Friday, September 08, 2006

Scratched at the Gate

Kentucky Secretary of State, Trey Grayson, a Republican, announced on September 7 that he wasn't going to run for Governor next year. Grayson said he wanted to avoid a “divisive primary” by running against current Republican Governor Ernie Fletcher. Fletcher, who has been in hot water pretty much since his election in ‘04, was recently acquitted of charges relating to a hiring scandal. Unfortunately for the Kentucky GOP, Grayson’s decision virtually guarantees a Democrat victory in ‘08. Meanwhile, Fletcher’s approval ratings remain somewhere between “fat chance” and “not a prayer”.

Slippery When Caught

Gas prices continue to drop. Amazing isn’t it? We were told that the gouging at the pumps were due to the deteriorating situation in Iraq. Then it was because of BP’s blunder in Alaska. Finally, it was because of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Well, the situation in Iraq remains the same--bad. BP is still trying to cover its corporate butt and the cleanup along the Alaskan North Slope continues. Israel is out of Lebanon, while UN troops are moving in. Actually, the only thing that has changed is that we’re approaching the November elections and the incumbent politicians (along the oil lobbyist masters) don’t want an angry electorate showing up at the polls.

Speaking BP’s rear end, President Robert Malone, along with BP Exploration Alaska President, Steve Marshall, have been busy pleading the Fifth Amendment before Congress. Looks like both corporate execs’ lips are sealed tighter than an oil soaked clam. Apparently neither individual has anything to say about the Alaskan oil spill or why they ignored repeated warnings from union field crews about corroded pipes. It was just a few months ago that Malone was all over the networks in his LL Bean gear talking about how BP was such a good corporate citizen and how environmentally friendly the company was. Obviously the only “green” which concerns BP is the color of money.

A Shot in the Dark

President Bush finally revealed on September 7 that the CIA has secret prison camps scattered around the world where top Taliban operatives were being held for questioning. After a giant collective “duh” from just about everyone even vaguely familiar with the war, the question now is what to do with them. Bush wants these bed sheet bad guys brought before a military tribunal for trial. However, there’s a catch.

Some of the evidence against them is highly classified. Even under military judicial law, the defendants are entitled to review all evidence. While military trials are not open the public (though the media thinks differently), the availability of the classified information could (and most likely would) be leaked, which could hinder further intelligence operations. Lawyers for the military are questioning the advisability of allowing high ranking Taliban leaders access to this information. However, the alternative would be to withhold the evidence, which may weaken the government’s case.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are questioning Bush’s request for speedy trials, citing the fact that some of these murderers have been held for years. A few are even calling for civil trials because the nature of military judicial tribunals, which limit the defendant’s rights, and includes a death penalty option. So, the debate over what to do with these cowards continues at tax payer costs.

Personally, I think we should take the same approach as “Blackjack” John Pershing. Pershing, like so many great military leaders, was a student of military history. Reflecting on a similar situation he was facing in the Philippines by Muslim extremists around the turn of the century, Pershing turned to a technique used by King Richard the Lionhearted.

As religious fanatics, their deaths are supposed to assure them a place as martyrs and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. After all, if you’re murdering for God, and you’re assured a place in heaven with 72 virgins, what do you have to fear? Secondly, their trials would only become a show piece for their hatred of America and the West. Third, and finally, US intelligence officers have already extracted all useful information these individuals have to offer. So, following on the example of Pershing, we should simply line these murderers of innocent men, women, and children up against the wall and shoot them. They should be buried as unceremoniously as possible, with no media coverage, and they should be given Christian burial. Yelp, I said Christian burial.

Now, before some raging apologist starts having an apoplexy, follow my logic (or rather Pershing’s and Richard’s) for a moment. These zealots murder to ensure their place with Allah; however, they must have a Muslim burial. Anything else would bar their entry to heaven. Therefore, a Christian burial would give deaths have no meaning. We would deny them the mantle of martyr. With no honor to their deaths, and no possibility of a divine reward, we would take the main weapon out the arsenal terrorists use to recruit--religious salvation. They become just another corpse. History has already proven the worth of this tactic through the actions of Richard and Pershing. Frankly, if it saves civilian and especially American lives, I have no problem with humiliating these cowards anyway I can.

One last point about the media coverage mentioned above. Terrorists rely on shock to create fear to achieve their goals. We, in the West, provide them with the TV coverage to get their message out. Guess there’s nothing like having your enemy provide the means for your propaganda is there? With the execution and Christian burial of the terrorists, we should use their media outlets to our advantage for a chance, and let them spread the word for us that we have the power and fortitude to deny them what they desire the most, martyrdom.

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