Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fool Me Once....

Folks, we're being duped. Suckered. Conned, Snookered. Insert whatever word you prefer. Obama's Administration has repeatedly shown a total disregard for the Constitution; the Bill of Rights; the Rule of Law; and perhaps most important of all, the Will of the American People. But it's not just the Obama Regime and his cronies. It's the Republicans too. Yes, they've fought Obama on numerous points, but it's not been for our sake, the American People, that they've delayed and "obstructed". Not for a minute. They were doing it for their corporate masters just the same as the Democrats. If we happened to benefit, well that's a plum for the next campaign cycle.

You all know the drill here. Pushing through some form of amnesty for illegal in this country. Promise border security, yet gut enforcement. Don't pursue those crossing the border illegally; don't punish those hiring illegal workers and locking them into a cycle of abuse and poverty with no recourse. Instead, let's go after the border patrol agents. Let criminalize their actions. Let's "observe" drug dealers and criminal gangs while ceding border counties to them. Never mind that over 80% of the American Public has consistently opposed illegal immigration and has demanded a secured and enforced border. Obama even order Janet Napolitano, Director of Homeland Security and Eric Holder, head of the Justice Department to go after states which attempted to enforce existing US laws relating to illegal immigration.

Mexican officials call any such action by the American Government "criminal" and a violation of human rights, and yet they have the same thing on their southern border with offenders being arrested as felons, and we've all heard about the brutality of Mexican jails. Why the hypocrisy? Quite simply, they believe Southwestern US, Florida, and the southern parts of Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi, and California belongs to them. Secondly, because of cultural, economic and religious reasons, Mexico and all of Latin America for that matter, never developed a large and well educated middle class. The masses were largely kept ignorant and poor, and most of all, afraid by the Catholic Church and large land owners who have historically controlled the government. With a fragile economy and no jobs for their large and mostly low or unskilled population, the only immediate solution is to dispose of them of them somehow. and since genocide is frowned upon in the West, the solution has been El Norte where they may find jobs and hopefully send money back to help bolster local economies.

Of course, Corporate America is quietly supporting amnesty. The more workers, the lower wages for everyone. Simple supply and demand. Obamacare, something else most Americans have opposed, will shift the burden of insurance onto workers since most small businesses can't afford the costs. Many will simply lay off employees; cut or freeze wages and raise prices to compensate; or simply go out of business. Benefits in general will slowly vanish. Many unions support amnesty, but again, for the wrong reasons.

Unions support amnesty for illegal workers because most will be employed in low end blue collar jobs which have traditionally been unionized. Today, unions are but a shadow of their former selves. They've lost political clout (the Democrats use them simply as a cash cow). Many of the issues they fought for are either law or no longer relevant. And most of all, membership is a fraction of what it used to be (only in the government sector has union membership remains steady). That means unions are broke. They're hoping the amnesty will mean an influx of new members, and that means more dues flowing into their bank accounts; not that it will do the workers much good.

Unions need to refocus. They need to train individuals in organizing so they can return home and build unions there. It is in most of these places that the issues unions fought for in 1930's, 40's, and 50's, are still relevant. It is by organizing in Latin America that a vibrant middle class can be developed, which will reduce, if not stop, their own human rights violations, and that folks will great reduce illegal immigration. If there are jobs at home, and if there is no fear from their government, there is no need to come here illegally. Meanwhile, unions in America needs to learn to stand on their feet. We need to rebuild our middle class in this country and they can't do it in the hip pocket of Democratic Party which is itself in bed with the same corporate ruling class as the GOP.

Meanwhile we've got domestic spying on an unprecedented scale with the open and active consent of corporate America, and at the very least, the tacit acceptance of those self-proclaimed "Guardians of the Public", the media. Even those businesses whose images are "edgy", youth oriented, "rebellious" or "anti-establishment" have been, albeit quietly, going along with what is clearly a violation of the 1st and 2nd Amendments. We have not only the monitoring of every phone call, email, or other electronic communication, we have drones quietly searching the skies over America like some sort ancient vulture and we, the American People, are its prey. Even our socialist leaning friends in Europe are complaining that we've gone too far! Meanwhile, the NSA quietly goes about creating a national data base where it will house a digital file on every single individual on the planet. Think about that for just a moment and what that actually means.

The economy continues to putter along; not quite a recession but not quite a recovery. Sort of the new normal I suppose. People continue to struggle to make ends meet. Most Americans, at least those fortunate enough to have jobs, are overworked thanks to cutbacks, and literally living from paycheck to paycheck. Meanwhile, college students are debtors before even picking up their imitation parchments. Those trying to start new business are choked by more red tape than in a hardware store. Yet, there's money enough to bailout Wall Street, again, over the objections of the American People, while nothing for Main Street, We have gone from being a proud, independent, and enterprising people to browbeaten economic serfs. So-called "Death Panels" will mead out decisions as to who gets what coverage and who doesn't, depending on your productive value to the system will be the new reality under Obamacare as we trudge off to work.

Political correctness somehow manages to reach new lows as we are no longer permitted for call the enemy what they are, "Moslem", "terrorists" or "extremists". Attacks by these murders, be it a small cell like the six at Ft. Dix in May of 2007, the "lone wolf" doctor at Ft. Hood in November of 2009, an organized attack like at Benghazi, US and Allied soldiers killed by our Afghan "partners", or more recently, the Boston Marathon bombings, some non-descript term is always used in order to not offend anyone. Can you imagine us soft pedaling Nazi genocide during WWII so we didn't "offend" them? Now, we have a president who went on an "apology tour" at the beginning of the first term, and even bowed to a Saudi king. He has been apologizing in one fashion or another ever since. Can you imagine Russia's Putin doing that? No, I can't either. Americans don't bow to anyone, and especially an American President or other member of government. It's not a part of our national DNA.

Efforts by Americans to protect themselves, their families, and their possessions has been ridiculed by the mainstream media in concert with an administration hell bent on stripping us of our 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms. Why did our Founding Father even bother with adding, as a right and duty of every citizen, possession of a weapon? Because every other country at that time restricted the possession of firearms as a means of controlling their citizens. An unarmed populace is a weak and defenseless populace. So why does this president feel the need to disarm Americans? Is it for our benefit? He said it's for our own "protection" as part of the "war on terror" while federal agencies are loading up on high powered "mankiller" ammo and police departments are resembling paramilitary units more and more thanks to federal funding. All that's missing is the "trust me" and maniacal laugh.

Even groups aren't immune. Conservatives demanding adherence to the Constitution are regularly getting harassed by the IRS and Department of Homeland Security. At first, we were told this was virtually a non-event; a few isolated incidents at best, but it's turned out to be wide spread, long standing, and apparently known all the way to the top. Sound kind of like the same story we were given about the "Fast and Furious" gun deal where Eric Holder of the Justice Department approved selling automatic weapons to Mexican drug lords, who, in turn, used them to murder US border agents and dozens of innocent civilians, or the now infamous cover-up of the murders of Ambassador Stevens and three others during the attack on our embassy in Benghazi Libya.

Other nations have had their "Springs of Liberation". Some have been successful, like Iceland, and parts of Eastern Europe. Some had the potential for success, but were hijacked by extremists such as in Libya and Egypt. So, when will Americans finally get sick and tired of being sick and tired of incompetence in Washington? When will Americans decide that corporations do not have more rights than flesh and blood human beings or that money equates to "free speech" with corporations donating unlimited amounts while individuals are still restricted. When will Americans decide that government does not belong in our bedrooms, or for that matter, in our personal lives? When will Americans decide that government needs to get its financial house in order before it starts telling us how to live ours? There's an old Scottish say, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me". Need I say more?

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