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Federal Judge Issues Injunction on Arizona’s SB1070/ Where Do We Go From Here?

The US Justice Department filed suit against the State of Arizona over SB1070. Now, a US district judge, Susan Bolton, has stripped several key parts of the bill while we wait on the lawsuit to begin. That should have come as no surprise to readers of AO. I’ve been telling you for weeks to expect something like this. Bolton, a Clinton appointee, issued a temporary injunction delaying a provision that would have required immigrants to carry documentation authorizing them to be in this country legally and to seek employment. Also her injunction banned the provision keeping illegal immigrants from seeking employment (aimed primarily as day workers). It also prevents police officers from making arrests of suspected illegals for crimes which could lead to the subsequent deportment without a warrant. So, I guess that helps out the criminal gangs for the time being. Thanks Susan.

The reason for this pre-emptive strike if you will is to weaken the resolve of those who want secure borders (fat chance), and secondly, to allow additional time for the much weaker opposition, those who favor open borders, to gather strength, organized, and attempt to mount a media propaganda blitz. Indeed, the day the bill went into effect, we got an opportunity to see some of the groups who favor would support illegal immigration.

I admit to being impressed by the number of illegals immigrants who openly came out to protest with little or no fear of being arrested or even detained. Back in their home countries, illegals protesting like that would have been likely arrested and sent to one of their infamous federal prisons as “guests of the State”. It serves as a reminded to let you know just how serious this Administration is about illegal immigration.

Speaking at the American University in Washington, DC on July 1, 2010, Obama made it clear that there would be no discussion on illegal immigration enforcement with including amnesty for the estimated 20 million illegal aliens now living here. Of course, once some sort of deal if reached, if there is indeed a deal at some point, you can bet that number will dramatically increase as illegals make a “run for the border” to get in on deal. So why is Obama so adamant on amnesty for the predominately (but by no means exclusively) illegal Hispanic population now living here? Perhaps it’s his magnanimous nature (after all, he is the “messiah” right). Maybe it’s life imitating history, which leads us to our next article.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Obama has often said that the person he most admires from history is Abraham Lincoln. Since Lincoln freed the slaves, perhaps Obama sees his destiny as the second “Great Emancipator” by giving citizenship to the millions of illegals now living here. A modern Moses. Wow, that sure would be an ego trip wouldn’t it? It would definitely cement his legacy in the history books. Of course it wouldn’t hurt that, according to most estimates, the majority, 53%, of Hispanics lean politically to the Left, though only 35% of citizens of Hispanic origin have actually registered as Democrats. Of those, 67% of Hispanics, voted for Obama. Nevertheless, many pollsters believe that the overwhelming majority of illegal aliens would register Democrat. If that should happen, it would add approximately 70,000 more Democrats to the rolls, and that’s just the Hispanics. America’s third largest minority are Asians, whose population is quickly rising and may overtake Blacks as the second most populous group within the next 25 years, are also heavily Democratic.

According to Gallup, approximately 61% of Asians are either registered Democrat or lean Democrat. It that trend continues it would all but cinch the hold by the liberal Left on America. The Republican Party, and indeed conservatives could be all but shut out of political power on the national or even state and local levels. Even with the added support of the Tea Party Movement, it wouldn’t be enough. America would be hurled down the road to unhindered socialism. Sure, the Right could serve as the obligatory opposition voice (and may even win the periodic token victory), but our course as nation would be all but cast in stone.

But there is a potential bright spot for the Republican Party and conservative movement, but I have to warn you, it’s a lot like that medicine your mom gave you when you were a child and didn’t feel very good. It tasted like crap, but eventually you felt better (or at least you pretended you did so she’d stop forcing that nasty stuff down your throat…blaah). So, if you’re a Republican or Conservative, hold your nose and take a deep breath; here we go.

America is changing demographically and there’s nothing you can do about it. You either adapt and or you die. It happened to the dinosaurs. It happened to the Whigs, and it will happen to you. America is conservative, not as conservative as you think. Let’s take the issue of Hispanics and Asians mentioned above as an example. 61% of Asians are Democrat or Left leaning. Only 24% are registered or lean Republican/Conservative. 83% of Blacks are Democrats or lean Left. Breaking it down further, however, reveals another story.

Despite voter registration, Asians 46% of Asians are moderates, while 31% are liberal and the remaining 21% are conservative. Among Hispanics, we have a similar picture. 38% are moderates while 34% are conservative and 23% are liberal. Contrary to their registration, Blacks are only 24% liberal, with 29% calling themselves conservative and a whopping 43% moderate.

In terms of religion, Asians are the least most religious group with Blacks being the most. 54% of Asians said religion was important compared to 70% among Hispanics and 80% among Blacks (63% of Whites said religion was important). The vast majority of Hispanics, approximately 63%, belong to the more conservative Catholic Church, which obviously causes concern for the increasingly socialistic Democratic Party. Nevertheless, the Catholic Church, along with the majority of Protestant Churches (especially, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, and Baptist)are declining at an alarming rate, while Americans who identify themselves as not affiliated has dramatically increased (Wicca is now the fastest growing religion in America).

So, what’s all this mean to the conservative movement in general and the Republican Party specifically? Just this, and that’s most Americans aren’t particularly fans of either party. Americans are largely independent thinking and mostly moderate, albeit slightly right leaning. Americans have no patience with racial or religious intolerance or having someone else’s beliefs crammed down our throats. We values equality, fairness, and accountability—both for government and for corporate America. Americans are ok with diversity. Social issues like gay marriage, birth control or making abortions illegal across the board aren’t going to fly with most Americans who are more interested making their mortgage payment or paying their utility bills. We are a nation of immigrants, but we want our laws and borders respected. There are thousands waiting to come to America, but they’re following the law. Why should others be allowed to jump ahead of the line? America is a melting pot. We want newcomers to adapt to our culture and language, not the other way around. We overwhelmingly believe in God, but we don’t want someone telling us what god to believe in or how we have to worship that god.

Many of the moderates who would have appealed to a huge segment of these emerging demographics have been forced from the GOP by the single issue ultra conservatives and Religious Right. If the Republican Party recreates a moderate wing reflective of Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Nixon, or even George H Bush, by focusing on issues of concern to the average American like taxes, governmental and corporate accountability, it can reclaim its place as the party of the middle class and answer the challenge of the Democratic Party and rise in independents. If not, the only Republicans your grandchildren may ever see may be in a museum.

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