Sunday, April 12, 2009

The 2010 Census and Illegal Immigration

Now, you really wouldn’t think something as mundane as a census would generate much interest outside perhaps some Trivial Pursuit questions for most us. But the 2010 census is expected to be a major political “hot potato” in upcoming months. The reason why is over illegal immigration. Open border advocates are demanding that the US ICE stop raids while the census is taking place. The reason they argue is make sure everyone, legal and illegal, are counted. Those here illegally will seek to avoid census takers and those that do meet up with census takers, may simply lie, and thus you end up with skewed numbers.

The purpose of the census is primarily allocation of representation in Congress, which translates rather quickly into allocation of tax dollars, and in these cash strapped times, that’s a big deal. California, which has one the highest percentages of illegally aliens, has already picked up six seats from the last census (and spends $24 billion dollars annually in Los Angeles County alone, not including medical or education, on it’s illegally population). The Southwest, mainly Arizona and New Mexico, are expected to pick up an additional two seat each while Florida is expected to gain two more seats as well). States in the Midwest and Northeast, like Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania, are expected to drop two to three seats. That means those states will lose valuable tax resources to those states with increasing illegal aliens, not to mention a loss of legislative clout in Washington.

In short, since the census is used in the appropriation of seats to Congress, those states which harbor (and support, however indirectly) their illegally population, are expected to benefit from it by picking up more Congressional Seats and, of course, more US taxpayer money (approximately $300 billion dollars is at stake). Acting director of the US Census Bureau, Thomas Mesenbourg has publicly stated that the Census Bureau will work in cooperation with “trusted community organizations” to make sure everyone is counted regardless of their immigration status. Cardinal Francis George, speaking on behalf of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops at a pro-immigration rally in Chicago on March 23, 2009, stated that immigration raids should immediately cease because “everyone deserves respect” and the government shouldn’t be “separating families”, which served “to diminish what God has joined”. The Catholic Church, along some other similar religious organizations, has a long history of ignoring immigration laws.

My question to you is this, should the US Census Bureau count illegal residents, and then factor those numbers into who gets more seats in Congress and who does not? Should states which support illegal aliens benefit from their actions by redirecting taxpayer based funds away from states which do not? Should relgious organizations feel free to break the law if they feel it's moral wrong? Should they be held accountable under the law, including jail time?

Corporate Communist Dictatorship
By John Buck

Seems to me the far right And the far left have similar end games. On one hand you have corporate fascism on the other eventual communist dictatorship. Ever feel like a mustang being corralled in a pen? The concerted efforts by these seemingly polar opposite ideologies have one important thing in common, the eventual muting of the American voice for the profit of an elite few. Can anyone tell me the difference between the Joseph McCarthy's Red Scare lists and Stalin's enemy of the state purge lists? There is none. Both were enacted to affect the desired result, fear. Through fear a common desire for safety drives the population to conform. Conform to what? Conform to the desires of the elite few. That my friends is not Democracy, it is surrender of the most basic rights our forefathers laid down their lives for, which was done in order to protect the ability of future generations of Americans to raise their voices in PROTEST and Adapt a more equitable outcome. FREEDOM I believe that our governments refusal to secure our border is not an oversight, it is purposeful attack in order to create the necessary fear that through economic insecurity and lack of national identity a more manageable population can be conformed for the whimsy of the elite few. I became an Independent today in the hope at least ten other options are made available to my AMERICAN brethren , whose inherent desire for truth deserves the broadest spectrum of possibilities in political parties to achieve the desired result our founding fathers so intuitively sought.

Poll Results

In our last poll, I wanted to know what you thought about educating the children of illegal immigrants. With the strains on our education system, can we afford to (or not afford)? An overwhelming majority of you (56%) say that we shouldn’t spend taxpayer dollars to educate the children of illegal aliens. 35% of you said we should, but only if their parents were on track to becoming US Citizens. The remainder of you thought we needed to include all children, regardless of their parent’s immigration status.

As everyone knows by now, I’m something of a nationalist. I love this country and I believe we need to take care of America and Americans first. However, uneducated children grow into uneducated young adults who are often influenced by and sometimes induced into joining criminal gangs. This means spending more taxpayer money on security, police, fire, EMS, and prisons, not to mention the unquantitative costs in destroyed lives. I thinking educating the children may be more cost effective approach in the long term. However, I would insist that all the children regardless be educated in English only.

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