criminal in the Oval Office. The Establishment Republicans lost because we were tired of empty suits. Donald Trump won because he spoke to us as real people. Some of what he said we didn't agree with, or even necessarily like, but at least he didn't try to pander to us. So, put on your big boy underwear and your big girl panties (assuming you know the difference) and act like adults. Don't like Trump? Ok, great. Do something about it, and by that I mean don't act like a bunch of thugs and punks. I mean organize a new political party to challenge both of the corporate controlled parties; find a truly worthy candidate who isn't beholden to the corporate lobbyists and the Oligarchs who run this country. Do something constructive for a change. Work to change laws; get petitions signed have them introduce to the mayor or your State governor and legislator, or to your Congressman.

While I personally think Obama was all fluff, he was supposedly a successful community organizer, so if you really do idolized the ole sod that much, then follow in his footsteps and become a community organizer yourselves. Take control of your neighborhoods and learn to run them in such a way as to reduce localized crime and gang activity, or improve housing for the poor, helping the homeless, or by creating community vegetable gardens to keep feed the least among you. But I can assure you that protesting against someone who was invited to speak at a college campus, and then follow up it up by trashing local stores and assaulting people simply because you don't agree with them, is about as lame and excuse as it gets. The same goes for doing the same thing on order to try and prevent a comedian---a standup comic for crying out loud---from doing his routine because you're afraid of what he might say and you won't like it (or is it that you're afraid that you may like it?). One thing is for certain, if this keeps up, somebody somewhere is going to really mess up big time and you'll trigger the one thing you and everybody else doesn't want...martial law, be it local or national. The crackdown will be brutal, without mercy, and strictly enforced. All your temper tantrum behavior won't do a thing for you, and there aren't any "safe spaces" in jail.

So, why don't you all take a few moments to think about this? Don't you think there's a better way to get your point across than destroying the businesses of people who've done absolutely nothing to you or attacking people for speaking their mind...just like you're doing...just because you disagree with them? Granted, some of these protests are purely manufactured; bought and paid in order to create chaos and division. The only ones who benefit from this are the elites and they don't give a rat's patooy about people like you and me. They only want control because control means money and power, which they can get through martial law because they know martial law sometimes has a way of becoming permanent, especially when you already have a surveillance and police state in the making. Think about it people.

Poll: More than half of U.S. voters would rather have Obama as president

The Trump Trip: A Documentry
by The Sound Headquarters

As many of you know, I often do book reviews on behalf of several publishing companies and the occasional independent author. It's not often that I get to do a review of a documentary. About a week ago, I was contacted by Greg Raposa of The Sound Headquarters, who sent me a documentary, "The Trump Trip", to take a look it.

It's not very long, just over 37 minutes, which seems about right for program of this sort. The topic too caught my attention since it is a cross country search for individuals who for voted for Trump and why, especially among those who typically would not have supported someone like "The Donald" such as dyed-in-the-wool Democrats, Millennials, and Establishment Republicans. In addition, the team involved in this adventure are very liberal Democrat types, so they brought along their own preconceived ideas as well.

The results of their road trip are truly fascinating, especially to political types like me. But I think this documentary is also for anyone regardless of their political leanings who are interested in trying to come to terms with the results of our most divisive election since Lincoln vs. Douglas. Combine this was excellent production quality, and you've got something people should seriously take time to watch. So without further ado, here's the link to The Trump Trip. Let us know what you think.

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