Saturday, October 03, 2020

A Message to the Protestors: Be The Change You Demand Of Others


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There's a lot of finger pointing about Breonna Taylor's death. Was it Kenneth Walker's fault? Was it Jamarcus Glover's? We know it was Detective Myles Cosgrove who fired the fatal shot. You know what would have saved her life? Not running around with drug dealers. That would have saved her life. Her choices are what put her on the path that led to that fateful evening of March 13th.

It's time to stop blaming other people for your decisions. This country, for all its flaws (and there are many),  offers more opportunities for minorities than any other country. People come here with virtually nothing and make it. Far too many blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Muslims, gays, and yes, "poor white trash" have succeeded to believe there's some "systematic racism" or other barriers holding you back.

The only "racism" is the one people wear on their sleeve as a "you owe me" patch. The only thing anyone is owned is an equal chance. What you do with is up to you. Stop teaching kids to disrespect or run from cops. Stop telling them that doing well in school is "acting white".  A quality education is the key to a good life regardless of who you are or where you come from. Gangbanging leads to an early grave. No pride. No honor. No respect.

I know these protests were supposed to be about "social justice", so please explain to Louisville and the nation why there's looting, arson, riots, graffiti, and violence. Where's the "social justice" in attacking innocent people minding their own business? What happened to your "peaceful" protests?  I'll tell you what happened. It got hijacked. You got played. You've become a "useful idiots" to quote Lenin. It was taken over by BLM which itself was hijacked by Marxist organizers more intent in a race war than social justice.

You are losing Middle America (if you haven't already lost it). Without Middle America there is no solution. Think there are no "innocent bystanders"? Keep it up and you'll be right. All your efforts will be for nothing and you'll end up worse off than when you started. If you lose Middle America, then no matter how "noble" your cause, you've lost. Let that sink in.

Politics is corrupt. The political system is broken beyond repair. Our Republic has been hijacked just like your movement. They sold out long before you were born. We know. We get it. But violence and anarchy will only give the power elite ---the ruling Oligarchy---what they want, an excuse to declare martial law and impose a full out police state. We're already on the precipice as it is. 

Don't like capitalism? Remember that the next time you pull out your Smartphone or order off of Grubhub. Of course, you can always check out China, North Korea, or Cuba if you like warm weather anytime you like. Just buy yourself a ticket and hop on the next plane (another capitalist perk). Instead, why don't you put some action behind your high ideals? 

 Try picking an issue which benefits working class America irrespective of race or any of the other artificial divisions imposed on us by the elites, then organize and make it happen. Start local and work your way up. Worried about the environment? Great! Start doing something by picking up you're all's garbage.

Think about the consequences of your actions. Pull your pants up. No one is impressed with your underwear.  Reconsider those tats, especially on your hands and face. Same with your piercings. The only statement about you that they make is that you make bad decisions. As trite as it may sound, treat people the way you want to be treated and most people will do the same. Act like an asshole and get treated like one.

Want more change? Start a business in your neighborhood. Learn what it's like to start from scratch and build something from nothing. Learn what its like to have strangers depend on you. It's rewarding, but damn hard work. It may also give you a better perspective on what it's like to have some punk come along and steal everything or burn it down.  Want a "revolution" or "civil war" instead? More fun to destroy than build? Be careful. You might just get one and it may not turn out like you think. 

Try instead creating or joining a police review board, even informal ones to monitor and report on police actions---the good and the bad. Publicly acknowledge the good cops and expose the bad ones before another "George Floyd" happens.  Create block watches and neighborhood associations...and be active in them. Don't leave it to someone else to do the work. If you do it probably won't get done.

Work to clean up neighborhoods. Get rid of the need for the police to be there. That means getting rid of the wrong crowd. It will improve not just the physical appearance of your community, but it's value too (that's money in your pocket), not to mention reduce shootings. Empty lots? Grow a community based garden and trade with each other. Think of how much money you all could save in grocery bills.

Demand that schools require civics classes again. Learn how the system is suppose to work so you can bring about change. Skip anything which divides us and seek out what unites us as a community. Divided we're vulnerable. United we're unstoppable.  Remember that "identity politics" like "identity education" is a dead end street. If everyone starts pursuing a "me only" agenda then everyone winds up with nothing because everyone will have their hand out and there's only so much money to go around.  

Breonna Taylor got off to a good start. Becoming a EMT is tough. She worked hard to become one, but then ended up with the wrong crowd. As a result she threw all that hard work away and ultimately, it cost Breonna her life.  Was it worth it? Was it worth dying in a hail of bullets in the middle of the night at the age of 26?  I can't imagine it was.

So, if you want to make her a martyr; a symbol of the new social justice movement, just remember that her's was a life wasted. Social justice begins with fundamental change and that starts in the home, and then the neighborhoods, the churches, and expands from there. It doesn't start with riots, looting, arson, destroying or defacing property, or sucker punching someone. It sure doesn't start by taking pot shots at cops or anyone else. Change, be it personal or public, is all about taking responsibility. Remember that.  

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