Saturday, April 29, 2006

Down the Stretch

With just a little over two weeks to go until the Primary Election, yards signs are popping up everywhere. Here in the South End, the majority of the signs are for judicial candidates, most notably Silverthorn, Rochester, and Gibson. There are several Russ Salsman for Circuit Court Clerk signs out there too. We can deal with them at a later date if you’re interested. As for the political candidates, things are heating up as we head around the third post for home (Sorry. With all the Derby events happening, I couldn’t resist a little horse raising analogy).

In the 13 Metro Council race, Republicans Sharon Woodring and Renay Davis are running just about neck and neck, with Ms. Woodring slightly ahead in sign count. Of course, as they say, signs don’t vote. True, but they do create a perception and politics is a much about perception as it is about issues. What bears watching is how the two will finish out the last couple of weeks. According to their last finance reports, Woodring has raised a grand total of $1300.00, with most of that coming out of her own pocket. Davis has done a bit better with around $4300.00. Obviously neither candidate can afford much in the way of campaign material, such as mailers or radio. Rumor has it that some signs are appearing in yards of Democrats in an attempt to create the impression of strength, as well as in the yards of a few Republicans and Independents without permission of the homeowner. That’s not an intelligent way to run a race. On the posisitve side, few yard signs are being Right now, it’s about shoe leather in this race with whichever candidate can knock on the most doors. Look for a last minute sign drop by Davis as she pulls ahead in what will be a tight race.

On the Democrat side, Vicki Aubrey Welch, who is unopposed, is getting a few signs out. They seem pretty sporadic in location. While there’s no real need to put out a large amount of yard signs in an unopposed primary, given that she’s an “unknown quantity” in the 13th, she would be wise to get as many signs out as possible to introduce people to her name, and again, to create the right perception of support for this November. In should be pointed out that Ms. Welch, who has some union history through her family, does have the support of most unions. Ms. Welch has also stepped up with her support of the Living Wage, once the matter is introduced before the Metro Council. Kudos to her on both points.

In 15th Metro Council race, Democrats Marianne Butler and Kevin Triplett, who is the aide to current—and outgoing Metro Councilman George Melton, are in a dead heat. Ms. Butler, who’s been late in getting her small yards signs out, holds the lead in large signs while Mr. Triplett is coming on strong with the smaller signs. So far, they seem to be matching each other at every turn. Neither candidate however has been very impressive in the fundraising department. This seat looks like a lost opportunity for the Republicans. A nominally well financed GOP candidate would have made life miserable to either Democrat. The next week or so will make or break the campaign in this winner-take-all race. By the time the other candidate sees what’s happening, it’ll be too late to react.

Elsewhere, current Metro Councilman Dan Johnson should have no problem keeping his seat, and PVA candidate Melvin Ratchford appears to be the people’s favorite how here in the county if yard signs are any indication. On a side note, I was contacted by Ed Springston. Mr. Springston is running as an Independent for Metro Mayor. Challenging this status quo is something I live for, so I checked out his webpage. Mr. Springston has some pretty interesting comments to make, and some well worth considering. Regardless of whether you’ve made up your mind to support for mayor, I urge you to check out Mr. Springston’s webpage at Just remember to keep an open mind, and be sure to vote on Tuesday, May 16th.

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