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The Quiet War

Our government, and indeed, most Americans just don't get it. I don't know if it's political correctness. Blind ignorance. Short attention span. Perhaps it's just plain laziness. It was announced today that there was another attack resulting in the death of six Americans, including another US diplomat, 25 year old Anne Smedinghoff, described as being "idealistic". Ms Smedinghoff was serving as an aide to Secretary of State, John "Fast Boat" Kerry. The murder, carried out by the Taliban, took place in Afghanistan where Ms. Smedinghoff was overseeing a program for the distribution of books for children. Apparently the Taliban are deeply afraid of not just women, especially in leadership positions, but also of books. Perhaps instead of bombing them, we should have just drop books.

Sadly, Ms. Smedinghoff's murder follows Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens who was murdered by Muslim terrorists in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. The Obama Administration nixed the rescue of Stevens and three other Americans. The subsequent investigation showed a clear cover-up by the State Department, then headed by Hillary Clinton, and the Obama Administration.

Regardless, there has been marked increase in deaths of US soldiers and civilians by the hands of Iraqi and Afghan troops; the very people we've trained and who are supposed to be our allies. Already, US personnel are cautioned against speaking ill of Islam or the Taliban or Al Qaida or any of their leaders,or any perceived desecration of the Koran. US personnel are not to make comments, facial expressions or anything to offend the locals even when it comes to women or child abuse (that includes rape and pedophilia). Religious expression, such as openly reading a bible or displaying a cross or Star of David, are taboo. Women have to be especially careful with respect to their appearance and in their dealings with the local leaders, who are always men. There's been a low key approach when it comes to education, especially of women or girls (some of whom have been beaten, raped, had acid thrown on them, or shot while their families either do nothing or actively participate).

Conflict between Islam and the other two great regional religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, have been going on for centuries, including the destruction of ancient Buddhist monuments, but the level of violence has again been on the increase, not just in the region around India, but also in parts of Nepal, Tibet, China, and Indonesia. In India, there two terrorist attacks in the city of Hyderabad, one in 2008 and the other just recently on February 21, resulting in the deaths of 40 people while in New Delhi there was a bomb blast in September 2011 killing 13. China saw a terrorist attack in the Xinjiang Province killing 13 and wounding 13 just days before the 2008 Beijing Olympics started. More recent attacks occurred in 2010 and 2011.

In Egypt, since the election of extremist Muslim Brotherhood, Coptic Christians, who had, for centuries, lived in relative peace, have now come under violent assault with Copt Christian Churches being burned; destruction of Coptic Bible, brutal beatings, rapes, and murders. More recently, young daughters of Coptic Christians are being kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam and then shipped off to arranged marriages in various parts of the Islamic world, never to be heard from again (and please recall, these marriages can to be to all male regardless of age. In fact, many older men, prefer young "virgin" girls). This kidnapping and statutory rape, of course, isn't limited just to Christian girls, some as young as 9 years old.

This trend, however, is not limited to just the Iraq, Afghanistan, or even the Middle East. It has spread to Europe, which has tripled in the last 30 years to 44.1 million (as of 2010) and shows no signs of either slowing or assimilating. Since the cowardly attack on America on 9/11, the Moslem population in the US has increased 67% with 2.1 million. So, what's going on here? Why is this happening?
Simply put, there is a war going on here. It's not entirely a war of land or resources, although that's part it. It's a war of ideology; of religion. It's a conquest if you will by numbers. It's overrunning the economic system of the host country until it's weaken to the point where it can no longer support the population; where the military is weakened to the point where it's exhausted and bleed dry. It's increasing the population to the point where it can, at first, stop "asking" and start "demanding"; where it goes influencing policy to making policy. Not only does Washington fail to grasp this simple concept, but it would seem neither does the heads of the European Union or other nations like India, which happens to be the world's largest democracy; something radical Islam violently opposes. So, what does this bode for America, and indeed, the West, as well as well as other nations like India and China?

Let's start with the latter two first. Both nations contain the majority of the world's population and either could withstand any onslaught, be it military, economic, or ideological. Granted, both China's and India's populations have dropped somewhat, the decline is relative. China still has 1.34 billion people while India has 1.2 billion. However, any pseuo-economic/religious/political/military conflict could, and probably will, result a very long and bloody struggle with hundreds of millions dead. The West, and that includes the United States, could face a very different fate. Neither have substantial populations in light to the increasing birthrates of immigrant Muslims and the declining birthrates of their host nations. Europe will likely succumb to Islam in the not too distant future. Russia, given its vastness, may survive a bit longer, but to faces a declining birthrates while the surrounding former client states, which are dominantly Muslim, continues to increase. In Israel, Palestinian birthrates far exceed Israeli, 2.6 to 1.7. Therefore, even if Israel maintains its current policy of expanding settlements, in the long run, it will fail unless it allows for the creation of a separate Palestinian state in order to maintain a Jewish majority.

As for America (and that includes Canada), the domestic birthrates also continue to decline while immigrant, including Moslem, increases. In the US, which has seen a massive influx of illegal immigrants (as much as 12 million), mostly from Latin America, which also has a high birthrate, may...just may...offset. When you consider that most of these are Catholic, America may be the last Citadel of Christianly left, albeit not the one we currently know.

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