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In Defense of the 2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment. The right to bear arms. Self-perseveration, whether that means hunting or protection of one's self, others, and property, few issues have caused such division or passion. The division seems to have come down along political lines with the Left, mainly the far Left, believing that guns, especially certain types of rifles and most pistols, have no business belonging in society while the Right, particularly the far Right, believing that guns are as much a part of our natural rights as clean air and water. Those in the middle, however, believe that certain guns, such as military style firearms, military grade weapons including machine guns, full automatics, and armor piercing ammunition should not be in the hands of civilians. Both the Right and middle agree that self-preservation, especially self-protection of self, others, and property are our rights as citizens. In addition, they are a absolute right to protect ourselves from the tyranny of government, while the Left believes that right either doesn't exist or should fall to officially sanctioned state militias, aka the National Guard, and the police.

America has always been attracted by the allure of the gun. With it, we hunted, fed, clothed, and protected our families in a hostile new land. We explored with it in one hand and a compass in the other, if even that. With the Colt and Winchester in hand, we "tamed the West", and caused much butchery in the process. We defended friend and defeated foe wherever we went. It made the Roaring Twenties roar. It propelled the likes of Jesse James, the Daltons, Bonnie and Clyde, and John Dillinger into American folklore, alongside Buffalo Bill Cody, Sitting Bull, Cochise, Daniel Boone, and Davy Crockett. We had largely been denied ownership of guns in the Old World out of fear we would rise up and revolt against an feudalistic monarchies. We did anyway, with pitchforks, shovels, and knives. Like it or not, the gun is as part of Americana as hotdogs and ice cream. Guns are more than just a means to survive and protect, they are tangible representations of freedom. They are our guarantee against a government which seeks to turn against the people it is suppose to represent.

Of course, there is a downside with guns, as there is with all things. America is often viewed as a violent country because of guns. Some people imagine America as having a showdown on nearly every corner every day as if "Anytown America" was somehow a recreation of late 19th century Tombstone Arizona or Dodge City Kansas. Yes, guns are used to commit crimes, but if not the gun, they would likely use something else. It's used by the weak to feel strong; the powerless to feel powerful. This is especially true among the young. They mistakenly think possessing a gun "earns them respect". They wrongly equate imposing fear with power. In reality, it earns them nothing except possibly an early trip to the morgue. But that isn't the fault of the gun. It's the fault of the one holding the gun; who never understood what respect really was all about. They say that guns don't kill, people do, and they're right. A gun, be it a rifle or pistol, is just a tool. No more and no less. How and why it's used is based on the intent of the possessor. Nothing more.

Now, comes along the politicians. Some favor the 2nd Amendment and some don't. That's ok. That's part of the American debate as guaranteed by another amendment, the 1st Amendment which is all about freedom of speech and expression. Those who support the 2nd Amendment tend to see the government as having certain restrictions; certain guidelines or parameters in which it can operate. A few even view government as a necessary evil; something to be watched. Then there are those who see the 2nd Amendment as the evil, and certainly not a necessary one. They view guns as something which belongs to our past; as something which holds us back as a nation and as a civilization. Few of us hunt with them anymore. The military it there for national protection, and the police provide civilian protection, so what's the point? If, somehow magically, all guns would be removed from the hands of ordinary individuals, violent crimes would decrease or even all but disappear (seriously, they believe that). Of course, human nature being what it is, and criminals being who they are, will always find a way to obtain guns just like they found ways to obtain liquor during the Prohibition Era; you know, the "Roaring Twenties". What we would have in reality are armed criminals facing an unarmed public with a understaffed and underequipped police department that's usually fifteen minutes too late. Fish in a barrel.

But, that's not even the half of it. If we surrender our guns, either voluntarily or by force, we also lose our means to defend ourselves from a government overstepping its boundaries. Now, there are those who believe the government would never ever do anything to harm us, yet they overlook all the corruption of government down through history (which may also be why history isn't taught in depth any more). They overlook the allure of power and wealth. They forget that we've already lost the democrat republic that our Founding Father's left to us. We are now a defacto Oligarchy. We---our economic and political system---is controlled by a small clique of corporate elite; the nefarious 1% we've so often heard of. When they collapsed Wallstreet out of the their greed and incompetence, the American People demanded they not be bailed out, yet they were. Why? Why not? They are hand-in-glove with the government. They took care of their own at our expense as they've always done. If we are denied a means to protect ourselves and to fight back, what do you imagine these individuals will do? Will the reel themselves in or will they seek to maximize their control over our lives?

Just recently, Chelsea Clinton, speaking on behalf of her mother, Hillary Clinton, told a group of supporters that her mother would do everything in her power to take guns out of the hands of ordinary men and women. She went on to say that her mother, who knows how to "use" the Supreme Court to impose laws, would take advantage of the death of conservative Judge Scalia, to place a liberal anti 2nd Amendment judge to the High Court. Perhaps in the same way the High Court was used to illegally rewrite a bill which was unconstitutional in order to impose it on the American People as a tax, or in fit of judicial insanity, declare corporations to be "human beings" with not just the same rights as ordinary mortals, but greater rights. How? By ruling that money was "free speech" and while you and I are restricted in the amount of "free speech" we can donate to candidates or issues of our choice. These "Frankensteins" bare no such restriction; in effect, openly allowing them to buy candidates and elections. I don't necessarily support Ted Cruz or Donald Trump, but I don't hear them openly called for the removal of guns from the hands of ordinary Americans like the Clinton camp is.

America is in big trouble. It has been for decades now. I don't think anyone can seriously deny that we are on a downward trajectory. It's more than just an artificially inflated economy thanks to our perpetual "war of terror" and imperialistic wars for fun and profit. We battle enemies mostly of our own government's creation, which has awoken a religious fever bent on the total destruction of all who fail to submit. Instead of taking the threat seriously, we've invited them into our nation on the promise that won't murder anyone. All one has to do is look at Europe to see how good their word is, and yet individuals like Hillary Clinton would have us defenseless? We are witnessing the greatest economic divide perhaps in our nation's history with little hope of ever being bridged. Racial tensions are at the highest since the 1960's, and yet, it seems the fans of hate are being artificially fanned. Most of us thought racial hatred was consigned to the past, but there appears those who see profit from it, economic and political. Illegal immigrations remains a serious economic and security threat, yet nothing is being done (actually, nothing is being allowed to be done). Why? What advantage is there in having over 11 million illegal residents? Perhaps to drive down wages and increase compensation for minimal wage or entry level jobs? Increased compensation of this type not only drive down wages but benefits as those on the bottom rung of the economic try to undercut each other just to have a job.
True, some unions support amnesty for illegals in order to recruit them. But then again, unions are starving for the dues and will accept money whatever its source or long term human cost. Meanwhile, we have a healthcare system which is overburden and failing. Illegals are collapsing a taxpayer based safety net that was never designed for this much usage without being replenished. The US Attorney General's office commits a felony by illegally selling weapons to drug cartels. The result is deal federal agents and civilians; killed with the same guns. The same Attorney General attempts to sue the State of Arizona for enforcing existing federal laws, and then takes the unprecedented step of allowing a foreign nation, Mexico, to join in the lawsuit, and then prohibits federal agents from enforcing the law. Arizona and other border states now have "no go" counties; effectively areas ceded to drug cartels and illegal immigrants. Lastly, we see moves the government to prevent veterans---those who've been trained to use guns---from owning them because they are seen as "potentially dangerous" due to the "stresses of war or military service". Seriously? They are the ones best trained in their usage and safety.

We face an uncertain future with a strong potential of social unrest. Traditionally, we've had the security of knowing we could protect ourselves, our property, and others. If necessary, we had the means to put at least some food on the table. If those like Hillary Clinton are successful, we will lose all that. We will be nearly totally dependent on the government for everything---protection, food, shelter, and who knows what else. we already know the extent Hillary Clinton will go to secure power, even to point of committing treason against this country. Perhaps I'm being a little bit paranoid, but I don't think so. Our Founding Fathers, who faced an out of control government, certainly didn't think so, and history would tend to back us up.

So, what can we do? Well, the first thing is to make sure those who call for surrendering our guns stay out of office, be it elected or appointed, and that means vigilance. Standing up and speaking out even then they try to shout you down. Secondly, we can quietly buy up guns, ammo, cleaning supplies, and replacement parts and securely store it. We can take gun safety classes to learn how to properly use and take care of our guns. We can target practice (with permission of the property owner of course). We can downplay what we have and where we keep it. The fewer who know, the better. Essential people only is your best bet. There's no doubt that we are headed down the road to a police state. We are being monitored at every turn; almost to the point where we don't even notice anymore. We freely surrender our personal information for "free data" or "no signup fees" or some discount on this or that. Is that what our privacy or freedom is worth? Just remember that chains don't have to be made of iron. They can be made of bits of electronic circuitry too, and if we lose the means to defend ourselves, we have lost the key to our own freedom, and once gone, it will not be willingly returned.

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