Sunday, August 14, 2005

Who Does Government Serve?

Comments by the media of recent to the lack of common sense in government should resound with a giant collective "duh". To often people in government forget who they were elected to serve. It is us--the people--that they are responsible to. It is from us that they take their marching orders. When citizens vote to restrict government spending, it's because they've lost faith in the ability of those elected to do their jobs. And when those officials have the arrogance to take to spend time trying to undermine the directives of the people, they should be singled out and removed from office as quickly as possible. Of course, part of the problem stems the fact we tend to elect people who have no expertise in a given area. Perhaps that's why we have so many lawyers in office! Shouldn't we elect more individuals with backgrounds in economics and finance? Shouldn't there be more small business owners, doctors and nurses, school teachers, or union folks in office and less "professional" politicians? We need a government which reflects the American People, not the rich one percent.

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