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Aztlan Anyone?

I’m willing to bet most of you have never heard of “Aztlan” and know even less about the Chicano or Aztlan Movement. As most everyone knows, Hispanics are now the largest minority in the United States; comprising approximately 15% of the total population (which is expected to rise to 29% by 2050). This dramatic increase in numbers has made the Hispanic population a potential power player in American politics at all levels. This may explain the foot dragging of those in Washington to quietly impede the building a fence along our Southern border, or provide adequate funding of border security. It may also explain why there is private distain by those inside Washington’s beltway to any efforts to establish English as our national language while allowing Spanish to become the de facto “co-language” much as French is in Canada. This brings me to question regarding Aztlan.

Aztlan was the mythical home of the Nahua people, the original inhabitants of Southwest America and ancestors of today’s Latin American populations. The Aztlan or Chicano Movement, which began in the late 1960’s, is aimed at nothing less than the “reconquista” or “reconquest” of land lost during the Westward expansion, beginning in the 1840’s and creation of a Spanish speaking “Republica del Norte” or Republic of the North. Included in this “reconquest” are Arizona, New Mexico, California, Colorado, and Texas, along with the Mexican States of Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas.

So, who supports the creation of this new Hispanic State? Well funded groups like the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, the National Council of La Raza (“the race”), Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, and the National Immigration Forum just to name a few ( ,, and

While there is no doubt that those who support the creation of Aztlan are quite serious in efforts, there are just as many Hispanics who oppose the idea. These are primarily Hispanics who have come to America legally, and established themselves within their respective communities throughout America. In short, they’ve assimilated into the tapestry of America just as countless immigrants have done over the centuries. If we allow our government officials to continue along the same path of ignoring the issues of illegal immigrations, unsecured borders (including prosecuting our border agents for doing their jobs), and protecting our national heritage by adopting English as our official language, we play into the hands of those who seek to destroy America. Nothing less than a strong secure America bound by a common language and shared culture will do in my opinion.

I’m not a big fan of talk radio, and I rarely listen to Rush Limbaugh. But that does not diminish my concern when a federal agency tries to impede someone’s right of free speech, as guaranteed to each of us under the Bill of Rights. The following article was sent to me by Jim Boulet of English First, an organization I support, and whose aim is to make English our official national language. You will also find a link to a petition asking that the FCC reverse campaign to ban radio talk shows like Limbaugh, Beck, Ingraham and others from public airwaves.

FCC Rule to Drive Rush Limbaugh off the Radio

Do you want the government to drive Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dr. James Dobson and other conservatives off your radio dial? This month, the FCC will end its review of a "Notice of Proposed Rule making" which, if ultimately adopted, would impose a back-door version of the discredited "Fairness Doctrine" upon America's airwaves.

Our opponents determination to take Rush and the others off the air demonstrates the critical importance of talk radio .Rush and the others allow us to know what is going on in Congress in time to do something about it. Had the FCC's stealth "Fairness Doctrine" been in place in 2006, amnesty for illegal aliens would have passed easily.

The FCC's stealth Fairness Doctrine regulations seek "to ensure that broadcasters serve their communities, especially traditionally underserved audiences," such as non-English speakers, whether or not these people actually exist.

The FCC's proposed regulations also contain a new requirement that all "licensees should convene and consult with permanent advisory boards." These advisory boards "should include representatives of all segments of the community."

Such a requirement would empower self-appointed "community leaders," such as representatives of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) or the Center for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), to discourage commercial radio stations from airing discussions of controversial matters such as the costs of illegal immigration or the meaning of jihad.

Fans of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dr.James Dobson and other syndicated radio talk shows need to stand up against these proposed FCC regulation or watch our favorite hosts taken off the air in the name of encouraging "cultural diversity."

English First has established a web site,,
containing the relevant FCC documents and a citizen's petition to the FCC
that I hope you will sign. If you have already signed our petition (over 1,000 Americans have done so), please ask your friends and neighbors to sign our petition as well. Thank you for your time and for doing your part. Your comments or complaints are welcome. E-mail them to me at (replace AT with @).

You can donate to support the work of English First at

Jim Boulet, Jr.
Executive Director
English First
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102,
Springfield, VA 22151
(703) 321-8818 (voice) (web)

Poll Results

I asked you if enough was being done to stop illegal immigration. Your response came through loud and clear! 86% of you said you wanted stopped now. 10% of didn’t think it was an important issue, and the remaining 4% thought we were already doing enough. Now, only if our so-called “leaders: in Washington would listen to us.

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