Thursday, July 14, 2016

A New Direction for America?

A man wrestled down by officers and fatally shot twice in the chest at point blank range. A man setting in the passenger of a car stopped for a minor traffic violation. Shot four times at point blank range in his right side while reaching for his wallet as instructed by one of two officers. He announced to the officer that he had a Conceal and Carry Permit and was armed, yet murdered. Both incidents caught on camera and broadcasted to the world. If we are to believe the initial narratives, neither individual had done anything to warrant their murders. One had permission to sell items outside of a store. The other was heading home with his girlfriend in the driver's seat. The only commonality was that they were black males and the officers were white. However, further inquiry proved that there was more to the each story; much more which continues to unfold.

Within a few days, roughly 1000 protestors, mostly black, with some carrying "Black Lives Matter" banners and signs took to the streets in Dallas Texas. All the proper permits were obtained. Officers were assigned to help with the usual difficulties, traffic control and monitor to events. The protest was peaceful. Then, as darkness fell and the protestors began to disperse, shots rang out, seemly from everywhere and within minutes there were five dead police officers and approximately 11 injured individuals. There was a sniper. At first, it was believed there were multiple snipers coordinating their fire, however, it was quickly determined that due to the echo effect, there was just one shooter who was quickly located. Attempts to negotiate with the shooter, who claimed to be acting alone, failed. What was learned was that the shooter was intentionally targeting whites, especially white officers, and he was acting on behalf of ISIS. In the end, the sniper refused to surrender and to avoid risking any further lives, the Dallas Police sent in a robot armed with a bomb. In a single instant the sniper was sent to hell, yet the fallout is still being felt.

Since then we've learned his name and all the usual information; the denials and disbelief from friends and family, and that the sniper was former military. He was also in possession of a gun which the Obama Administration is attempting to restrict. Still, he wasn't a weapons specialist. His MOS was construction and carpentry. He was stationed in Afghanistan, but received a "less than honorable discharge" after only six months of active duty for sexual harassment. He was a Dallas member of the black racist organization, "The New Black Panthers" a recent convert to Islam, and member of "Black Lives Matter". It also appears that he had been "radicalized" and gave allegiance to ISIS, which was reciprocated by their public approval of the attack. Meanwhile, about 20 representatives of The New Black Panthers, a resuscitated version of the militant Black Power Movement organization founded in 1966 by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton, announced that they were coming to Dallas. They even claimed they would at the Republican Convention in Cleveland, and they would be armed. Never miss a good PR opportunity.

As the fallout continued to spread, agents for "Black Lives Matter" began making more noise by demanding the non-blacks cease using the phrase "All Lives Matter"; citing it as a form of "racism". The same goes for "Blue Lives Matter", which is a reference to police officers as well as to all first responders. The group also began demanding that all non-blacks, especially whites, publically apology for their "whiteness" and renounce their so-called "white privilege". There have been a few misguided souls who've complied. It seems that black lives and only black lives matter. A few black celebrities and wannabe celebrities spoke or acted out their support for "Black Lives Matter", even though the corporate media has reported on its connections to the black Muslim separatist Nation of Islam headed by Louis Farrakhan. There have reports of a few recent sporadic protests popping up here and there, noted mostly for primarily blocking traffic on city streets and across highways, along with their promise of massive protests and civil disobedience to come shortly.

Elsewhere, President Obama continues to avoid using words like "Islamic" or "Muslim" terrorists or call this recent murders of the five officers a hate crime (the former Attorney General, Eric Holder, in reviewing a case pertaining to white voters being denied access to election polls by members of "The New Black Panthers", opined that hate crime laws were for members of minority groups only, which excluded whites. Of course, whites, especially white males, are a minority according to the US Census Bureau ). Obama did use the occasion to ask that Americans surrender their guns and strongly hinted as possible future legislation to deny Americans of their Second Amendment rights (for our own good naturally), which has been seconded by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a vocal critic of the 2nd Amendment while liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg committed a ethical taboo by publically speaking out against GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Speaking of the AG, Ms. Lynch made a possible ethics violation by having a 90 minute private conversation aboard her private---I mean taxpayer owned---Lear jet with former President Bill Clinton while investigating Hillary Clinton on a number of violations concerning the use of personal cell phones and disposition of government emails--some of which being highly classified---on non-secure servers as well as the improper disposal of the emails. Thankfully, both the AG and Mr. Clinton both confirmed that they only discussed golf and their grandchildren for the entire 90 minutes. Whew! No need to worry about any unlawful efforts to influence a prosecutor folks. By coincidence, a few days later FBI Director James Comey announced that he would not recommend any felony charges against the Democrat nominee for President, although he was very critical of her handling of sensitive government emails; citing three statutes under which Ms. Clinton could be prosecuted, nor did he recommend blocking her from future secured communications as allowed under federal statute. Several senior military officers who were forcibly discharged and sentenced to federal prison terms have been held up as examples of what could have happened for lesser security violations by various media pundits, both liberal and conservative.

I think this is proof that America is coming loose at the seams. This is not the America I remember from my youth during the 60's and 70's. There were protests, sit-ins, draft card and bra burnings, riots and yes, even assassinations. But, we still saw ourselves as Americans. We believed there were possible solutions. That sense of optimism is gone. Perhaps technology is to be blamed. Nowadays, we can record and broadcast events worldwide in real time, although in doing so we may be lacking the full story so that actions, based on emotions result without knowing the full facts. We are more globally interconnected now than ever. It used to be said that when America sneezed, the rest of the world caught a cold. Now, we are just as likely to catch a cold! Our actions impact the entire world, but the world's actions impact us too. During the Cold War, the Russians had little direct impact here in the States. However, thanks to technology and global connectedness, groups such as ISIS or Great Britain's break from the EU can directly affect us in ways that was impossible a few decades ago.

The use of cover groups are more common than before. These are groups who operate essentially as fronts for other groups, some international, which often remain hidden. Once upon a time, cover groups were the domain of the CIA, KGB, FBI, China's 8341 Unit, or various criminal enterprises. Nowadays, we're seeing religious extremists, cyber criminals and terrorists organizations---foreign and homegrown---making easy use of these. In fact, some are one or two person operations who just don't do recruitment, but fundraising, spread their propaganda and conduct online training. Thus we must be more aware and questioning of what we see and hear.

But there's also the fact that some of this misinformation originates from our own government. America, as most know, is no longer a democratic republic, although many of our politicians like to pretend that it is in their speeches. We are a defacto Oligarchy. We are ruled not governed by this elite caste of obscenely wealthy individuals and their corporations. They, through their agents, the professional Beltway political class and lobbyists, often direct if not actually write legislation they want passed. They dictate how the government will function. By that, I mean how government will serve their interests. Wars have almost always been about economics. Patriotism is considered quaint, unless it can be used to stoke the fires of nationalism and direct its population toward war. You see, these Oligarchs are transnational. They don't see nations or borders. They see economic zones. Governments are there to "manage" these zones for them. The military is used to help settle economic "misunderstandings", be it acquiring or protecting assets and resources or enforcing compliance. We've all known or suspected that there were different rules for these elites and the rest of us. Well thanks to Hillary's email scandal, we've seen it on full display for all to see. All may submit to the law, but not equally.

Citizens are not really "citizens" in the way we used to think of them. They are now consumers. Their loyalties are conditioned through advertising and marketing toward products, not abstract ideals. Instead of being largely self-sufficient or "pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps", the government sees itself as your guardian and protector. It manages your life from cradle to grave...and afterwards thanks to probate court and tax laws. Your "value" is your credit rating, based on your debt ratio and ability to pay. Education has been repeatedly dumbed down. Why? The workforce should be smarted enough to do a job, but not smart enough to question management to paraphrase that American innovator and supporter of fascist ideology, Henry Ford. Unions, which used to the bulwark against corporate abuse, is a mere shell of its former self. Don't like what management is doing? Too bad. Adapt or risk seeing your job shipped overseas. Unions these days are focused on keeping workers on the assembly lines and off the picket lines at any cost because there is some poor slob in India or China or wherever willing to do your job for next to nothing which beats the nothing he or she is currently getting now, and thanks to various federal laws, unions can't do much about it.

The Oligarchs fear people like you and I. We are the ones who may look up from the artificial reality they've created for us---video games, mindless TV programs, so-called "reality TV" and celebrity oriented programs and magazine rags. We're conditioned to be more concerned about how white our teeth are or how clean are clothes can smell rather than special tax breaks, our national debt or oil spill. We're fed a form of Pablum; tidbits of strained or preprocessed news while Congress jumps from one self-induced crisis to the next to the point where we're so confused we just tune it out or turn it off. Which, by the way, is their whole point in case you haven't already guessed.

So, how does this fit in with the shootings and all the rest? To our credit, Americans are becoming quite aware of what's been happening to us, and most of us aren't too pleased. We know the election system is rigged. We know that our Constitutional rights are at serious risk. We know how the government thumbs its nose at our demands (like stopping illegal immigration for example). We are intentionally being divided in every way possible, economic class, religion, sexual/gender, and especially racial. If events can be managed properly, we could have widespread violence, be it racial or wage gap or seeing illegals not prosecuted or granted benefits we are denied. It could be bringing Muslims "refugees" to communities who don't want them and the possibility of embedded terrorists (or faux terrorists) as well as demands that we conform. Whatever, so long as it was wide spread and intense enough to get the American People to demand "something" be done about it; anything as long as it stops. Enter martial law.

Under martial law, the government through their Oligarch overlords could impose direct control, from wages and price controls to travel restrictions, curfews or allocation of resources, including food and medicine. It could impose restrictions on ammo and guns (if any previous sort of "volunteer" surrender of our guns didn't get them all), to even direct oversight over Internet traffic, and so forth. All, of course, for our own good...and it was at our request. We have the Oligarchs. We have the separation of classes and application of laws. We have the surveillance state. We have the militarization of the police. We are seeing the dividing of the nation. We have rigged elections, thanks to the absence of term limits, Citizens United, and gerrymandering.

What I am mentioning here isn't so farfetched. In fact, it's been the common fate of all democracies and republics down through history in one fashion or another. Besides, to prosper, corporations require stability...economic and social. What we must do is refuse to be divided, regardless of gender, orientation, race, or religion. We are Americans and if we are to remain free, we must remember who our common foe is; the ones behind the curtain and those in front of it who do their bidding; those who seek to destroy this nation in exchange for a new global order which precludes ideals like a Constitution or Bill of Rights or anything which restrains the government or the rights they believe are due the ruling class.

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