Saturday, June 16, 2012

Obama offers Immunity to Children of Illegal Immigrants

Has Obama sold the American Dream down the river as the majority of American believe, or is he actually trying to fulfill the American Dream for some? The answer to that question just became a little murkier this week when Obama ordered his pals, Eric Holder at the Justice Department and Janet Napolitano at Homeland Security to stop enforcing deportation efforts against some 800,000 children of illegal immigrants. Many of these children are now in either high school of college.

I suppose one can't fault Obama. After all, the overwhelming majority of these children were brought here a small children; many under 5 years of age. Should they be held accountable for criminal actions of their parents? Of course not. They are just as innocent of any wrong doing as a child would be if their parents were arrested for, let's say, drug possession or armed robbery. What got everyone's goat though wasn't necessarily what Obama did; it was how he did it.

Rather than run this through Congress for discussion like he should have done, Obama simply issued another one of his Executive Orders, and "voila"...instant results. With all the bickering and lack of leadership in Congress (not to mention a 84%+ disapproval rating), Obama saves taxpayers both time and money. So who needs a dysfunctional Congress?

But did Obama do this out of some altruistic reason, or was there a political motive involved? Well, currently Obama has a 61% approval rating among Hispanics, and Hispanics are the second largest minority behind whites, but they're also fasting growing minority in America. Hispanics are more likely than not to register Democrat than Republican (65% to 22%) despite their tendency toward conservatism due primarily to the failure of the GOP to actively reach out to Hispanics, as a result, Hispanics are poised to replace blacks as the Democrat core. He has previously ordered the Justice Department and ICE to back off the investigation and enforcement of deportation, except among those with known violent criminal backgrounds. In short, adding another 800,000 Hispanics in their prime voting and childbearing years to the rolls certainly helps the Obama cause in the short run and the Democrat cause in the long run.

The GOP needs to get off its silk covered duff and do something within the Hispanic, Asian, and black communities if it wants to remain relevant. Conservative whites, long the core of the Republican Party, are on the decline. And the GOP needs to get off it sanctimonious high horse (or high elephant as the case may be) when it comes to social issues and join the rest of the American Public in the middle.

Obama suspends deportation of thousands of illegals

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