Thursday, August 17, 2023

When Government Doesn't Trust The People: Who Blinks First?


The Founding Fathers didn't trust government. Nearly everything they did politically before, during and after the revolution was a reflection of that mistrust. Well, it should come as no surprise that modern Americans don't trust the government either.

Opinion polls have shown lows which borders on contempt for Congress, the judicial system, and the Presidency for decades. Even our trust of mainstream media, religion, financial system and our educational system and governmental bureaucracy with its myriad of agencies have reached anemic levels.

Perhaps even worse than our mistrust of institutions, is our lack of trust in our fellow citizens. We are more divided than at any time since the 1760's of the pre Revolution War. Others have argued that we're in fact much closer to the pre-Civil War years of the 1850's. Either way, it doesn't bode well for the country.

So, what should we make of government's apparent mistrust of its citizens? After all,  we've become a de facto surveillance state with camera nearly everywhere. We're monitored and tracked everywhere we go. Facial recognition is practically universal. Government has the technology to implement a police state unlike anything ever seen in the history of civilization.  

The following video from an episode of "On The Homefront" on CBN News entitled "Federal Agencies Arming Themselves" which brings home the point. The government has been on a buying spree of military grade weapons and ammo. It has been challenging our constitutional rights at an alarming rate. Some, as indicated in the video, claim that for all intents our Constitution is no longer a living document.  

There's no question that we've become a corporatocracy led by a super wealthy Oligarchy.   All we have to do is watch the biased "news" to see the two tier justice system at work (or should I say "not at work'?). Our trust of the mainstream media is nearly as low as that of Congress, which is something relatively new (as an aside, conservatives distrust the media at a higher percentage than liberals do).

There have been numerous psychological studies which have shown that when an individual or small group of individuals are treated with distrust, it tends to provoke anti-societal like behavior in that individual or group. Thus, one has to wonder whether we are being maneuvered into some reaction?  

Perhaps the result of this provoked behavior could trigger mass protests, riots, looting, violence such as we're now seeing in places like San Francisco, and so forth. If these manufactured  actions produce a certain "critical mass", it would be all the excuse needed to declare martial law and implement a police state. 

Then too, what about claims on both sides of mass election fraud and "stolen elections"? Are we going to start asking the United Nations to send in election monitors like we would for some failed democracy? 

The ongoing use of the FBI and judicial system to conduct a political vendetta and character assassination to neutralize an opponent is a gross misuse of power worthy of some third world banana republic.  Loss in faith of the electoral process has been central to the eventual fall of nearly every government down through history. Have we reached that point? 

There's no question that since 9/11 and the subsequent "Patriot Act" was implemented, the United States has moved in a decidedly anti-democratic direction. The Department of Homeland Security, the growth of the deep state and its affiliated intelligence agencies, and our state of perpetual war (be it direct or indirect) gives us about as much of a warm and fuzzy feeling as jackboots outside our front door.

Check out the video from CBN and see what you think. It runs just 7:05 minutes.  


Video: Federal Agencies Arming Themselves

CBN News


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1 comment:

South Ender said...

The power elite seem to know just how much it takes to keep the masses somewhat content and FEARFUL.

BUT the day is coming for a solid rebellion.
Jan. 6 was only a rehearsal ... for both sides.

Worldwide discontent is epidemic and these ruling elites keep putting out fires here and there. But even they are ill-equipped for a future global rebellion.