Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cure Your Democracy: A Contagiously Humorous Book

Book Review

Cure Your Democracy: The Infection, Spread and Treatment of Contagious Opinions by John Cooker, MRI.

Think of political discourse today as a modern disease; a social disease if you well. That's what author John Cooker has done. The diseases, which he has aptly diagnosed, are Democratitus and Democratosis, and both appear to be highly contagious. Both diseases seem to have profound effects on their hosts, such as doublespeak, confused thinking, hearing difficulty, and an inability to comprehend what the other person is saying. Symptoms seemly can range from mild amusement to mouth foaming hysteria according to Mr. Cooker's research.

While these "viruses" are near identical in their symptoms, there are some fundamental differences. For instance, Mr. Cooker cites that what drives Democratitus is the fear of government, while for Democratosis, it's the fear of the People. But what he also found, was that both viruses are equally repellent of the other, and both seem to strive to rid other hosts of the opposing malady and seems to re-infect the host with a replica of itself. And so the book goes.

Mr. Cooker has written an overtly irreverent book which takes a unique and humorous look at the current state of political discourse in America today. We all too often take ourselves to serious when it comes to politics and as a result, fail to appreciate the value of the other person's perspective. As a result, Americans are more deeply divided than at any time since the decade preceding the Civil War. This has led Mr. Cooker to take the rather novel approach of examining this behavior as if it was a contagious "virus" bent on the total subjugation of its host and elimination of its competing virus.

Cure You Democracy is a delightful humorous and timely commentary about today's political landscape. I encourage every political junkie to take a "chill pill" and set back for a healthy laugh. Be sure to check the author's webpage at

Pages: 263

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