Saturday, August 15, 2009

Illegal Immigration and Open Borders

Our last issue dealt with Obama’s Healthcare plan, which includes language requiring working Americans to pay not just for those without healthcare, but for illegal immigrants as well. Well, it gets worse. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to arrest illegal aliens crossing the border as you’ll read in these attached links.

The first, which is from Atlas Shrugs by Pamela Geller, is entitled “Obamaland: Illegal to Arrest Illegals:,

The second article, which really gets my proverbial goat, comes to us from super-blogger Debbie Schlussel. The article deals with a recent decision to remove the “United States” sign from the border crossing in Upper New York Homeland Security seems a bit more concerned with offending illegals and terrorist than declaring our territory. Read the article for yourself:

Lastly, do you remember in our last edition that I told you that Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer declared that our borders were finally “secure to move forward on immigration reform”? Well, just a week after declaring our borders secure, a US Border Patrol Agent was murdered by illegals just 100 feet inside the US border with Mexico. 30 year old Robert Rosas left behind a wife and two young children. Unfortunately our border agents are ill-equipped and hamstrung by our own government, leaving them all but defenseless as they risk their lives to protect American lives and American soil. Somehow Senator Schumer, I just don’t feel particularly secure. Maybe you should ask Mrs. Rosas and her children how they feel.

Courier Journal’s David Hawpe Retires

Back in 2002, when I ran for Metro Council, I was asked by the Courier Journal’s Editorial Board what I would like to accomplish if elected to the newly created Louisville Metro Council. My answer was that I would like to work with other Metro Council members in the Southwest part of the county to deal with issues specific to us, namely drainage/flooding, new/upscale businesses, and crime. The Editorial Board immediately accused me of trying to “balkanize” the Metro Council and the newly created Metro Louisville (a merger between the City of Louisville and Jefferson County, which in hindsight may not have been such a great idea after all). Of course, nothing was further from the truth and as other Metro Council members have since come together to form their specific caucuses, its obvious just how out of touch the Editorial Board was and sometimes remains.

However, one of the members of that board’s composition that seem to understand what I was saying was David Hawpe. Mr. Hawpe was long familiar with the unique issues facing South Louisville and by extension, the Southwestern portion of Jefferson County. Mr. Hawpe began work at the Courier Journal back in the days when it attracted some of the best and brightest in journalism, even though it tilted to Left, which suited him just fine. In 1996, Mr. Hawpe was promoted to Editorial Director and continued in that position until last week when he retired after 40 years of delighting Liberals and infuriating Conservatives alike.

Over the years, I’ve come to know Mr. Hawpe a little better than I did when I walked into that room. We seldom agreed, but I’m sure he came to understand (maybe even appreciate a little) that my interest was always what was best for the residents of the Southend, which I’m sure, were his as well. Thank you Mr. Hawpe. Those of us at Another Opinion wish you well in your retirement.

Poll Results

In our last poll, we asked you if you thought our border was secure enough. 11% of you were pretty happy with our border situation. 5% thought it could be a little more secure. A whopping 64% thought our border had more holes than Swiss cheese, and 17% thought our border security was non-existent. I couldn’t agree more.

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