Saturday, September 22, 2012

Violence in the Streets

Like most Americans, I've been closely following events in the Libya and the other Arab countries. Much has been made of the violence directed primarily toward American embassies (but English, French, and German as well), and the coldblooded murder of our Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens plus three others (the capture and murder were even shown live on Libyan TV).

The Obama White House attempted (and is still attempting) to link the violence to a previously unknown and poorly made movie "insulting" the Moslem prophet, Muhammad. At the same time, local media shows Moslems apologizing for their fellow Moslems and expressing how ashamed they are of the acts of barbarity, and all the while, their governments doing little to stop (and in some case, actually encouraging) the protests. We had our own President Obama actually apologize to those who stormed the walls of our embassy in Cairo.

Now, let's think about this for just a bit shall we? Our State Department allegedly claims the attack in Libya was "spontaneous". The Obama White House claims it was "spontaneous". However, the attack came on the 11th anniversary of the 911 terrorists attack. Reports out of our embassy indicated "strange behavior" days before by the locals, as well as by the Libyans security personnel working within the embassy compound. Ambassador Steve even tweeted a few hours earlier that he expected to be killed that night. None of our security personnel were allowed to carry live rounds. When the attack came, it came with RPGs, grenades, automatic weapons, and appeared to be well organized, especially since the compound was completely seized within a few hours.

Later, officials in Libya concluded this was a pre-planned staged attacked. Local Al Qaeda leaders said it was staged, and called for more protests (which they got), along with instructions to murder Americans where you find them. But Obama says it all has to do with the movie. I have to wonder why Obama would seem so insistent to deny the obvious? Could it be because they ignore the all the warning signs? Could it be because this was the promised revenge for taking out the chief thug, Osama bin Laden? Could it be because he has no plans for a response? Perhaps there's some other reason like campaigning and not doing his job to protect Americans. After all, embassies are considered "national soil" and an attack on an embassy carries the same diplomatic weight as an attack on that country. Why too would Obama snub one of our staunchest allies and the only democracy in the region, Israel, while at the same time, engage active conversation with the Moslem Brotherhood, who control Egypt and Libya?

Second, we're told repeatedly (usually after some act of bloodshed) that Islam is a religion of peace. Most of the Moslems I've known are very peaceful, reflective individuals. So who are these thousands of people burning American flags, beating up, jailing, or murdering Americans? Who are these people destroying property, throwing rocks, planting bombs, and blowing themselves and innocent men, women, and children up? Who are these people who are angry at perceived insults directed toward Allah and Mohammed but feel free to attack Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and destroy or burn their sacred structures and texts? Why are their governments unwilling (or unable) to stop it? Willing accomplices I often wonder. Why did we spend all this time, money, and lives, to save Afghan and Iraqi lives; rebuild both countries, only to see them cowardly murder their benefactors? Where are all the outranged non-extremists? Why are they always a few camera ready "apologizing" and not doing something to stop the violence?

Why do "peaceful" and "enlighten" Moslems still engage in "honor murders" of their wives, sisters, and daughters? What religious culture makes men so afraid of the women, they make the women hide themselves? Why are Moslem women still treated like property, with little or no rights? Why do girls going to school fear having acid thrown in their faces, and why don't their families or the local authorities do something about it? After all, the perpetrators are often well known by all. But, then, this is their responsibility, not ours.

Perhaps groups like Al Qaeda are right. All they want is for the West to leave them alone and party like it's 979. Frankly, I have no problem with that. We could stop the $11.6 billion in humanitarian and economic aid we send to the Arab/Moslem nations too. After all most of these nations don't even support us in the United Nations. The trip back to 979 won't take long. I'm sure we could find something to do with that money here at home. But there's the little matter of oil and of Israel. The West , for all its economic wealth and materialism, is a junkie; a bodybuilder on steroids. Our drug of choice is oil. Think of it as industrial grade opium. We have lots of other options---solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, thermo, battery, and more, but we like oil. The problem is that the world is quickly running out. Global oil production peaked about 15 years ago, but there's still lots of money to be made before the bottom falls out (and we're not even discussing global warming). Despite all the bluster from the US and the West about democracy and human rights, it's really all about the oil. President Jimmy Carter promised Americans in 1976 after OPEC's oil embargo that we would be energy independent in 20 years. We're more dependent than ever, and with Wall Street controlling Washington, not much is going to change until we break the link. China, India, and other emerging nations are trying to get their fix too. Mother Russia seems to be the most secure of the world powers with its vast and still largely untapped fields in Siberia. Global warming is proving to be a short term boon for the Bear.

As for Israel. sorry folks but it isn't going anywhere. You better come to terms with it. The best the terrorists and other fanatics can hope for is a long drawn stalemate, but I'm afraid what will happen is a nuclear, chemical or biological strike against Israel. If that should happen, in its final act of defiance, Israel will take out every aggressor nation in the region. The Sons of Abraham will die with their hands around each other's throats. Embraced at last. There will be no messiah to deliverer the survivors, unless cockroaches have a messiah. They will be the meek who inherit the earth, or at least a portion of it. Just imagine. All three Abrahamic religions believe in a god of love, compassion, and peace, so what do we do? We hate and butcher in His name. Wouldn't He be proud of us, His creation? Apparently God does make some mistakes.

The West, along with China, India, and the rest of the world will finally be rid of its addiction like a junkie going cold turkey, but at least it will be free. It then will be forced to deal with the long cold nuclear nightmare of massive starvation, disease and radiation; all for greed. Greed is good, but Humanity is better.
Back home, Obama's agenda is nothing short of the social re-engineering of America. He claims our Founding Fathers were flawed, and therefore, our Constitution is flawed. He believes in social and wealth redistribution. He even said so. He believes is socialism at best, but we seem to be headed for an American version of Stalinism. I'm sure the end justifies the means. For the victor, it always does. But it's not just America, it's the rest of the world too. We are quickly moving away from the era of individualistic freedom and toward a corporate feudalism in America with a yet to be determined socialistic or fascist tilt. But there is still theocratic dictatorship or communism with a capitalist mask for the rest of the world too. So, what will it be folks? Tyranny by dollar? Tyranny by religion? Tyranny by dogma? Or will it yet be freedom for all? It's your call.

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