Friday, July 19, 2013

The Zimmerman Trial: What we should take away from it

Let's talk about the Zimmerman trial for a bit. After the verdict, the media went into overdrive with their pseudo-analysis and experts-de jure with their psycho-babble. Notably, there were marches and protests, though mostly confined to a few cities. Perhaps to be expected, but why? Because they were unhappy with the court's decision? So, what do they want, a court, including counsel, and a jury that matches ethic, religious, sex, and racial makeup of the defendant? As it was, it was an all female jury which include one Hispanic (the one black member was removed after he revealed that he--aghast---watched Fox News). And what if they still found Zimmerman innocent, then what? Let's be honest. The Zimmerman case was all about screw-up's. Zimmerman, as a block watch captain should not have been carrying a gun. He should not have continued to follow Trayvor Martin after he was told to stop by the 911 operator. He should not have gotten out of his truck and continued to try and follow Martin on foot.

However, Martin shouldn't have, in turn, started stalking Zimmerman. He should have ran home or back to the store as quickly as he could. He should have asked Rachel Jeantel, to whom he was speaking on his cell phone, to call the police. He could have called his parents and asked that they come and meet him. Again, he didn't. But most of all, he should not have confronted Zimmerman. He should not have thrown the first punch, and then continue to pummel Zimmerman. And while the media did its upmost to make this about "race", that is, Zimmerman who is half white and Hispanic as the racist, it turned out to be quite racial on the part of Martin. But since that's wasn't the story the media wanted, it tried to gloss it over. The media also tried to paint Martin as a innocent little kid out to buy skittles and wearing a hood (called a "hoodie" to make it sound more benign) when in fact Trayvor Martin, only 17, already have a criminal past, albeit minor, including possession of burglary tools, drug use, and gang association. Yes, there should have been black jurors. There were several arguments as to why, but the prosecution should have insisted on at least one (of the alternatives, two were women and two were males. All were white except one Hispanic male.

And speaking of race, why is it ok for one group to use the "N-word" but not anyone else? Why does it matter if a white person, a Hispanic, or Asian, as opposed to a black person uses it? It means the same thing. But, if you listen to the "experts", we're expected to believe that it's the inflection in how it's used; whether it has an "er" or an "ah" ending sound. Yeah, right. Is this suppose to legitimize mispronounced words? An argument for teaching "Ebonics"? Or does it just reflect poor performance in school?

So, in addition to the protests, we now have a black racist organization, the so-called "New Black Panthers" publically declaring "war" on White America. They're even offering a $10,000.00 "bounty" on Zimmerman. Why? Zimmerman is half Hispanic and identifies as Hispanic. Why not pick on the Hispanics? Oh yeah, they're the largest minority group in America and their gangs can beat up your gangs. Geez. It sounds like one retread trick pony trying drum up some media attention which will be gratuitously given no doubt. But still, as to the protests, what's the point except to let off a little steam and have a good time trashing stuff that isn't yours and you don't have to pay for or clean up. It accomplishes nothing except to reinforce stereotypes and who needs that?

Now we have folks like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who many regard as racists and extortionists in their own rights, have called for more protests and boycotts. Jackson has even asked for a United Nation's investigation! Jimmy Carter is even getting in on the act. Even Obama and US Justice Department Director, Eric Holder are wading in. Seriously folks? First, Obama needs to keep out it. This was a decision made in a US court. Every procedure was properly followed. He doesn't get to pick and choose judicial outcomes, although I'm sure he thinks he does. Secondly, Holder is being prompted to get involved as an alleged "hate crime" by the NAACP. Oh please! The police, attorneys on both side , the witnesses, and jury all found no evidence of racism on the part of Zimmerman. None. Martin, as revealed, was the only one to get racist about anything and he's dead. Again, it goes back to not getting the results you wanted so you keep trying until you get your way.

Einstein said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Well, if that's the case, there's a lot of crazy people out there starting at the top. I also don't recall any protests or acts of vandalism when the Supreme Court improperly upheld Obamacare, although not as it was originally pleaded, but on its own, changed by the High Court to an implied argument in support of federal taxing authority under the Commerce Clause, nor do I recall any hooliganism when the Supreme Court affirmed that corporations had superior rights to flesh and blood individuals. As an aside, Obamacare has now officially kicked in and the "Great American I Told You So" is about to kick off with layoffs, hourly cutbacks, business closures, increased applications for government assistance, and more money out of the pockets of what's left of Middle Class Americans.

The end result to all this is that no one won. 17 year old Trayvon Martin is dead. Whether he would have turned out to be a gang banger, teacher, or a doctor we'll never know. George Zimmerman is a marked man. He'll never shake this episode of his life. It is going to be his "life sentence". We all heard the saying about people's opinion, and that is especially true for the ratings driven media, the talking heads, and the likes of Sharpton, Jackson and Carter. Only the opinions and thoughts of George Zimmerman and Trayvor Martin's parent's have any relevance. Finally, it's shown that racist and bigotry are alive and well in America; just not where you'd expect it.

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